JessicaSmithTV: MOBILITY: Full Body Dynamic Stretch Flow; Improve Mobility, Range of Motion, Blood Flow

Mobility: Full Body Dynamic Stretch Flow is a feel good recovery day workout from Jessica Smith. It is done outdoors in front of a pool and set to calm and relaxing music. The workout itself is done in a very slow and controlled manner. As the title indicates, this a dynamic, flowing flexibility/mobility workout. You do not hold any poses for long; you flow in and out of stretches or you flow between poses. Jessica shows easier variations for many of the exercises. There were no advanced exercises, but some of the moves were mild balance challenges. Nothing major if I could do it, but you still might get a little wobbly. And some of the moves I felt pretty deeply. You will feel good by the end. Jessica takes your entire body through all ranges of motions and stretches.

Mobility is 24:33 minutes. Equipment: fitness mat. Optional: chair.

  1. Stand with legs wide and alternate tapping toes while shifting weight side to side
  2. Legs are still wide, shift side to side in alternating side lunges; add reaching one arm overhead, alternate arms; hold side lunge stretch briefly, reaching one arm overhead and to side, continue alternating sides
  3. Wide plie squats; hold at the bottom of the squat
  4. Repeat #1 but add shoulder circles
  5. Stand with legs shoulder-width apart, shift weight onto heels, raising toes then lower toes; changes to alternating toe raises
  6. Raise and lower onto toes (raising heels), arms are straight at sides, palms facing forward, push arms behind you, pulling shoulder blades together
  7. Hinge torso forward, bending knees and sliding hands down thighs to shins then straighten legs; deepen knee bend so it is more of a squat and raise both arms behind you when in squat, when you return to standing, reaching both arms overhead and circle them back so they are raised behind you when you lower back to squat
  8. Extend arms in front of you and circle the wrists
  9. Open arms out to sides and wide on a diagonal, one arm high and one low with palms flexed, alternate arm positions
  10. Extend arms in front of you at shoulder level with wrists bent so fingers face the floor, keeping wrists/hands in this position, open arms out wide to sides in a T, arching back then bring them in front of you again and round spine
  11. With hands on thighs, hinge forward, alternate rounding and arching spine
  12. Stand in split stance, twist torso to side of front leg, opening arms out to sides in a T; switch leg position and repeat on other side of body; changes to alternating sides
  13. Lower into kneeling lunge, twist torso to the side of front leg and open arms out to sides in a T, from this position raise one arm overhead while reaching other arm toward heel of back leg, return to standing and repeat on other side of body, continue alternating sides
  14. Repeat #11
  15. Yogi squat (deep squat with legs wide and toes turned out, bottom is close to mat); lift chest and press elbows against thighs to open legs wider; place one hand on the ground and raise other arm to ceiling, alternate sides
  16. Wide leg forward fold; body sways side to side
  17. On hands and knees, shift glutes back toward heels then shift body forward into knee plank; deepen the movements so that you are flowing between child’s pose and cobra
  18. In kneeling lunge, hinge torso forward to stretch hip flexors; add raising same side arm of front leg to ceiling, twisting torso to side
  19. Repeat #18 on other side of body
  20. Still in kneeling lunge, move foot out to outside of mat and lower upper body so forearms are on mat, shift hips around
  21. Sit on bottom with legs in pretzel, both bent at 90 degrees with one leg in front and one behind you, push torso forward over front leg arching spine then shift torso back, rounding spine; reach same side arm as front leg behind you, placing hand on floor and bend elbow so forearm is on floor and reach other arm overhead and behind you
  22. Seated spinal twist
  23. Repeat #21 & 22 on other side of body
  24. Sit on bottom with one leg extended straight to side, other leg is bent with sole of foot against inner thigh of opposite leg, flex foot of straight leg, side bend toward straight leg, reaching one arm overhead and toward flexed foot then side bend to the opposite direction, placing hand on floor and reaching other arm overhead and to the side, flow between these two side bends
  25. Still sitting on bottom, both legs are open wide and straight, hands are on mat in front of thighs, shift torso forward and back, arching and rounding spine
  26. Repeat #24 with leg positions swapped
  27. Lay on stomach with hands on mat under shoulders, raise and lower torso into partial cobras
  28. Still laying on stomach, bend one knee and hold ankle with same side hand, extend other arm in front of you and raise chest in a half bow pose
  29. Start on hands and knees with feet flexed and toes on mat, push glutes back toward heels, stretching feet
  30. Kneel on mat with tops of feet on mat and glutes on heels
  31. On hands and knees with hands flat on mat and rotated so fingers face knees, bend and straighten elbows
  32. Still on all 4s, extend one arm toward ceiling, alternate sides

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “JessicaSmithTV: MOBILITY: Full Body Dynamic Stretch Flow; Improve Mobility, Range of Motion, Blood Flow

  1. Love this site, and keep returning to it…I have been doing DVD workouts most of my adult life, however as I have gotten older have been less consistent, therefore, some of my favorites have aged out. I was a huge Charlene Prickett junkie back in the day, and still return to her workouts when I am in the mood for step. I also did the Firm workouts, and have now moved on to Beachbody on Demand. My internet connection has recently been unable to stream my Beachbody workouts, and so I had tried a Caroline Girvan on YT. I came across your blog/site about two weeks ago and keep returning to get more ideas. This is such a great resource and I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into it to make all these great trainers and workouts accessible. Many thanks. I am hoping to have my internet up and running again tomorrow, and then I may be back to Beachbody, but so far Heather Robertson has been my go to this past week. I tend to find a little coaching beneficial which is the only downside about HR or CG.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was a DVD user for years, too. I was reluctant to move to streaming for a long time but Cathe Live changed that then Heather Robertson. And now I am reluctant to use my DVD workouts! I always have two set out on my DVD player–one cardio and one strength in case I have streaming problems. My DVD back ups. I’m glad my blog has been so useful! The new review posts will be slowing down for a while because I am doing the Caroline Girvan rotation I created.


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