Barlates: Target 15/Weighted Upper

Target 15: Weighted Upper is part of Linda @ Barlates Target 15 series. I really like Linda’s Target Series. She has Target 10, Target 15 and Target 20 workouts and I bought all 3 DVDs. Each DVD contains 10 focused workouts that fall within the title’s time range. Weighted Upper contains 15 exercises that “target” your upper body. You are doing each exercise for sixty second intervals with no rest/recovery periods, so the workout is 15 minutes. They are all technically a minute or two longer than 15 minutes but that is because Linda gives a short intro about what to expect and what equipment you need. These are great workouts to stack together to create a longer workout or to use as a finisher for another workout.

Since I recently had shoulder surgery I was only able to work one arm. But hey–it still needs work! Just because one arm is useless doesn’t mean the other has to be neglected. I did have to make a few modifications but they were minor. This short workout gave my right arm a nice strength workout. I felt the back needed a little more attention in this workout. If I wasn’t limited to working a single arm that would be an issue. But this workout has one exercise that you do for a minute on one arm then you repeat the exercise for a minute on the other arm (#3 & 4 below). I did #3 as directed but instead of doing #4 I just did back rows with a heavier dumbbell (18 pounds) for the next minute. The biceps are hit pretty thoroughly in this workout anyway. She does have one other back exercise (#15 below) but due to the nature of the exercise you cannot lift heavy (though I think most people who are not new to strength training can lift heavier Linda she lifted). So subbing #4 for some heavier back work actually worked out well–at least for my current situation.

This morning I put together several workouts for an approximately hour long workout that worked my upper body, lower body and gave me some cardio. I started with this workout, followed it with Linda’s Target 10 Squats & Lunges and ended with some intense low impact cardio that also gave my lower body a bit of conditioning (BodyFit by Amy‘s 25 Minute Low Impact Cardio HIIT). I got a great workout this morning! Target 15: Weighted Upper is available for free on YouTube or you can purchase her Target 15 Series on DVD which contains 9 additional 15 minute workouts. You can also purchase the download from Linda via her website.

Weighted Upper is 16:30 minutes; 1:30 minute intro, no warm up or stretch. Equipment: stability ball and 3 sets of dumbbells–light, medium and heavy. Linda is using 3.5kg (8 pounds), 2.5kg (5 pounds) and 1.5kg (3 pounds). Unless otherwise indicated I used the same weights as Linda.

  1. Alternate hammer curl with regular bicep curl (Linda is using 8# DBs; I used 10#DBs)
  2. Side lateral raises, alternate brining DBs together in front of body then bringing DBs together behind body (Linda is using 5# DBs)
  3. In split stance, hinged forward, do one bicep curl + one pledge curl (bringing DB to opposite shoulder when curling) (Linda is using one 8# DB; I used one 10# DB)
  4. Repeat #3 on other arm
  5. 2 scarecrows + one overhead press, crossing DBs at top of press (Linda is using 5# DBs)
  6. Alternate W (wide) curl with forearm curl (Linda is using 8# DBs)
  7. 2 skull crushers + 2 narrow chest presses (laying back on stability ball) (Linda is using 8# DBs; I used 10# DBs)
  8. One arm does a chest press while other arm does a chest fly (still leaning back on stability ball) (Linda is using 8# DBs; I used 10# DBs)
  9. Repeat #8 but with arms swapped
  10. One arm does 2 straight arm side raises + 2 large circles while the other arm remains stationary, raised in front of you at chest level with elbow bent (isometric hold) (Linda is using 3# DBs)
  11. Repeat #10 but with arms swapped
  12. Sit on ground, legs bent and feet on floor, one arm is behind you with hand on floor and the other arm is extended straight overhead, do 2 modified tricep dips (bottom stays on the ground) alternated with 2 overhead single arm tricep extensions (Linda is using one 5# DB; I used one 8# DB)
  13. Repeat #12 but swap arms
  14. Sit cross leg, do 4 alternating straight arm raises (DB is raised from floor to just above head) alternated with pulling DBs back to shoulders 2x (Linda is using 3# DBs)
  15. One bent over wide back row pulsing 3x at top of row alternated with one bent over narrow curls pulsing 3x at top of row (Linda is using 3# DBs; I used 12# DBs)

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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