Tracie Long

Tracie Long is sort of a new discovery for me. I say “sort of” because I did one of her workouts several years ago (Figure 30: Hips) and I hated it, so I never bothered with any of her workouts again. Until 2018, when I came across her Stronger Longer series at the library and was intrigued. So I checked them out and fell in love with her workouts. The hoarding commenced. Tracie creates some of the best workouts I have ever come across. She does primarily total body functional strength workouts. They are always very metabolic and she frequently has cardio bursts. Her cardio bursts are sometimes plyometric and sometimes intense low impact moves. Sometimes she uses a medicine ball to increase the intensity of the cardio. Her plyometrics are always done to a controlled pace and she rarely reps you out. She also has a very business-like demeanor. She does the workouts by herself (no background exercisers) and you can tell she is working hard, too, right along with you. But her form is perfect. Her workouts range from 30 minutes to 55 minutes and she always works you hard and makes excellent use of your time with her. Even her warm ups and stretches frequently give you some type of excellent functional work!

Tracie’s workouts are mainly intermediate level workouts. If you use challenging weights some of them are definitely high intermediate, and a few of them are even advanced. Below are all of the workouts of Tracie’s I have done and reviewed. I have broken them down by series.

Signature Series:

Volume 1

Volume 2

Metabolic Strength:

Volume 1 & 2

Volume 3 & 4

Volume 5 & 6

Grand Total:

Volume 1: Going Strong

Volume 2: Rarin’ to Go

Volume 3: Geared Up

Reboot: Real Evolution:

Volume 1

Volume 2


Defined Lines

Leaning Out

Staying Power

Defining Shape

Back Up

Step Forward


Break Through

Power Up

Lift Higher



Reach Further

Stronger Longer:

Volume 1

Volume 2

Core Movements:

Volumes 1 & 2

Volumes 3 & 4

Volumes 5 & 6

Figure 30:



G-Force Volume 1 (53 minutes)

FitPrime: G-Force Volume 4 (51:30 minutes; Tracie does one 13 minute circuit)