2019 New Year 2 Mile Walk

Gina B is relatively new to me so that is why I am just now getting to her 2019 New Year 2 Mile Walk–at the very end of 2019! This was another fun, low impact, low intensity cardio walk. Gina picked some great music–especially the last song, Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. I was singing along with that one, and a few of the others, too but I am a Queen fan, so I loved that she ended the workout with that song. She recently came out with a Christmas walk that I plan to do just before Christmas, so stay tuned!

Again, this is not an intense walk so if you want to increase the intensity you will need to add things like a weighted vest, or weighted belt and weighted gloves. There are a lot of arm movements so some weighted gloves would give your arms some nice work. This morning was an upper body workout for me, so all I was looking for today was some some mild cardio and to get some steps in. This did the job. I burned 200 calories and clocked more than 3000 steps.

2019 New Year 2 Mile Walk is 27:30 minutes; 4 minute warm up and no cool down/stretch. But IMHO, a stretch really isn’t needed. Below I am listing all of the moves that appear in this workout, in the order they appear. However, they all appear multiple times. There is an arm movement with the majority of the moves even if I don’t list them.

  1. March forward and back
  2. Double side steps; add pushing arms from hips out to sides; changes to large arm circles
  3. March forward and back with alternating overhead punches
  4. 3 steps to side + 2 side to side steps
  5. Alternating cross heel digs
  6. Alternating cross step backs while reaching one arm out to side, alternating arms
  7. Step forward and back on a diagonal; step forward changes to step with knee raise
  8. Alternate stepping out to side
  9. Alternating tap backs
  10. March forward 3 steps + march in place with speed bag arms + march back 3 steps + march in place with speed bag arms
  11. March 3 steps to side with speed bag arms, push arms out to side
  12. V steps forward
  13. March forward and back while pushing arms overhead and in front of you
  14. Grapevine
  15. Front cross step then chasse to other side and repeat

For more info on Gina B‘s YouTube workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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