AngieFitnessTV: 15 Minute Power Walk

15 Minute Power Walk is a very low key cardio walk from AngieFitnessTV. Angie says it is perfect for beginners and people rehabbing from surgeries. Since I fall into the latter group and am always on the search for low impact workouts until my shoulder is healed, I decided to combine it with one of Angie’s other longer power walks: 40 Minute Low Impact Power Walk. This was definitely the easier of the two workouts. I did like it though. You are actually walking for 10 minutes and the last 5 minutes is dynamic stretching. This would be a good workout to use as a long warm up before a more before a more intense workout or a cool down after another workout. Each walking exercise is done for one minute. Angie puts together easy little step combos in which you march 3x then do a step move. The step moves she combines with the 3 marches are: heel digs, tap out to side, tap back, knee raise, kick, side steps with hamstring curls and insole taps.

15 Minute Power Walk is 16:36 minutes; 35 second intro and 5 minute stretch. No equipment needed but there are ways to increase the intensity. I wore a 10 pound belt, an 8 pound vest, 2.5 pound ankle weights (5 pounds total) and a one pound weighted glove on one hand.

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


23 thoughts on “AngieFitnessTV: 15 Minute Power Walk

  1. This completely random but since you have a million (give or take a few) workout DVDs I figured I’d ask…..

    Do you happen to have a copy of the Pop Pilates Total Body Workout by Cassey Ho that you’d be willing to part with?


      1. I don’t think I’ve done any pilates workouts before but I like the idea of them, the bodyweight exercise aspect, not crazy about how they are so core-centric and not total body, but the focus on the core is a big part of pilates, at least that’s how I understand it but I don’t know that much about pilates.

        From what I gather, Cassey Ho puts a modern spin on pilates so that workout I was asking you about I’ve heard is quite challenging, has all sorts of different moves, and is very much total body.

        I try not let it bother me/make me sad but sometimes I do get bummed out when I discover a new-to-me fitness trainer and a specific DVD (or many DVDs) are already out-of-print/production.


      2. I used to do a lot of pilates. I was hit head on by a drunk driver in 2009. I was in a wheelchair for 4 months and in a boot and crunches for another month. Even when I could walk without crutches I was very slow. It took about a year to completely rehabilitate. During that time, pilates and my recumbent bike were my main form of exercise since I couldn’t do anything with impact or anything that required any kind of balance (such as lunges) or that required me to be on my feet for long periods of time. Pilates was perfect for my situation and worked me well. But I never enjoyed it. Maybe the thought of pilates gives me PTSD flashbacks. All I know is it is not fun and I am all about enjoying exercise. That’s what keeps me coming back for more. So I rarely do pilates unless a favorite trainer includes it in their workout–and it’s short.

        I have been in the same place you are and I just hunt the workout down. Seriously. I search regularly on eBay. I also save it to my Amazon wishlist so I can check it daily and see if someone posted a used copy. I have done that with so many workouts. And I’ve ended up getting almost all of them at a good price. So don’t give up! Sometimes it takes months but I eventually find them at an affordable price.


      3. I do remember reading, in multiple places on your site, your story about being hit head on by a drunk driver in 2009. I can totally see why pilates would give your PTSD flashbacks and that you avoid doing it, especially since it sounds like you never enjoyed it to begin with 😦

        Cassey’s TBW is actually on Amazon right now for between $20 – $40 from various sellers. As much as I dearly want this workout, I don’t think I want to spend $20 (plus shipping) on it. Plus I really don’t want to buy from a third party seller via Amazon. I stumbled across a different pilates workout that might be just as old (I’d have to double check the release date) but is still in print, or at least new copies are still available, that might be a good substitute for Cassey’s workout. I’ve been tempted to join Video Fitness Forum (I lurk there a lot) because it seems they have a members-only DVD swap thread, but then again there’s also a big trust factor in hoping that each person fulfills their promise and completes the swap.

        I know you’ve mentioned before that you participate in Cathe’s forum, but do you do the VVF?


      4. I am not a member of VF but I visit it at least once a week. They have alerted me to a lot of new-to-me workouts. Like KCM’s new workouts! I would not have known she had new DVDs coming out if I hadn’t visited VF last week. But I did and now I have her new workouts preordered. I used to be active on the Cathe forum but I rarely post there anymore. I don’t even lurk there. I follow the Live board so I get an email about all of Cathe’s live workouts. And I subscribe to her newsletter so I always know when she has new DVDs in the works. No real reason to visit there anymore.


