Core Movements: Volumes 5 & 6

This is the final DVD in Tracie Long‘s Core Movements series. This DVD contains Volume 5: Push Back and Volume 6: Bottoms Up. Before I get to information on these specific workouts, I have to discuss the actual physical DVD. I ordered the Core Movements series through Tracie Long’s website. When I received them, the 3 DVDs arrived brand new and shrink wrapped. In addition to the 3 DVDs there was a 4th DVD in an envelope–it was another Volume 5 & 6. There was no explanation as to why it was included. I popped both DVDs into my laptop and at my first, quick perusal it appeared the extra DVD that was sent to me was the one that was defective–not the one in the clamshell. But when it came time to actually do the workouts (months after I purchased them), I saw what the problem was. The DVD that was in the clam shell had a video problem during Bottoms Up (Volume 6). About halfway through it screws up. So I looked at the extra one that was sent to me and expected everything to be fixed on that one. And it was…. kind of. Bottoms Up plays through perfectly but first you have to find it. The main menu has Push Back listed first and Bottoms Up listed second (just like the defective one does) but when you click on Push Back what you actually get is Bottoms Up and when you click on Bottoms Up what you actually get is Push Back. I thought this was important because of the way I approached her other two Core Movements DVDs; with those 2 DVDs the first workout needs to be done first since it is contains most of the functional strength and core work and the second workout was more flexibility focused so it was a more appropriate ending to an hour long workout. I put a sticky note on the front of the DVD case so I am reminded of this problem every time I return to the workout. Plus it is here, in this review, which I will reference if I haven’t done the workout in a while.

However, with all that said, once I did these two workouts (back to back, like the other 2 DVDs in the series), I found it didn’t matter as much with this DVD. Unlike Volumes 1 & 2 and Volumes 3 & 4, the 2 workouts on this DVD (Volumes 5 & 6) are more balanced. Each approx 30 minute workout on this DVD starts with functional strength work and ends with deep stretching. So regardless of what they are called, the order they are done in really doesn’t matter as much (to me) as it matters in Volumes 1 & 2 and Volumes 3 & 4. In fact, these two workouts stand on their own more than the other two DVDs. But all 6 workouts are excellent. As already mentioned, these two workouts begin with functional strength work then work your core plus some mobility work and ends with deep stretching. However, if you are doing them back to back, Volume 5 does work better as the first workout in the pairing. More excellent workouts from Tracie. Total Fitness DVDs also has a video clip.

Volume 5: Push Back is 27 minutes. Equipment: resistance loop and medicine ball. Like Volumes 1 & 3, the first part of this workout hits your lower body very nicely. In fact, between Volume 5 and Volume 6 you get some very nice glute and outer thigh work. Next you work your core and you end with mobility work and stretching.

Band Walks & Clams:

  1. With legs wide, hinge forward with legs straight and hold your ankles; roll back up and do shoulder rolls
  2. Still standing with legs wide and straight, push hip out to side in attitude, stretching hip, alternate sides
  3. Legs still wide, lower into a deep squat with elbows pressing against inside of knees and pulse bottom down
  4. Open legs wider and shift side to side into side lunges
  5. With one arm raised to ceiling and other reaching for floor behind you, squat to count of 3 then stand, alternate which arm is raised to ceiling each time you squat
  6. (place resistance loop around ankles) Stand with legs hip width apart so there is tension on the band, lower into partial squat and slowly walk backwards 4 steps and forward 4 steps; continue at a faster pace
  7. (loop is still around ankles) In same starting position as #6, alternate tapping one leg behind you at a slow tempo; tempo changes to quick-quick-slow
  8. Same starting position as 6 & 7, do 3 lateral walks to each side
  9. Sit on mat and raise loop so it is just above your knees, lay on side with knees bent, feet behind you and knees in line with hips, keeping insoles together, open and close knees to a quick-quick-slow tempo; continue this same movement but raise feet off floor behind you (insoles still pressed together)
  10. Raise onto elbow so you are in modified side plank, place top arm behind head, curl forward bringing elbow toward floor; changes reaching elbow toward floor 3x + open and close top knee once, continue alternating these two moves
  11. Repeat 9 & 10 on other side of body

Core + More:

  1. Sit on mat, knees bent and heels on floor, holding medicine ball in both hands, lean torso back slightly, toss ball overhead, catch ball, lower to mat, raising ball overhead in a pull over, sit up and do 3 Russian twists
  2. Lay on back, knees bent and raised, medicine ball pressed against the inside of one knee and held in place by opposite hand, other leg is extended straight and raised a few inches off floor, same side arm as bent leg is raised straight overhead a few inches off the floor, hold this position for a brief second, then switch arm and leg positions; tempo of arm/leg swaps changes to quick-quick-slow (dead bug move)
  3. Sit on mat, knees bent and heels on floor, holding medicine ball in both hands, lean torso back slightly, toss ball overhead, catch ball, lower to mat, raising ball overhead in a pull over, sit up and pass ball under one leg and then the other
  4. Repeat #2
  5. Place ball at the top of the mat and get into elbow plank (ball is in front of you), alternate tapping ball with one hand
  6. In straight arm plank, alternate raising legs
  7. In straight arm plank, pull one knee under body then rotate knee under body to side, bring back under body then extend leg out straight behind you
  8. Down dog; walk feet into hands then bend knees so you are in a wide deep squat with hands on feet and elbows pushing knees out to side


