SaraBethYoga: 20 Minute Evening Yoga Stretch | Bedtime Yoga for Stress & Tension

20 Minute Evening Yoga Stretch | Bedtime Yoga for Stress & Tension is an extremely relaxing yoga practice from Sara Beth. I did not do this in the evening. In fact, I did it in the morning after a more intense workout so I was sweating. But this cooled me down and relaxed me very nicely. There are no advanced or difficult poses. In fact, until the very end you are laying on your back the entire practice. I used my bolster for a few of the moves under my knees.

20 Minute Evening Yoga Stretch | Bedtime Yoga for Stress & Tension is 21:49 minutes. This workout is actually 20 minutes as the title advertises. The last 1:45 minutes is Sara talking about her yoga app. Equipment: fitness mat. Optional: folded blanked or bolster. Sara shows variations to a few of the poses using a folded up blanket (i used my bolster).

  1. Savasana (lay on back with eyes closed)
  2. Still laying on back, cross ankles, extend arms overhead and clasp hands, lean/curve upper body to one side (banana stretch)
  3. Reclining butterfly (still laying on back, bring soles of feet together and open knees out to sides
  4. Pull one knee into chest, other knee is bent or extended straight; hands are still clasped over shin, open bent knee out to side
  5. Still laying on back with knees bent and feet on mat, arms are on mat overhead with elbows bent and hands together (diamond arms)
  6. Still on back, pull both knees into chest and hold shins, slowly rock hips side to side
  7. Savasana while doing 4 “physiological sighs” (2 sharp inhales through nose then one long exhale through mouth)
  8. Continue savasana 3 more minutes
  9. Sit cross-leg with hands in prayer

For more info on SaraBethYoga and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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