      5. I visit VF more than once a week 😉 It’s a neat site. I do remember seeing the thread about KCM’s new workouts — I just assumed you already knew. I vaguely remember reading about how someone said she had to get permission to do the filming? I think KCM lives in NJ and I guess there are still restrictions about those types of activities? Perhaps because while working out is important for mental and physical health, I suppose the filming of such workouts is still considered non-essential?

        I’m still on the fence about joining VF, I guess because I don’t want any drama and I don’t know if folks on that board regularly get into things and have tiffs. I’d like to think not, but you never know. (The swap thread is enticing but again, I’d be brand spanking new to the site and people would need to trust that I’d fulfill my end of the bargain and vice versa. Just dreaming about how I can get my hands on a copy of that Cassey Ho DVD 😉


      6. It doesn’t hurt to sign up. You might as well. I don’t spend enough time on VF to know if they have any little tiffs. I tend to just scan the post title to see if it is indicating a new workout. I really shouldn’t be doing that because I do not need to buy anymore workouts and I manage to find plenty on my own! But I do it anyway. And I am glad because it does pay off sometimes–KCM is an autobuy for me but she doesn’t have a newsletter and I don’t do social media like Facebook or Instagram anymore so I have no other way of knowing about her new workouts. I’m pretty sure VF is the way I am always alerted to KCM’s new stuff.

        I don’t know. I guess they can still use a studio as long as they social distance and do all other precautions. Cathe still uses her gym for Live workouts. It’s just her but she still has the camera people filming her. I have been introduced to a lot of new fitness peeps on YouTube since the pandemic. People are finding ways to keep moving!


      7. That is incredibly surprising to hear that KCM doesn’t have a newsletter — I don’t do social media either, deleted my accounts years ago and have no regrets — especially since other personal trainers (I don’t even know if that’s the right term) have them. I would think having a newsletter would be important because you get to land directly in someone’s in-box rather than hoping the timing/algorithm is right and you show up in someone’s facebook feed, etc…..

        I don’t have nearly as many workouts as you do, not even close, but I am starting to feel overwhelmed by what workout DVDs I’ve bought and haven’t even done yet — those TFDVD deal-of-the-day prices were too good to pass up, plus some of them are completely out-of-production/out-of-print so once they are gone, they are gone forever.

        I’d have to see if I could find thread on video fitness forum, but I really thought I remembered reading that KCM had to get permission (from who or what organization I don’t recall) to do the filming……

        I hope you enjoy KCM’s two new workouts when you are well enough to do them….

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      8. It does get overwhelming. I have so many workouts and just keep buying more. Then I argue with myself that I should be using the workouts I own instead of buying more and/or doing YouTube workouts. But it really is my weird addiction–hoarding workouts. My husband says there are worse addictions and at least I actually do the workouts. I am not hoarding things I never touch. But still, when I try to create a rotation using just what I have, it sometimes overwhelms me. I am trying to create a Top 10 rotation using my Top 10 Lists but I get stalled because I have more workouts in my Top 10 lists than I can fit in even a 12 week rotation! I got stalled trying to pick the best of the best to put in the rotation and am now avoiding the task.


      9. I know your DVD library is so huge but do you check the TFDVD site daily to see what the Deal-of-the-Day is?

        I could see myself doing a lot of Pop Sugar workouts if my computer/tv set-up was fancy. Ana is such a fun workout leader and they’ve had some great guest personal trainers lead workouts.

        Is your ‘workout rotation’ page a recent addition to your site or has it just been in front of my face all this time and I’m just now noticing it?

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      10. No, the only time I check TFDVD is when I am in hoarding mode. When I was buying up all of Tracie Long’s workouts I got a lot of them there. When Linda comes out with a bunch of DVDs I want I buy them there. If I am looking for something and cannot find it on Amazon I look there. But otherwise I don’t browse there very often. Maybe once a month.

        I created the workout rotations page in 2015 so it’s been up for a while I don’t add rotations to it very often tho. I really need to get back to work on my Top 10 rotation.


      11. Well as an FYI Tracie Long is the featured weekly special on the TFDVD site in case there is anything else you need 😉

        Mary (owner of TFDVD Site) does have a lot of treasures on her site and by that I mean she still has brand spanking new copies of DVDs that are now out-of-print and gone forever — which I assume is why you head over there if you can’t find it on Amazon.

