Barlates: Gentle Home Workouts/Barre

Barre is part of Linda @ Barlates Gentle Home Workout Series. I have now done all 4 of the workouts in this series and I have to say, it is another excellent series of Barlates workouts. Thank you Linda! Unlike the other 3 workouts in this series, there is no cardio factor. In this workout, Linda warms you up with dynamic range of motion/flexibility exercises. Then you get your light hand weights for some high rep upper body work. Once you finish with the upper body you get your chair for barre lower body work. The workout ends with core work on the floor. This and the other 3 Gentle Home Workouts are perfect for beginner to intermediate level exercisers. They will challenge the beginner but are doable and for the intermediate exerciser they are perfect recovery day workouts. Linda works your body well but leaves you feeling good during and after. She doesn’t rep you out but performs just enough reps of each exercise so that you feel the muscles being nicely worked. And I think she manages to hit all of the muscles in your body in just 30 minutes for a very nice feel good total body conditioning workout.

There are several ways you can do Linda’s workouts. You can purchase the Gentle Home Workouts DVD like I did, you can do Barre for free on YouTube and you can also purchase the download from Linda. There are 4 workouts in Linda’s Gentle Home Workouts Series. This workout, WalkingCombinations and Cardio Sculpt.

Barre is 29:30 minutes; 40 second intro; 4:30 minute warm up and 2:30 minute stretch. Equipment: fitness mat, a chair and light hand weights (Linda is using 2 pounds).

  1. (get DBs) Stand with knees slightly bent, alternate raising straight arms overhead, when arm is lowered, extend it behind you, also do semi-squats as you alternate arms
  2. Legs are wider than hip width, toes turned out, plie squat while raising straight arms overhead, when you lower arms (and come out of squat) bring elbows behind back at rib level with arms/DBs extended out to sides
  3. Stand with one leg extended in front of you, toe on the floor, arms are shaped as if holding a beach ball (elbows slightly bent) with DBs together, raise arms from thighs to overhead then lower them until the are in front of you at shoulder level then open arms out to sides (chest fly)
  4. Stand with other leg extended in front of you, toe on floor, arms are bent, elbows close to sides, raise bent arms out to side to shoulder level, extend both arms in front of you, keeping arms at shoulder level, pull elbows back behind you then lower arms back to sides
  5. Static curtsy lunge position held isometrically, do bicep curls with elbows extended out from body; alternate bicep curls while pulsing in stationary curtsy lunge
  6. Static curtsy lunge position held isometrically (other side of body), raise arms straight on front of you to shoulder level, bend elbows to 90 degrees until hands/DBs are facing ceiling then lower so arms are straight in front of you again; alternate the arms while pulsing in stationary curtsy lunge
  7. Hinge forward in split stance and do tricep kickbacks; switch leg position, raise and lower straight arms behind you
  8. (set DBs aside and get chair) Stand beside chair, one hand on chair back for balance, heels together, toes turned out, raise onto toes, lower into partial squat (knees turned out, spine straight–barre squat), do small squats in this position; add a hip tuck at bottom of squat
  9. Raise bent leg on a diagonal, extend leg straight then lower leg, alternate legs
  10. Return to same starting position as #8, tuck/shift hips side to side while in partial barre squat
  11. Legs are parallel, feet a few inches apart, raise onto toes and bend knees, from this position, hinge forward straightening legs and touch one hand to floor (other hand is still holding chair back), as you straighten the body, return to barre squat (heels remained raised throughout)
  12. Still standing beside chair, place forearm on chair back, raise outside leg with knee bent (hydrant) and circle bent leg; changes to raising and lowering bent leg, touch toe to ground at bottom and leg is bent to side when raised
  13. Repeat #12 on other leg
  14. (set chair aside and get fitness mat) Sit on bottom, knees bent and feet on floor, lean torso back, hands are behind thighs, tuck hips and raise one foot, alternate feet (tuck-lift, tuck-lift)
  15. Same starting position as #14 but hands are not holding thighs, with arms extended long, do large figure 8s, side to side leaning torso back more when arms are at sides
  16. Same starting position as #14 but now hands are on the floor behind hips, torso leaned back, alternate raising and lowering bent legs
  17. Lay on stomach with arms in goal post, in this position, raise and lower chest and arms; add pulling elbows back toward sides at top of lift
  18. Still on stomach, hands are on floor under chin with head resting on hands, raise and lower straight legs
  19. Bird dogs (on all 4s, bring one knee in under body, tapping knee with opposite hand then extend straight arm in line with ear while also extending opposite leg straight behind you)

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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