Power Walk the Pounds off 80s Style

Power Walk the Pounds off 80s Style is another fun cardio walk from Gina B. I had actually planned to do a Heather Robertson workout today for my doubles workout but this morning’s workout (Barlates: Torch & Tone/Weights) literally kicked my butt. Literally. It is a lower body workout and my glutes and hamstrings were burning the entire day. I have a sedentary job and it hurt just to sit all day! I do not have DOMS–yet; this was just pain from how hard my glutes and hamstrings were shredded! I am okay with that, btw, but I also decided I needed something easier for my doubles workout. But since I do sit all day at work, I still want to move after work. I decided one of Gina B’s cardio walks would be perfect. And it was! This as a great little walk, it burned 200 calories and got in another 2500 steps. This walk is made up of 3 songs from the 80s. It does not have a warm up or cool down/stretch, so I used one of Gina B’s add ons; her Quick & Easy Warm Up and her Feel Good Post Workout Cool Down & Stretch.

Power Walk the Pounds off 80s Style is 15 minutes. Gina is marching in place between every move. Each move is repeated multiple times but I only list them the first time they appear. There are arm motions with everything, even if I don’t mention them. This is an entirely low impact walk.

  1. Double side steps + 4 side to side steps
  2. Alternating tapping toes forward 6x then out to side 6x
  3. March forward and back
  4. 7 knee repeater
  5. Step side to side on a diagonal moving forward 4x and back 4x
  6. Pony steps
  7. Double knee raises to front, alternate knees
  8. Step forward and back with same foot then step out to side and back with same foot, repeat this combo 4x on one leg before repeating on other leg
  9. Cross-over heel digs
  10. Double side steps
  11. Around the world (holding one leg basically stationary, step out foot out, turning yourself in a circle with each step)
  12. With legs wide, do alternating taps while reaching one arm across body overhead and other arm across body toward foot

For more info on Gina B‘s YouTube workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


19 thoughts on “Power Walk the Pounds off 80s Style

  1. 2lazy4gym says: I’m not a huge fan of Leslie’s workouts. You’ll have to tell me what you think. (August 16, 2020 at 11:45 am)

    Finally picked up Walk to the Hits Party Songs. Did it for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it. Made me smile and made me feel happy. And I felt the workout was a tiny bit more challenging than her Walk to to the Hits Radio Remixes which I own — but that might have been because I kept my movements big during the “recovery time” between the HIIT segments rather than following along with Leslie which would have brought IMHO my heartrate down way too much.

    The fact that the music was cover songs didn’t end up bothering me. It was obvious that it was cover songs but the music choices, for the most part, were good.

    I was concerned that the workout would be just like Radio Remixes but just set to different music. I definitely feel that Party Songs stands on its own and feels fresh, there are some moves that are the same (Leslie has 4 moves that seem to always be in all her workouts) but there were other moves that were completely different or moves that were slightly different.

    Now that I love it, of course I wish I bought it ages ago when it was more readily available. Many months ago it was available on Wal-mart for around $10 and it was available for in-store pick-up. Amazon has it for $14.99 — if it was priced at $10.49 like some of her other DVDs on Amazon I’d purchase it right now. Collage Video has it for $12 or $13 and they are having a 20% Labor Day sale right now (coupon code) so I’ll have to think about that. I’ve only made one purchase (for one DVD) at Collage Video before many months ago.

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    1. I’m glad you ended up really liking it! Music makes a workout. It really does. One of the reasons I am so obsessed with the Trampit rebounder workouts. The BEST music and Mai-Britt is a pretty gifted rebounder instructor because she choreographs the moves perfectly to the music, which is very motivating. It makes you put that extra effort into the the exercises. That is one of the draw backs to Barlates btw. She is a wonderful trainer and puts together excellent workouts but her music is never that great.


      1. I’m glad I really liked it too. I’ve been stuck in a workout rut (despite having lots of DVDs) and have pretty much just been doing the same two over and over. So doing a brand new workout might have had a role in my joy, but again, it was also a really fun walking workout.

        My library system has some other Leslie’s, a mix of old and new, and I did preview some clips online but I didn’t request any of them. I need the fun recognizable music. (Plus I recall that I did request some of my library’s other Leslie DVDs in the past and when I previewed them I wasn’t crazy about them. Either the walkers were too close together and it was claustrophobic, or the walk workout just wasn’t intense enough and hardly had any arm movements at all, or the workouts were multiple miles yet still had warm-up and cool-downs in between the miles which I didn’t like. Leslie’s Walk to the Hits workouts (there are 3) do not have warm-ups and cool-downs between each mile.)

