Cathe Live: Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing

#272 Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing is a fun live cardio kickboxing workout. I really enjoyed it. Not sure if I am going to buy the download but I might. In this workout we get some eye candy! Cathe even introduces him. His name is Nate and he is in the back of the class but the camera focuses on him frequently. His form is perfect. Even better than Cathe’s. One thing I always find a little troublesome about Live workouts is how some people don’t follow basic form pointers the instructors give in order to get the most out of the workout. In a kickboxing workout there are things you do to engage more muscles. For instance, in a hook punch you pivot, rotating the leg and hip to the front as you throw the punch. This adds power to your punch while also engaging more muscles. Cathe is the only person who seems to do that in most of her live kickboxing classes I’ve done, but Nate did it! And he did it perfectly. He put a lot of power into his punches. It was obvious he came to the class to work hard. I know not everyone is an athlete or in stellar shape, but I find it motivating to see regular people giving it their all rather than phoning in their workouts. You can get a lot out of a kickboxing workout if you use good form and try to put power behind your moves. Punching with power and good form works your arms, shoulders, back and core and kicking works your legs and glutes. Why not do what you can to get total body conditioning along with your cardio?

Here is a video clip of the workout. There are a few combos in this workout but it is primarily punching and kicking drills separated by cardio bursts. At the 26 minute point you go to the heavy bags for 7 minutes of punching drills alternated with cardio bursts (jacks). However, there are several class members who shadow box with Cathe rather than punching the heavy bags. This is a high impact workout with some plyometrics sprinkled in. But the usual class members are there and several of them always modify high impact moves for their own purposes, so you can always check out what they are doing if you don’t want to do air jacks or tuck jumps.

Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing is 56 minutes; I can’t tell when the warm up ended and the workout began, and 2 minute cool down/stretch. Equipment: boxing gloves if you have them. I wore weighted gloves.


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