SaraBethYoga: 20 Minute Yoga for Beginners FLEXIBILITY & MOBILITY

20 Minute Yoga for Beginners Flexibility & Mobility is a slow yoga practice from Sara Beth. All this means is that you hold all of the poses for a long time. Because this is a beginners workout, Sara spends a lot of time describing proper form. Sara also gives you a lot of variations of the different poses in this workout. I will not be mentioning all of the variations in the break down. I will only be mentioning the main poses Sara does. Though this is a beginner practice, you will still get some good yoga. I felt the stretches and even some of the more strength focused moves (crescent pose). If you are a true beginner then you will definitely want to follow the easier variations Sara gives you throughout the workout.

20 Minute Yoga for Beginners Flexibility & Mobility is 21:47 minutes. It is actually 20:45 minutes; the last minute is Sara talking about her beginner yoga challenge. Equipment: fitness mat. Optional: pillows or a chair, yoga blocks or books, and a hand towel.

  1. Sit cross-leg on mat (Sara is also sitting on pillows) as Sara guides you through breathing
  2. Get on hands and knees on mat and hold while Sara describes proper form for table top
  3. Cat/cow
  4. Child’s pose
  5. Return to tabletop and extend one leg straight behind you with toe on mat while pressing heel back
  6. Thread the needle
  7. Downward facing dog
  8. Forward fold
  9. Runners lunge
  10. Triangle pose
  11. Crescent pose variation (hands are on hips)
  12. Crescent moon variation (kneeling lunge, Sara does show an option of raising both arms overhead)
  13. Forward fold
  14. Repeat #9-12 on other side of body
  15. Forward fold
  16. Slowly roll up to standing
  17. Stand with hands in prayer

For more info on SaraBethYoga and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “SaraBethYoga: 20 Minute Yoga for Beginners FLEXIBILITY & MOBILITY

  1. Happy Tuesday!

    Besides just LOVING the Iron rotation (😁) , I wanted to let you know that I did a search on Cathe’s STS2.0. On her forum, she said the following in July 12th. Kinda vague and no dates yet. 🥺

    Hi Everyone! I know it’s been some time since I’ve updated you on the status of my upcoming STS 2.0 project. Please know I have seen many of your questions and posts and understand that you’re anxious to hear some news! Yes, it’s true I’ve been quieter than usual, but when it comes to a series of this magnitude, with so many moving parts, it’s hard to give updates as things frequently change, and I don’t want to give updates until things become more concrete. But rest assured we are working on our STS 2.0 project seven days a week!
    Here’s what I can tell you as of now!

    1. Filming a project of this magnitude is a huge undertaking on multiple levels from production availability, to cast availability, to rehearsal availability, to wardrobe, etc. Instead of filming being completed in a couple of days (as in our smaller two to three video productions) we’re needing to book several weeks to film. As soon as filming begins we will start making more detailed announcements about the ongoings of STS 2.0 as well as presale details.

    2. Our new filming set is just about done! As many of you know, since the pandemic, getting materials delivered in a timely manner has been a challenge. The construction team has been working many long hours and we are now nearing completion. We expect the set to be back up and running within the next week or so and we can start loading our equipment back into the filming studio and resume rehearsals!

    3. Rehearsing for this many workouts will continue to be time consuming. Not only is it tough lining up various cast rehearsals on days that most are available but the rehearsals themselves are lot on the bodies so we need to allow proper recovery between heavy rehearsal days.

    Thank you for being so patient! I hope this update helps you to understand all that’s going on on this side to make this series happen! If it wasn’t for all of you, I couldn’t keep doing what I love to do! I hope this project is everything you’re wishing for!

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