  1. Lay on stomach with legs straight and together, arms are in goal post, raise arms and upper body and hold then reach right arm forward and return to goal post, reach left arm forward then return to goal post, reach both arms behind you and hold
  2. In straight arm plank, do scapular retractions, lowering chest while keeping arms straight and bringing shoulder blades together
  3. Sit on knees, bottom on heels, elbows are kept against waist and forearms raised in front of you with palms facing the ceiling, externally rotate arms out to side of body then return to start
  4. Start in straight arm plank, lower to count of 4 until you are flat on mat then, keeping torso low and close to floor, push back to child’s pose, return to straight arm plank and do 2 scapular retractions

Mobility + Stretch:

  1. Sit on knees, glutes on heels, place one hand between thigh and calf and drop head to opposite side, stretching the neck
  2. Still kneeling, place one hand on mat and do a side bend, reaching other arm overhead to other side
  3. Get into deep kneeling lunge with same side hand on front foot keeping toes on floor while elbow pushes knee out, circle the hips in this position; while still in this position, twist torso toward front leg, looking over shoulder; move torso away from front leg, lowering one elbow to floor while pushing front knee away with same side hand; elbow still on floor, reach other arm to ceiling
  4. Get onto all 4s then extend one leg straight out to side, heel on floor and toe facing ceiling and sink deeper into stretch so legs are spread wider
  5. Kneeling again with glutes on heels, bring both hands behind head and open elbows out wide to sides to stretch chest

Volume 6: Bottoms Up is 28 minutes. Equipment: fitness mat and yoga strap or band. The first half of this workout is actually a bit more intense and active than Volume 5, which is different from the other 2 DVDs in this series, but it ends with deep stretching–which is similar to the other two DVDS in the series.

Core/Warm Up:

  1. Legs are wider than shoulders, partially hinged forward, hands pressing against inside of thighs, raise one hand toward ceiling, rotating torso to look up at hand (other hand continues to press against inside of knee)
  2. Hurdles (alternating crescent knees while in a wide squat)
  3. Remain in wide squat, hands on knees and press one shoulder down toward opposite knee
  4. Repeat #2 & 3 two more times
  5. Hinge forward with legs straight, hands on ankles
  6. Lower into deep wide squat, elbows pushing against inside of thighs
  7. Repeat #5 & 6 two more times
  8. Hinge forward slightly, knees slightly bent, raise arms straight overhead so arms are in line with ears but open slightly into a V then reach them straight behind you, slightly higher than your back and also open slightly in a a V
  9. Repeat #1, reaching toward ceiling with other arm
  10. Repeat #2-4
  11. Bird dogs: on all 4s, extend one arm straight in front of you (arm in line with ear) and opposite leg straight behind you and hold; add pulsing leg up 3x, alternate sides
  12. Child’s pose stretch
  13. Thread the needle stretch
  14. Deep kneeling lunge with same side hand on foot, elbow pushing on inside of knee; lift back knee off floor then slowly lower it, tapping knee to floor
  15. Still in runners lunge (deep lunge with back knee raised), walk hands out to side, away from front leg, bring back leg through/under body and raise hips so you are in crab with one hand on the floor and other arm reaching to ceiling and hold for a few seconds then reverse the move so you are back in runner’s lunge
  16. Repeat #14 & 15 on other side of body
  17. Downward dog stretch; add pedaling the heels
  18. Stand with legs wide and reach one arm overhead and to the side in a side bend stretch


  1. Start on all 4s then slide knees out wide bringing feet together behind you then lower to forearms (legs are in a version of frog pose); straighten elbows, pushing torso up
  2. Get on all 4s and raise bent leg to side (hydrant raises); changes to quick-quick-slow tempo; on the slow part of the tempo pattern, add kicking leg out behind you
  3. Lay on side with both knees bent and in front of you, keeping front leg bent, tap knee to floor in front of bottom thigh then rotate knee to ceiling tapping toe to floor behind bottom thigh; add pausing in position where toe is on floor and knee raised to ceiling and pulse knee back 2x
  4. Come into kneeling lunge, raise to standing from this position (do not use hands) raising back knee in front of you when standing then hinge forward, reaching hand to floor while bringing leg behind you again but keeping it raised (balance move), raise torso again, raising knee in front of you then return to kneeling lunge
  5. Pigeon pose stretch
  6. Repeat #2-5 on other side of body

Core Rollup & Plank:

  1. Lay on back with legs extended and knees slightly bent, arms extended overhead, roll up to sitting with arms extended overhead, roll back down so you are on your back with arms overhead then raise both legs one at a time to ceiling then lower back to mat one at a time; add 2 reverse crunches when both legs are raised to ceiling
  2. In forearm plank, alternate tapping knees to mat then tap both knees to mat 2x
  3. In forearm plank, push glutes back into dolphin pose then return to plank and alternate tapping feet out to side then hold plank briefly; plank tap outs change to plank jacks


  1. Lay on back with one leg extended straight on floor and other leg raised to ceiling, yoga strap is wrapped around ankle and you are pulling straight leg toward you; pull leg across body with strap; open leg out to side stretching inner thigh; return leg to start, pulling leg toward chest and repeat all 3 variations again
  2. (set strap aside) Cross one leg over the other (both knees bent) so thighs are together and twist to one side, top leg pulling bottom leg down
  3. Reclining pigeon (lying figure 4 stretch)
  4. Repeat #1-3 on other side of body
  5. Still on back, knees bent, feet on ground and legs wide, rotate bent legs to one side trying to get knees to the floor and hold, then rotate them to the other side and hold

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