Core Movements: Volume 3 & 4

Just like Volume 1 & 2 in Tracie Long‘s Core Movements series, Volumes 3 & 4 are functional strength, mobility and core work along with deep and intense stretching. I really love this series and never expected to! Just like in Volume 1 & 2, the first workout on the DVD, Volume 3: Bottom Line, focuses more on the functional strength and core work. Volume 4: Make Your Move is comprised of lots of deep and intense stretching. Both Volumes have lots of mobility work. Also, just like in Volumes 1 & 2, these are not big calories burners. At the end of doing these two workouts back to back, my FitBit said I only burned 135 calories. But that is okay. These are my recovery day workouts and afterward I felt looser and more stretched out. I think these Core Movements DVDs are perfect recovery day workouts for me. For a video clip, check out Total Fitness DVDs.

Volume 3: Bottom Line is 31:30 minutes. Equipment: resistance loops in different strengths and dumbbells. Tracie did not reveal the weights of her dumbbells. She used a heavy and a light resistance band. I used one 15 pound dumbbell, one 10 pound dumbbell and one 8 pound dumbbell. I also used my EnriQ heavy booty band/loop plus one of my lighter resistance loops made from rubber. I note below in the break down the weights and bands I used. The first circuit using the bands really burned out my lower body!


  1. (place a heavy resistance loop around ankles) While in partial squat, step side to side; changes to double side steps (still in squat); changes to stepping forward and back
  2. (move band so it is above knees) Lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, raise and lower hips; changes to keeping hips raised isometrically while stepping feet out to side then back in + raising and lowering hips 2x; raising and lowering hips changes to raising each knee once while keeping hips raised (marching bridge)
  3. (lower band so it is just below knees around calves) Lay on belly with legs extended straight behind you, raise both legs, open and close legs then lower legs; changes to raising legs and pulsing them open 5x then closing legs and lowering them
  4. (remove heavy resistance loop and place a lighter resistance band around forearms) In straight arm plank, alternate stepping hands out to side; changes to walking planks, 2 steps to each side
  5. (set all bands aside) Kneel on both knees, torso hinged forward slightly, glutes pushed back above heels, straight arms extended slightly away from sides and raised behind you, hold in this position; raise arms into a V overhead and hold


  1. Lay on back and raise straight legs to ceiling, arms are extended straight at side, elevated off ground with palms facing the ceiling, head and shoulders elevated off ground, slowly bicycle legs, holding briefly in each leg position; bring legs together, lower them to 45 degrees, arms extended overhead and hold
  2. In kneeling lunge, raise one arm toward ceiling (same side as front leg) while also lowering other arm to floor, hold briefly then straighten torso lifting arm off floor but keeping other arm raised to ceiling; hold at bottom with hand on ground and reach straight arm that is raised to ceiling further behind you, rotating torso back while reaching
  3. Lay on back, both legs raised straight to ceiling, arms are extended straight at side, elevated off ground with palms facing the ceiling, head and shoulders raised, lower straight legs to 45 degrees and hold; reach arms straight to ceiling and hold; extend arms overhead and hold (this final version is a banana hold)
  4. Lay on back, knees bent and legs raised, arms are extended straight at side, elevated off ground with palms facing the ceiling, head and shoulders raised, bicycle legs

Half Turks:

  1. Lay on back, one leg extend straight on the floor, the other leg bent with foot on floor, same side arm as bent leg is raised to ceiling, sit up, pressing onto other elbow and then onto the hand (still reaching other arm to ceiling), raising hips off ground then reverse this move until both shoulders are on the ground again
  2. Repeat #1 but when hips are raised, keep arm that has hand on floor straight and raise and lower hips, glutes tapping ground
  3. Repeat #1 but keep hips raised then raise and lower the straight leg, also lowering arm that is raised to ceiling to tap toe when you raise leg
  4. Repeat #1 but when hips are raised, bring straight leg through under body, placing knee on ground so you are in kneeling lunge, top arm still raised to ceiling, then reverse this motion until both shoulders are on the ground again
  5. Put #1-4 together into a combo: first #4, followed by #3 followed buy #2
  6. Repeat #1-5 on other side of body
  7. Get back into starting position of #1, but hand that is raised to ceiling is now holding a DB (but still raised to ceiling), raise shoulders off floor, pressing up onto elbow of arm that is on the floor, other arm still raising DB to ceiling then roll both shoulders back down to floor (one 10# DB)
  8. Repeat #7 on other side of body

Full Windmill:

  1. Standing windmills holding one DB in hand that lowers toward foot (one 15# DB)
  2. Repeat #1 but this time you are holding one DB in hand that is raised to ceiling (one 8# DB)
  3. In straight arm plank with legs wide, alternate tapping straight leg under body to floor on opposite side of body


