AngieFitnessTV: 20 Minute Power Walk with Upper Body Focus

20 Minute Power Walk w/ Upper Body Focus is another low impact cardio walk from AngieFitnessTV. According to Angie it is a beginner level workout and I agree. I did this walk along with her 30 Minute Power Walk + Upper Body Strength + Balance Workout for a 54 minute cardio walk with some arm toning. In both workouts you use light hand weights but the reps are high so you feel the work. I also wore a 10 pound weighted belt and ankle weights to increase the intensity. As mentioned in the 30 Minute Power Walk + Upper Body Strength + Balance Workout review, my FitBit did not record this morning’s workout. It still gave me a total for the day and since it is still early morning, I am estimating that, between the two cardio walks, I walked approximately 4500 steps and burned between 300-400 calories. My FitBit graphed my walk, too, and by the colors on the graph it appears I was in my fat burning zone the majority of the walks with some spikes up into my cardio zone. So neither of these walks are intense. I did feel the work in my arm tho (I only used one arm due to shoulder surgery on my other), even with a light hand weight, and I got some steady state cardio. Perfect beginner workouts or if you just want something easier/lower intensity but you want to get your steps in, burn some calories and get in a bit of arm toning. Adding weight through a weighted vest, ankle weights and/or a weight belt helps increase the calorie burn/intensity, too.

20 Minute Power Walk w/ Upper Body Focus is 21:54 minutes; 2 minutes of range of motion/dynamic stretching at the end. Angie is using 1 pound hand weights. I continued to use the 3 pound hand weight I was already holding from her other cardio walk that I did before this one. I also wore a weighted belt and ankle weights. Each exercise is done for one minute. Listed below are the walking moves that appear in this workout but since Angie repeats everything with the other lead leg I only list the exercise the first time the move appears.

  1. Basic march
  2. Out-out-in-in step
  3. Heel digs with straight arm front raises
  4. Heel digs with straight arm chest flys
  5. Traveling forward and back while marching
  6. Step out to side then tap same foot behind other foot with “serving” arms
  7. Alternating front toe taps with bent arm side raises; when this is repeated you extend the arms straight in front of you at shoulder height then pull elbows back at shoulder height (scapular retraction)
  8. Step forward and back with one foot while also jabbing to the front then jabbing down with opposite arm
  9. Alternating tap outs to side with single arm cross punch
  10. Stop marching and raise and lower heels while swinging straight arms overhead then lowering; changes to alternating arm raises

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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