Metabolic Strength Vol 5 & Vol 6

Vol 5 & Vol 6 are the last DVD in Tracie Long‘s Metabolic Strength series. This DVD contains two more excellent 30 minute functional total body strength workouts–Rock Solid and Heat it Up. These two workouts were pretty amazing. They worked my entire body and gave me some cardio. I burned 400 calories in the hour it took to do both workouts.

Between the 3 Metabolic Strength DVDs there are six 30 minute workouts. And of those 6, I loved 5 of them. Volume 4 Full Steam Ahead is the only one I didn’t love. I found these two workouts even more functional than the other 4. They both had some very challenging total body strength moves that take you from your knees to standing. There were also some balance moves I had to modify–but I still felt the move, even with the modification! Like all of Tracie’s other Metabolic Strength workouts (with the exception of Volume 4)–I loved these. I did them both back to back and they worked me hard, but I didn’t feel wasted at the end. I would say that Vol 1 & Vol 2 and this DVD are more high intermediate level, and Vol 3 & 4 is advanced.

The main screen lists both workouts. When you choose one it takes you to a chapter menu for the workout. You can either choose the individual chapters or choose the warm up and it will play though the entire workout. Both workouts have warm ups but no stretches. When I finished them I did a long stretch from Cathe‘s Total Body Stretching. Between each chapter you are taken to a screen informing you of what is coming up next. Unlike Vol 1 & 2, there isn’t a lot of equipment set up.

Vol. 5 Rock Solid is 29:30 minutes; 7 minute warm up. Equipment: dumbbells, sliding devices and fitness mat. #1-4 below are actually part of the warm up but I felt they were much more intense then the rest of the warm up, so in my mind, that is when the warm up ended and the actual workout began. I do not know what weights Tracie was lifting in this workout so what is listed below is what I used. On several of the exercises in the final circuit (Sumo Squats) I could have lifted heavier and I indicated which exercises those are.

  1. In straight arm plank, alternate 3 leg lifts then pull one knee into chest under body
  2. Down dog, pedaling heels
  3. Repeat #1
  4. Mountain climbers

Thrusters: (mat + dumbbells)

  1. Holding one DB in both hands, lunge back, lowering knee to mat then bring other knee to mat so you are kneeling, lower bottom to heels then “thrust” up straightening torso and raising DB overhead, keeping DB raised overhead isometrically, step leg forward and raise to standing then lower DB (one 12# DB)
  2. Place DBs on floor in front of you, squat down, grab DBs and jump feet back to plank, row one DB 2x then jump feet in and stand (leaving DBs on the floor) (20# DBs)
  3. Repeat #1 starting with other leg
  4. Repeat #2 on other arm

Core Cardio: (sliding devices)

  1. 4 stationary pulse lunges then jump to switch legs; changes to 2 pulses between jump switches; changes to 3 fast alternating jump lunges then hold stationary lunge
  2. In straight arm plank with sliding devices under feet, do one push up then slide knees under body and back out 2x; changes to one push up + one knee slide in
  3. In straight arm plank with sliding devices still under feet, slide one foot under body and to the side, alternate sides
  4. Alternating side lunges; changes to lateral skaters; do 3 skaters then 2 hops on one foot
  5. In straight arm plank with sliding devices under feet, do one push up then slide one foot under body and to the side, alternate sides

Sliders: (sliding devices and dumbbells)

  1. Side slide lunges (15# DBs)
  2. Circle slide one leg then circle in other direction + single leg pulsing squat (15# DBs)
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 on other leg

Sumo Squats: (dumbbells)