        Even though I haven’t done any Barlates workouts (oh if only I could stream!) it doesn’t bother me that her music choices aren’t that great. As long as it’s not drum beats or high screechy sounding music, I think I’d be okay with it. When I first popped Jillian’s NMTZ in my DVD player I was unhappy about the music, but after doing the workout a few more times (and a lot of times since then!) I sorta have been able to tune the music out or it just doesn’t bother me as much.

        I remember previewing a bit of that Trampit youtube video and yes the music was awesome and I could see how that would make the workout super fun and make you want to work harder.

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      2. You do need to try new workouts! That’s what keeps me going–variety. I always feel I need to return to strength workouts more frequently but my workout ADHD always gets in the way. I need the variety. I tend to get in a rut when I get stuck on one trainer. I feel like I am getting in an AngieFitnessTV rut.


      3. Yes, I know it’s important to do different workouts. Change things up so my muscles/body don’t get used to same ol’ same ol’. Or worse, get an overuse injury. And then, as you said, for variety’s sake. I’m just the kind of person who likes routine, structure, and same ol’ same ol’ but I need to push past that and try different DVDs. Sometimes, even though my collection isn’t nearly as large as yours is, I get overwhelmed by the choices I have and can’t settle on one so then I just pull out the same DVD — either NMTZ by Jillain or Atletica 4 by Ilaria.

        I requested a few other workout DVDs from my library — I’d like to give Denise Austin a try. I forget the names of the titles I requested but they should all be low-impact cardio and they looked good from the preview clips I saw online. Lately, I’ve just been craving to do some fun low-impact cardio and/or walking workouts.

        If you feel like you are getting stuck in an Angie rut, maybe it’s time to switch to Heather on youtube? Were you still interested in doing her 12-week program? As I recall I think you mentioned you thought the program would help you rehab and gain back shoulder/arm strength but it seems from other workouts you’ve been doing that you’ve sort of accomplished that already.

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      4. I have started mixing things up. Lately I am only doing Angie’s rebounder workouts. I’m not going to do Heather’s 12 week program. I changed my mind, but I am planning to do some of her other new workouts. I’ve decided to use Cathe to continue getting stronger. She has always worked best for my when it comes to strength training.

        I hate it when I do this but I cannot help myself. I will binge on a trainer then I don’t want to do them at all for a while.


      5. If I could stream workouts, I could totally see myself binging on certain trainers and exclusively doing their workouts. It’s exciting and overwhelming that I could do a completely different workout every single day. I suppose in a way I’ve been binging on Jillian even though it’s just been her NMTZ workout that I’ve been doing for too long.

        But I am seeing the importance of mixing things up — that Leslie workout is just so darn fun. Fun because it is fun and fun because it’s something different. I’ve done it a few times already.

        One of three Denise Austin DVDs I requested from my regional library system became available so I picked it up and I plan to do it tomorrow. My fingers are crossed that I have another fun experience doing a completely new-to-me workout.

        I’m glad that you have rehabbed/recovered well enough that you can use some of Cathe’s more challenging workouts for strength training.


  2. Gina B has a new workout series coming out to DVD. It was listed on Amazon for a few days, as a pre-order, but now Amazon says the 5-disc set is unavailable. Not sure if all the pre-orders sold-out on Amazon or if something else is going on as she does seem to be selling the DVDs for this new program on her website too.

    It looks so fun but the price on Amazon was $50 for the 5-disc set. A reasonable and fair price but too high for me. I’m not sure if I’d even be interested in the 60s and 70s and 00s discs but I’d definitely want the 80s and 90s discs.


    1. That is weird! Maybe her customers bought it up quickly. That has happened with Jessica Smith and Mark Lauren workouts. They don’t do pre-orders then they sell out quickly. I get so frustrated and check back every day until they are in stock again. I like Gina B but would probably never buy any of her DVDs. She has enough free YouTube workouts to keep me occupied.


      1. I went over to her facebook page and poked around and it sounded like (from one of Gina’s comments) that Amazon was eventually going to get more of the DVD set in stock. Either way, I won’t be ordering it. I think I got caught up in the pre-release/order excitement that was on the Video Fitness Forum and from watching the teaser trailer. Admittedly though, I love the concept/theme of having each 3-mile walk set to music from a specific decade. I’ll have to poke around her youtube channel and see if any of her walks can be done in a microscopic floor space in front of a computer — I have a feeling not, I’d probably need more room.

        Surprisingly, I saw quite a few comments on Gina’s facebook page by her replying to people to let her know that this new workout program is DVD only and will not be able to stream/download. I find that very surprisingly, esp since I’m pretty sure she has other programs that she manages for the streaming/downloading.