        I recently bought two Barre3 DVDs (deal-of-the-day) only to later discover that on the Barre3 website all the DVDs (or at least the ones still in-stock) were marked down to 50 cents each! How crazy is that?! I can only assume that Barre3 is completely liquidating their stock of DVDs and is going to exclusively stream workouts now. (I don’t mind that I paid a little bit more on the TFDVD Site for my two DVDs. Still haven’t done those workouts yet….)

        I guess streaming is what everyone is doing now (except me, not able to for various reasons). And I suppose there is more money to be had if someone is subscribing/streaming to a site rather than just making a one-time DVD purchase.

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      12. You are an enabler but I am so glad! I just ordered the only 2 Tracie Long workouts that I actually wanted and do not own. Both old ones that I couldn’t find and had forgotten about. Another special was a Fit Prime rebounder workout! So that’s on it’s way too now.

        I bought 5 Barre3 workouts at one of their sales on Black Friday for 99 cents each. I still haven’t done them yet.


      13. Oh wow, 99 cents per DVD is a really good deal too. When I went to the barre3 website a couple of weeks ago, I don’t think they had 5 DVDs available for purchase, and I just checked now and there only 3 available for 50 cents in their warehouse sale.

        Within a 2-week period four different barre3 DVDs were the deal-of-the-day on the TFDVD site and I ended up purchasing two of them. Haven’t done them yet either but I’m looking forward to eventually doing them.

        If you want to keep up with the weekly specials for TFDVD, Mary does have a newsletter. She sends one out on or around the first of each month to let everyone know in advance what trainers (or brands) will be featured as the weekly special. Sometimes she includes info about pre-orders and other things.

        Hope you enjoy your new Tracie Long DVDs 😉

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      14. I did not know that! I just signed up. And while looking for how to sign upI discovered they have a rewards program which I was completely unaware of! I have $12 in rewards points just sitting there!

        Do you know Mary?


      15. I don’t know Mary personally. I just know that’s the owner of TFDVD because I’ve emailed the general email address for TFDVD quite a few (and then some, to be honest) times asking questions and things and that’s who always replies. Her replies are always so helpful. I don’t know for sure, but I think TFDVD is a one-woman operation and Mary does everything — pretty impressive. (And on the Video Fitness Forum people call her by name too.)

        That’s so awesome that you have $12 in reward points! Not to be an enabler, but since you may have missed the newsletter announcement, the TFDVD 4th of July sale starts tomorrow night and (I think) goes through Sunday, July 12. Perhaps there will be an announcement on the website once the sale begins.


      16. When she has these sales does she post something on the home page? A link to the sale items I mean. I don’t see anything there now, but I guess it hasn’t even started yet.

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      17. In the July 1 newsletter Mary stated that the 4th of July sale would begin in the evening on July 3, so I’m not sure what exact time that will be, TFDVD is located in Wisconsin so there’s the time zone to consider as well.
        I *think* the homepage will get updated, but if not, you’ll know when it begins later this evening because of all the sale prices — it will be site-wide and each item should have a “sale price” under the “our price.”

        It looks like you are perhaps planning to spend your $12 reward money 😉

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      18. I spent it! I bought 2 kettlebell workouts! Thanks for the heads up on the sale. Now I have 5 more workouts coming (the 3 I ordered earlier and the 2 kettlebell ones I just ordered).

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      19. Glad you picked up two more DVDs and got to use your $12 rewards money.

        I’m finalizing my selections and will place my order later today or tomorrow at the latest. I’m definitely getting Jillian’s Extreme Shed & Shred as it’s on sale for $2.99.

        I toyed with getting a Bob Harper DVD (both Ultimate Cardio Body and Body Rev Cardio Conditioning are on sale for $3.99) but decided not to. I know that this are really tough workouts, and admittedly that is a little intimidating to me, but what more swayed me to decide ‘no’ was that none of the exercisers look like they are even having one drop of fun. I don’t mind working hard or having my butt kicked, but I want to still have a little bit of fun.

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      20. I understand that. Bob Harper puts together some awesome workouts but when I would plan out a Bob week there would be some dread. I don’t like workouts that make me dread them either. His workouts are brutal.

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