Barlates: Gentle Home Workouts/Walking

Walking is part of Linda @ Barlates Gentle Home Workouts Series. Linda created these workouts to be low impact enough to be done in an apartment or other small space. They are also gentle on joints. Today is my rest/recovery day so I was looking for something gentle and low key. This was perfect. I did this workout to warm myself up and I finished it off with a 30 minute Essentrics Stretch workout. Very nice recovery day. Unlike other cardio walk workouts I do, I did nothing to increase the intensity. As I said, the whole point of doing this workout was to take it easy today–no pushing. So I did this as presented, only holding 2 pound hand weights when Linda used them. I did not actually perspire until near the end and then it was very light. This is not intense but I did burn 193 calories according to my FiBit, which is pretty good for a low key workout. I also walked 2968 steps. This was not my favorite walking workout. I am partial to Jessica Smith and AngieFitnessTV for cardio walking workouts–but they also do primarily power walks, which this is not. I purchased the Gentle Home Workouts DVD, so I will review the other workouts here eventually. I am saving them for recovery/rest days so it will take a few weeks to do them all.

There are several ways you can do Linda’s workouts. You can purchase the Gentle Home Workouts DVD like I did, you can do Walking for free on YouTube and you can also purchase the download from Linda. There are 4 workouts in Linda’s Gentle Home Workouts Series. This workout, Combinations, Cardio Sculpt and Barre.

Walking is 28 minutes; 2 minute warm up and 30 second cool down. However, at the end of the walk, Linda includes dynamic lower body stretches to the workout. The 30 second cool down focuses on upper body stretches while continuing to walk. Equipment: light hand weights (Linda is using 1kg or 2 pound weights).

  1. 3 marches + 1 knee raise, bring opposite knee to elbow when it raises
  2. Alternating knee raises
  3. March in place while raising arms out straight to sides in a T and hold briefly then raise overhead and hold briefly, return to a T briefly then lower arms
  4. Step side to side while raising arms overhead and pulling them down
  5. Hamstring curls with bicep curls
  6. March forward 4 steps + 2 sides steps + march back 4 steps + 2 hamstring curls
  7. March in place with bicep curls; arms change to bicep curls to overhead press
  8. (pick up DBs) Repeat #7 with weights; add traveling forward and back
  9. March in place while doing alternating hammer curls; add traveling forward and back
  10. Step side to side while rowing arms/DBs forward and back
  11. Alternating front punches but at waist level with wide march in place
  12. March and place with overhead presses; add traveling forward and back
  13. Alternating overhead press while marching in place (you are shifting hips while marching and bringing elbow down to hips before pressing overhead)
  14. Heel digs with tricep kickbacks; changes to alternating tricep kickbacks
  15. Hamstring curls; add goal post chest flies; arms still held at shoulder level, hold DBs together at forehead level, open and close elbows
  16. (set DBs aside) March in place
  17. V steps, alternate lead leg
  18. Step forward and back on a diagonal
  19. March forward 4 steps + 4 alternating knee raises + 4 pony hop/steps back; reduce to 2 reps of each move
  20. Pony step side to side and alternate raising arms overhead and to the side with each step
  21. March 4x + one side lunge touching one hand to floor near foot while lunging and raising the other arm toward ceiling behind you, alternate sides when lunging
  22. Alternating side lunges, circle arms overhead when changing sides and hinge forward when lunging
  23. 3 marches + one knee raise clasping hands around knee and pulling it in to chest
  24. With legs wide, 3 marches + bend knee and grab foot to stretch quad
  25. 3 marches + calf stretch (hinging forward)
  26. March (or prance) in place while doing biceps into overhead press
  27. March/prance forward and back
  28. Repeat #18

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


6 thoughts on “Barlates: Gentle Home Workouts/Walking

  1. I’ve been curious about this one that her Lazy Day Series (released last month) which also has 4 workouts on it. I look forward to reading your forthcoming Sunday reviews for the other 3 workouts in the Gentle Home Workout series.

    Linda’s catalog still overwhelms me but I have been trying to take some time to browse over it in bits because I do think she is an instructor I would really like and I like her exercise style.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do understand. I am overwhelming myself lately. I have so many new-to-me workouts to get through–and many of them are Linda’s! It’s hard to decide which ones to do first. I might take a break from new-to-me workouts for a while and just return to ones I’ve done and love.


      1. LOL, I need to do the exact opposite. I’ve been doing Jillian’s TMTZ for way, way too long and I know I need to do a different workout but I like same ol’ same ol’. I have a couple of other ones I keep doing too. Also, some days I skip doing a DVD and just go for a long walk which is nice, something different to do.

        But like you, I have a hard time deciding which new workouts to do. I’m so glad I purchased the DVDs I have but I just don’t know where to begin.


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