JessicaSmithTV: 20 Minute Fat Burning Cardio Workout

In the intro to this workout Jessica says this workout is part of the “healthy for the holidays challenge” and the idea is “something is always better than nothing.” So, even tho this is only 20 minutes of cardio, at least your doing something. Neat little idea. And for 20 minutes, this is another great little (free) cardio workout from Jessica Smith‘s YouTube channel (JessicaSmithTV). It’s not super intense but intensity wasn’t what I needed this morning. I used it as a warm up before doing yoga. In fact, I used it in conjunction with another workout to warm me up (Betty Rocker‘s Back Attack), so that I got 30 minutes of work then I went into a 40 minute yoga practice. Overall, between the 3 workouts, I got an excellent workout. Jessica warmed me up, Betty Rocker worked my back nicely (11 minutes) and then a wonderful 40 minute yoga flow. Today is my “rest” day, so taking it easier–but not so easy I’m doing nothing–felt really good.

20 Minute Fat Burning Cardio is a short but sweet cardio workout. As usual, Jessica shows various levels you can do this workout at from beginner to intermediate, but there are no advanced moves in this workout. You can do it low impact (beginner level) or high impact (intermediate level). However you want to approach it. As with all of Jessica’s workouts, it is very enjoyable. She has such a great presence and puts together challenging but not killer workouts. I don’t need killer all the time. Which is why I love Jessica and Kelly Coffey-Meyer so much–they both challenge me without killing me. I use Cathe and Linda Wooldridge for my killer workouts. Oh, and Peanut kept us all company at the beginning of the workout.

20 Minute Fat Burning Cardio workout is 23 minutes long; 4:30 minute warm up and 1:30 minute cool down. No equipment needed.

  1. Side to side squat step; changes to squat jacks
  2. Side to side step skates; changes to full skaters–wider w/ leaps
  3. Toe tap back; changes to scissor jacks
  4. Heel digs (recovery move)
  5. Tap feet side to side; changes to jacks
  6. Side to side step tap moving forward and back in a diagonal (recovery move)
  7. V steps; add a squat; changes to squat jumps forward and back
  8. 2 side steps w /jumping jack arms; changes to full jumping jacks–2 to each side
  9. Step forward and back; changes to single leg runs (fast knee runs w/ a hop)
  10. Alternating toe taps moving forward and back; changes to jacking forward and back
  11. Step kick side to side (recovery move)
  12. Fast air squats; changes to squat jumps
  13. In stationary lunge do runners arms while pulsing w/ small jumps

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.





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