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      2. P.S. Someone from the VFF who already got their DVD set reported that the songs Gina B used throughout the decades are not sung by the original artists — that would be a deal breaker for me. I was truly tempted to purchase this set and now I am so glad I did not. I wonder how many other people are going to be disappointed by the music…..

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      3. I agree. I would want the original tunes, too. I remember in one of Cathe’s workouts that I love, the stretch at the end played a Cranberry’s song, but it was a cover. It didn’t ruin the workout because I love the workout but it did kind of ruin a well needed stretch. It was one of my favorite Cranberry’s songs.


      4. My library finally acquired a “new” Leslie Sansone walking DVD, Walk to the Hits Party Songs. The DVD is being “processed” but I’ll be first in line to borrow it. I have since learned that all the music on there is not sung by the original artists……… which is so strange because I really though that the music in Walk to the Hits Radio Remixes (I have this DVD) was all original, I really though that in the closing credits Leslie’s production company gives line credit to the original artists/music company for letting them use the songs. I don’t recall seeing mention of any cover bands or anything. If that is correct, it is really weird for Leslie to go in the complete opposite artistic/music direction by using cover bands for that other walking DVD.

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      5. Walk to the Hits Radio Remixes is the only Leslie DVD that I own. I actually bought it spontaneously without really doing any research online — thankfully it turned out to be a keeper, I loved loved loved it when I did it the first time and many times after that. Some of that magic has since worn off, but I still enjoy doing it from time to time. It does have good music.

        Ages ago, I borrowed several Leslie DVDs that my library had and, for various reasons, I really didn’t like any of them. Some of them just made me feel like I didn’t get a good cardio workout. One I recall did seem to have good exercises/moves but Leslie and everyone she was with were so crammed together on a stage (and there was plenty of room for everyone to spread out) that it made me feel claustrophobic watching them. And I also noticed that Leslie pretty much says the same thing from video to video……

        Anyway, I’m still looking forward to eventually borrowing Walk to the Hits Party Songs — despite the cover band music, the preview clips I’ve seen look good, and there’s some new “walking” moves.

        There are actually three DVDs in the Walk to the Hits (really, HIITs). I borrowed whatever the third one is called from my library and did not like it at all — despite it being a more intense workout (lots of squats and lunges as I recall). I wasn’t crazy about the oldies music — there was way way way too long of a segment where everyone was freestyling doing The Twist and I didn’t like doing that.

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      6. For me it’s her personality. I didn’t mind her walks. They were pretty basic and I did things like wear a weighted vest and a weighted belt to increase intensity when I did them. But her voice and her laugh were really grating to me. I ended up giving mine to my mom.


      7. At first I was a little sadface that I couldn’t spontaneously buy this $50 walking DVD set — pricey but a good value for 5 walks that I think clock in at 45 minutes each, excluding the included warm-up and cool-down.

        I’ve been following a Gina B. thread on the Video Fitness Forum site and while many seem to be pleased there are a few who are disappointed (who have already done a couple of the decades) and say the choreography is the same from segment to segment (three 15-minute blocks for each decade walk) and from decade to decade. So now I’m glad I didn’t purchase this. Plus, depending on what the music selections were, I really was only interested in the 80s and 90s, maybe the 2000s.

        Lately I’ve been craving some good fun walking workout DVDs, it’s too bad that I can’t stream as I know there’s a wealth of them on youtube. As for walking DVDs, it really seems that only Leslie’s, Jessica’s, and Gina’s names come up.

        I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed that my library acquires some of Jessica’s walking DVDs. They acquired several KCM videos so here’s hoping they acquire some of Jessica’s.

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      8. I really like Gina B, too but that is one thing about her workouts–they get redundant. Since I telework I actually use her short 5-15 minute ones as fitness breaks during my workday and I love them for that purpose but they are all pretty similar. Just different music.

        Can you ask your library to purchase specific DVDs? Maybe they will get some of Jessica’s workouts if you ask. I don’t know–I’ve never asked our library to get anything. They never carried Jessica but they have some KCM and a lot of other trainers. That is how I discovered Ashley Turner’s yoga workouts.


      9. Yes, patrons can fill out a form online to request that our library system purchase specific materials. That’s how my library acquired several “new” KCM DVDs. Most of them are still being processed and aren’t officially available yet to be checked-out but I’m first in line for one of them. The others I’m not interested in at all anymore.

        I did request some Jessica DVDs and I did request some Leslie ones too — my library did get that one Leslie walking DVD I told you about in another comment, waiting for the DVD to come out of processing status so it can officially be borrowed. I think it’s going to be awhile. It’s been months and months for the KCM DVDs.

        I do hope my library gets some Jessica ones…..

        P.S. Glad to hear that Gina B’s workouts are kind of redundant, now I definitely don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything……


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