  1. Wide plie squats–lower into squat and hold, pull knees back twice then stand; changes to plie squat pulses (one 15# DB)
  2. Lower into wide plie squat and hold then raise DB overhead with straight arms and lower then stand (one 15# DB)
  3. Stationary lunges passing one DB under front leg each time you lower into lunge; changes to 2 pass under lunges + one single arm overhead press (one 10# DB; next time I will use one 12# DB))
  4. In split stance, hinged forward, do single arm tricep kickbacks (one 10# DB; next time I will use one 12# DB)
  5. Repeat 3 & 4 on other side of body
  6. Repeat #1 & 2
  7. In split stance, hinged forward, do single arm back rows; changes to 3 back rows then straighten up bringing back leg forward and raising knee so you are standing on one leg and balance hold for a few seconds (one 20# DB; next time I will use one 25# DB)

Vol 6 Heat it Up is 30 minutes; 4 minute warm up. Equipment: dumbbells, sliding devices and medicine ball. In some of the exercises Tracie reveals what weight she is using and I noted that. Otherwise, it is the weight I used (I used the same weight as Tracie did unless otherwise noted). There was a balance move in this workout (single leg deadlift) that I had to modify. The Sledgehammer, by the way, is an awesome move!

Core, Push Ups, Squats (dumbbells and a mat for knee if on hard floor)

  1. The Sledgehammer (lunge-kneel on the floor and hold one DB in both hands, bring DB to one shoulder, circle overhead to other shoulder then lower back to start; add raising knee off floor every other upper body rep) (Tracie uses one 20# DB)
  2. Push ups to different tempos and levels
  3. High plank to elbow plank 2x + plank bird dogs
  4. 2 slow push ups
  5. Repeat #3
  6. Squat holding DBs at shoulders and at top of squat do single arm overhead presses (one each arm) (15# DBs)
  7. Slow squats w/ 2 partial reps at bottom of squat (15# DBs)
  8. Repeat 6 & 7
  9. Single arm rows while in kneel/lunge; grab other DB and step both feet back into plank, do one renegade row then step opposite foot up to outside of hand (20# DBs)
  10. Repeat #1 on other side of body
  11. Repeat #2-5
  12. Step out squat w/ bicep curls at bottom of squat (10# DBs)
  13. Repeat #9 on other side of body

Cardio, Core (medicine ball and sliding devices) (Tracie used a 6 pound medicine ball and I used a 5 pound medicine ball)

  1. Circle medicine ball overhead while raising onto toes, alternate sides
  2. Raise onto toes while pushing ball overhead 2x + squat tapping ball to floor
  3. Repeat #1 & 2
  4. V steps forward and back while pushing ball in front of you
  5. Side squats while weaving ball under the leg; changes to stationary lunges side to side while still weaving ball around legs
  6. Repeat #1 & 2
  7. Repeat #4  & 5
  8. In plank w/ sliding device under feet, do one plank jack then slide feet under body bringing knees to chest; add sliding straight legs in under body so you are in pike then walk hands forward 3 steps so you are back in plank then walk hands backward 3 steps so you slide back to start
  9. In elbow plank, slide one leg out to side and back in, repeat with other leg then push body back so feet slide back a little then return to start
  10. Alternate full plank holds w/ knee plank holds
  11. Repeat #9 but add alternate tapping knees to floor 2x each knee
  12. Repeat #8

Single Leg Hinge, Triceps (dumbbells)

  1. Single leg deadlift raising leg behind you, while balancing on one leg do 2 donkey kicks, bring knee forward in front of you, place foot back on floor and do a forward lunge with other leg, do a side lunge into a side leg raise (13# DBs)
  2. Hinge forward and do 3 back rows, hold at the top and do 3 tricep kickbacks (9# DBs)
  3. Repeat #1 on other side of body
  4. Overhead tricep extensions to quick, quick, slow tempo (one 18# DB)
  5. One squat  w/ one overhead tricep extension at top of squat (one 18# DB)
  6. Repeat #4

Floorwork, Butt, Core (mat and dumbbells)

  1. Lay on back, knees bent w/ feet on floor and DBs on hips, raise and lower hips; changes to raising hips and holding while you raise heels then lower heels and lower hips; hold isometrically in bridge (15# DBs)
  2. Still laying on back, extend arms overhead and legs straight (banana hold) then pull knees into chest and place hands on knees



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