Power Walk the Pounds off 80s Style

Power Walk the Pounds off 80s Style is another fun cardio walk from Gina B. I had actually planned to do a Heather Robertson workout today for my doubles workout but this morning’s workout (Barlates: Torch & Tone/Weights) literally kicked my butt. Literally. It is a lower body workout and my glutes and hamstrings were burning the entire day. I have a sedentary job and it hurt just to sit all day! I do not have DOMS–yet; this was just pain from how hard my glutes and hamstrings were shredded! I am okay with that, btw, but I also decided I needed something easier for my doubles workout. But since I do sit all day at work, I still want to move after work. I decided one of Gina B’s cardio walks would be perfect. And it was! This as a great little walk, it burned 200 calories and got in another 2500 steps. This walk is made up of 3 songs from the 80s. It does not have a warm up or cool down/stretch, so I used one of Gina B’s add ons; her Quick & Easy Warm Up and her Feel Good Post Workout Cool Down & Stretch.

Power Walk the Pounds off 80s Style is 15 minutes. Gina is marching in place between every move. Each move is repeated multiple times but I only list them the first time they appear. There are arm motions with everything, even if I don’t mention them. This is an entirely low impact walk.

  1. Double side steps + 4 side to side steps
  2. Alternating tapping toes forward 6x then out to side 6x
  3. March forward and back
  4. 7 knee repeater
  5. Step side to side on a diagonal moving forward 4x and back 4x
  6. Pony steps
  7. Double knee raises to front, alternate knees
  8. Step forward and back with same foot then step out to side and back with same foot, repeat this combo 4x on one leg before repeating on other leg
  9. Cross-over heel digs
  10. Double side steps
  11. Around the world (holding one leg basically stationary, step out foot out, turning yourself in a circle with each step)
  12. With legs wide, do alternating taps while reaching one arm across body overhead and other arm across body toward foot

For more info on Gina B‘s YouTube workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.

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