Longevity: Step Forward

Step Forward is part of Tracie Long‘s Longevity Series. I think I have now done all of the (6) workouts in her Longevity Series. This is primarily a step cardio workout, though at the end there is some body weight strength work using the step (tricep dips and push ups) and some core work on the floor. The first 41 minutes is all step cardio and that includes the warm up. So if you want a 45 minute step cardio workout (that number includes the stretch) do everything except the strength and core work. In fact, that is probably how I will use this workout in the future. I really enjoyed the step cardio but the tricep/push up work seemed unnecessary in this workout. Since this workout is well chaptered it is easy to skip any segment you are not interested in. The workout is broken down into 13 chapters and has 2 premixes. Since this is a cardio workout I am not breaking down the moves but I am listing the chapters, their lengths and anything pertinent like when the step direction is changed. Your step starts in the horizontal position then about halfway through the workout Tracie changes it to the vertical position. After that it remains in the vertical position until it disappears during the core chapter. Tracie clearly ends and begins each chapter. A banner appears along the bottom of the screen at the beginning of each chapter giving you a general idea of what to expect. I have given that information below in the chapter length breakdown. You will have to pause your DVD to rotate your step and then put your step away (or move it out of the way) for the core work. The chapter breaks do not give you enough time to do that. They barely give you enough time to wipe the sweat off your face and get a drink of water.

Each chapter is a step combo and as you can see below there are 8 combos. There is no complex choreography but a few of the combos it did take me watching it once before I could do it. Tracie does not cue like Cathe, who I am very familiar with and can pick up her step combos quickly (unless they are complex). But any problems I had were due to different cuing. It is an excellent cardio workout. There is some impact but it is easy to modify and Tracie frequently doesn’t continue to do the higher impact moves. She will start doing it then return to the lower impact version so this could be an all low impact workout if you wanted it to be. Even the impact isn’t high impact. Of course, that does depend the height of your step. Tracie’s was at 6 inches and that is where mine was also. I found that appropriate for this workout for me–at least the first time doing it. But if you have your step at 8 inches that might make things like the box jumps high impact. But don’t let that statement worry you. Box jumps are only in one combo and Tracie gives you a modification. According to my FitBit, I burned 410 calories, I was in my cardio heart rate zone 53% of the workout and in my peak heart rate zone a total of 16 minutes. I walked 4552 steps.

As already mentioned, there is no break down for the step cardio chapters but I did break down the triceps/chest chapter and the core chapter. The premix lengths are also below.

Step Forward is 53 minutes; 4 minute warm up and 4:30 minute stretch. Equipment: full step at 6 inches (one riser) and a fitness mat.

Medium intensity #1 is 4 minutes (step cardio)

Medium/high intensity #1 is 5 minutes (step cardio)

High intensity #1 is 4 minutes (step cardio)

High intensity #2 is 5 minutes (cardio step)

Medium/high intensity #2 is 6 minutes (step is rotated so it is vertical) (step cardio)

Medium intensity #2 is 4:30 minutes (step cardio)

Medium intensity #3 is 4 minutes (step cardio)

Medium intensity #4 is 4 minutesĀ  (step cardio with leg focus)

Chest & Triceps is 3 minutes

  1. Slow tricep dips with hands on step and heels on floor; changes to 2 quick + one slow; slow tempo again; single count tempo
  2. Push ups on step done to very slow tempo; changes to 2 counts down/2 counts up

Abs & Core is 4:30 minutes (step is gone and Tracie is on mat)

  1. In straight arm plank, tap knees to mat then push body forward with toes, alternate between these two plank variations
  2. Still in straight arm plank, lift one leg and shift forward, alternate legs
  3. Repeat #1 & 2
  4. Still in straight arm plank, alternate tapping one knee to mat
  5. Lay on back, hands behind head, knees are bent and legs are raised off floor, crunch shoulders up, extend legs straight, bend knees again and lower shoulders
  6. Bicycle maneuver
  7. Still on back, hands still behind head, knees still bent and feet raised, alternate tapping one toe to floor, when you are tapping toe to floor you are also crunching upper body
  8. Do 3 reps of #7 (extend legs out straight rather than tap toes to floor), then extend both legs out straight while reaching both arms toward feet for one rep
  9. Repeat #5-8
  10. Still on back, hands still behind head, knees still bent and feet raised, crunch upper body and hold isometrically


Total Body Tag Along (15 minutes)

Step on the Go (20 minutes)


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