  1. Get on all 4s, raise one bent leg out to side into hydrant then circle leg around behind you and lower it back to start; reverse directions; alternate circling bent leg in both directions
  2. Pigeon stretch the leg you just worked
  3. Repeat #1 on other leg (she forgets to pigeon stretch the other leg)
  4. Lay on back, both legs raised straight to the ceiling then open legs wide into a V then close legs; changes to a pattern, open to a wide V, close legs halfway, open to a wide V then close legs all the way; changes to opening legs into a wide V and holding them there, raise one leg back to start while other leg remains open in a V, repeat on other leg then close both legs
  5. Lying butterfly stretch

Volume 4: Make Your Move is 29 minutes. Equipment: dumbbells, yoga block for modifications, chair, resistance loop. Again, Tracie does not reveal the weight of her dumbbells. I used one 20 and one 15 pound dumbbell. If you have a couch nearby then you do not need the chair. My workout room does not have a couch so I used a chair and set a 20 pound dumbbell on the chair seat. For the part where your back is leaning against something, there are other options as well other than a chair. If you have an empty wall nearby you can use that (I used a wall).

Mobility Squat:

  1. Holding one DB goblet style, squat low placing end of DB on the floor, hinge torso forward, raising your glutes and straightening your legs, bend knees and lower glutes back into a squat, lift DB back into goblet position and stand (one 20# DB)
  2. Stand with legs together, DB in one hand and raised overhead, do a side bend, while extending other hand down thigh (one 15# DB)
  3. Repeat #1 & 2

Couch Stretch: (if you are not using a couch, place a heavy DB on your chair seat to keep it from moving)

  1. Come into a kneeling lunge but the top of your back foot is on the chair seat behind you, you can use your yoga block to place one of your hands on, the other is on top of same side front foot, press hips forward to stretch for 3 counts then release stretch; lift hands off ground, straightening torso and moving front foot back so you are in a more narrow kneeling lunge with back heel close to glutes to stretch the quads and one arm raised overhead, do side bends to count of 3
  2. Repeat #1 on other side of body

Fire Legs:

  1. Sit on ground with back against chair back (or a wall) and cross legs so one ankle is on top of the opposite leg’s knee, twist to one side with back of opposite hand against knee to stretch spine deeper then twist torso to other side while pressing hand down on same side knee, continue twisting side to side (she shows a modification with a yoga block)
  2. Repeat #1 with legs swapped
  3. Lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, cross one leg over the other with thighs together, drop legs to top leg side so that top leg is pulling other leg down; add raising one arm overhead (opposite side that legs are leaned towards)
  4. Repeat #3 on other side of body
  5. Still laying on back, knees bent, feet on floor and wider than hip width, windshield wiper knees side to side


  1. Lay on back, one leg extended straight on floor, a resistance loop around the foot of your other leg, that leg is extended straight to the ceiling, you are holding the other end of the loop and pulling down to stretch your hamstrings; add contract/relax to the stretch–pulling leg away from you (but using the loop to pull it toward you) then relax, stretching the hamstring deeper
  2. Repeat #1 on the other leg
  3. Sit with legs extended straight in front of you, legs and feet together, loop wrapped around both feet, holding the other end of the band in both hands, pull feet toward you stretching hamstrings; bend knees slightly and alternate straightening your legs


  1. Lay on side on one elbow, top leg is bent and on floor behind you, your bottom leg is bent and the sole of your foot is against the thigh of the top leg, this position should be stretching your hip flexor; place top hand behind head and rotate torso/elbow toward floor
  2. Lay on side on the floor with legs extended straight, bring top knee to hip level and wrap bottom arm under thigh to pull on leg, bring both shoulders flat on the ground while keeping bent leg in position; bend bottom leg and use top arm to grab the top of the foot and pull it up toward your glutes
  3. Repeat #1 & 2 on other side of body

Hip Circles:

  1. In a deep kneeling runners lunge, place same side hand on front foot and other hand is on the floor or on a yoga block that is in line with front foot, make small circles with your hips while in this position; stop circling the hips, turn foot of back leg to the side so then insole is on the floor for a deeper stretch
  2. Still in kneeling lunge, but your torso is up right, front knee is 90 degrees, back leg is angled to side, place one hand on ground and raise other hand (same side as front leg) toward ceiling, walk hand that is on the floor out so that you can lower to your forearm (other arm is still reaching for the ceiling); arm that was reaching for the ceiling now reaches behind you so that the back of the hand is against the small of your back; raise torso so you are upright (leg position has not changed) and grab the wrist of the hand that is still against the small of your back and pull while also dropping head side to side (to stretch neck); swap arms while continuing to stretch the neck
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 on other side of body

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