Cathe Live: Kickboxing Plus Core

#255 Kickboxing Plus Core is another excellent live cardio kickboxing workout from Cathe. Cathe did a great job in this workout of giving you cardio and conditioning. The punch drills at the heavy bags were pretty intense and really fatigued my arms and shoulders. And I don’t own a heavy bag! I was just wearing weighted gloves and shadow boxing with Cathe. Another thing I really liked about this particular workout is that one of the exercisers who always does low impact modifications in Cathe’s other Live workouts is frequently visible. There are usually other exercisers in the Live classes who are doing their own modifications but she does really good modifications–she is still putting a ton of energy into every move and using full range of motion even if she isn’t jumping. This is a high impact workout btw. There are some plyometrics but not as much as Cathe’s workouts usually contain. But even without a ton of plyo there is a still a lot of impact–lots of jumping jacks and other jumping moves. One day I may need to follow someone like her during my workouts and, in this workout at least, you frequently see her and her modifications (she is wearing pink boxing gloves, all black yoga pants and black tank top). I love that! I will probably buy this download. Even tho I didn’t need her modifications today, I have plates and screws in my heels and there are days when I need a low impact workout. However, as presented (high impact) I really enjoyed this workout and felt well worked afterwards (especially my upper body!).

You do Cathe’s live workouts by subscribing to her streaming site or purchasing the individual downloads.

Kickboxing Plus Core is is 50 minutes; 9 minute warm up, 2:30 minute cool down/stretch, 6:45 minutes of core and 1 minute stretch. Equipment: boxing or weighted gloves to increase the intensity. At the 17:40 minute mark you do 3 minutes of heavy bag work. At the 24:50 mark you return to the heavy bags for another 5 minutes. The heavy bag work consists of punch drills alternated with cardio blasts. The cardio blasts are either jumping jacks or fast feet with fast punches. At 34:30 you remove your gloves for 4 minutes of kick drills that end with a wide sumo squat walk. You do a 2:30 minute cool down/stretch then you move to the floor for core work. Here is a video clip of this workout.

Core (starts at 42:00; 6:45 minutes):

  1. Full ankle grabber sit ups
  2. X crunches (bring elbows to knees then extend arms and legs out so body is in an X)
  3. Side to side tap outs (sit on bottom, knees bent and feet raised off floor, palms on mat behind you, rotate hips to one side, tapping other hand against same side/top calf, alternate sides)
  4. Triangle Choke Reverse Lift (lay on back, extend one leg straight to ceiling, other leg is bent with foot behind other knee, hands are on mat beside hips, do a reverse crunch in this position; do 12 reps then swap legs and do 12 more reps)
  5. Reverse crunches with ankles crossed, knees bent and feet raised, hands are behind head and head/neck is also raised
  6. Lower body bear walks (get into bear crawl position (on hands and toes with knees bent and a few inches off the floor), in this position, walk feet forward toward hands then back to start)
  7. Still in bear crawl position, push glutes back toward heels then straighten body into plank (plank squats)
  8. Lay on stomach with arms in goal post/cactus, in this position, lift and lower legs/arms/head/chest; changes to holding at top of lift, extending arms straight into superman, returning arms to goal post then lowering arms/chest/legs

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