AngieFitnessTV: Trampoline Extreme Power Bounce Pilates Infused Style

Power Bounce Pilates Infused Style is another workout in AngieFitnessTV‘s Trampoline Extreme Series. I’ve now done all of the workouts in this series except for one (Flexibility & Stretch) but don’t worry–I will get to that one eventually, too. This was a pretty unique rebounder workout. It was not extreme as the title claims but it is very effective. It uses the rebounder and a pilates magic circle. I (of course) own a pilates magic circle that I never use. I bought it back in 2009 after a drunk driver hit my car head on and crushed both of my heels. During the early days of my rehab I was confined to exercise that I could do in my bed, on the floor or in a chair since I could not walk for 4 months. Pilates became my go to exercise program. In fact, that was pretty much all I did outside of physical therapy–pilates done with bands, light dumbbells and my magic circle. Then as I became more mobile, the magic circle went in a box with a lot of other exercise equipment I rarely (or never) use. Until today. I was very pleased to have a reason to dust off my old magic circle.

Every exercise in this workout is done on the rebounder using the magic circle. Many of the exercises are pilates inspired. You are getting both strength and cardio in this workout. According to my FitBit I burned 199 calories. Not bad at all since it’s not an intense workout. I really enjoyed this workout and I am so pleased I found an effective workout I really enjoy that uses my magic circle. Since I am not a fan of pilates unless it is a fusion style workout, this is probably the only workout I will use it for.

Power Bounce Pilates Infused Style is 35:05 minutes; 45 second intro, 5 minute warm up, 4:30 minutes core and 3:30 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder and pilates magic circle. Each exercise is done for one minute. Angie says if you don’t have a magic circle you can use a small ball (playground or pilates ball). At the end of the warm up, grab your magic circle.

  1. Bounce while holding the magic circle in both hands and pushing in on it with both hands
  2. Jack feet while arcing magic circle from chest to overhead
  3. Hold magic circle overhead, bounce while side reaching circle side to side from overhead position
  4. Hop side to side holding circle in front of you, shift circle side to side with each jump
  5. Alternating front kick hops, raise circle from chest level to overhead
  6. Quarter turn jumps while squeezing magic between both hands
  7. Jump forward and back, holding circle at chest level and pushing it forward and back as you jump
  8. Repeat #6 jumping in the other direction
  9. March on rebounder while pushing in on the circle while raising it from chest level to overhead
  10. Scissor run while raising circle from chest level to overhead
  11. Jump while circling magic circle side to side like a steering wheel
  12. Bring circle behind you and presse the edge against low back, with circle in this position march on rebounder while squeezing sides of circle together
  13. Hold circle in both hands, knee pull across body while rotating circle across body as knee pulls and back to other side of body when lowering knee
  14. Hop on rebounder while doing a wood chop move with the circle (quarter turn jump when chopping)
  15. Stand on rebounder and place circle between thighs, do bent arm/goal post chest press arms while squeezing legs in and out on circle; ends with an isometric press-hold on circle
  16. Repeat #14 chopping in other direction
  17. Hold circle in front of you with one hand on top and other hand on bottom, squeeze in and out on circle with hands in this position, do this while marching on rebounder
  18. Hopping alternating knee raises, bringing circle from overhead head down to knee as it raises
  19. Butt kick runs while shifting circle side to side
  20. Health bounce to lower heart rate

Core work (4:30 minutes):

  1. Lay on back on rebounder, knees bent and feet on rebounder frame, holding circle in both hands, do full sit ups, bringing circle to knees at top of sit up
  2. Continue sit ups in #1 but raise one straight leg and bring circle to foot at top of sit up
  3. Still lay on back on rebounder, place circle between ankles and raise straight legs to ceiling, squeeze circle between legs, raise head/neck/shoulders and reach arms overhead (biceps in line with ears) then circle arms down beside body and raise and lower straight arms 2x (like in a pilates 100, but only 2x before circling arms back to start)
  4. Still laying on back on rebounder but head is down, circle is still between ankles, rotate the circle side to side using the legs; halfway through, raise head/neck/shoulders while continuing leg movement
  5. Bent knee boat pose holding circle between hands and pressing in on it slightly

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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