Cardio Kickbox/Bootcamp

Wow! What a workout! A reader recommended this trainer to me: Yvette Bachman. She owns a studio in Iowa and teaches fitness classes. About 3 months ago she started posting full length workouts. So I had a look and was immediately impressed. I could tell right away that I would really like her workouts but, as usual, I already had my rotation planned out so I had to wait. Well, this morning I finally tried my first Yvette Bachman workout and I loved it! Loved it! It was fun and intense! So well put together and she led the workout very well. The first half of the workout was more intense than the second half, in my opinion, but that is okay because about 1/3 of the way through I started thinking that if she keeps going at this intensity, non-stop, I would have to take my own personal break! But she began to weave in more moderate exercises, so I never did have to give myself a break. FYI–halfway through the workout she gives you a 30 second water break which did help.

Cardio Kickbox/Bootcamp alternates kickboxing moves with metabolic strength moves for an intense and fun cardio workout. Each exercise is done for 40 seconds and you just keep going until the core work at the end. That is 10 minutes of circuit work that is very cool. Each core circuit consists of 3 exercises: one supine core exercise, one plank based exercise and one cardio move. So she keeps the intensity going even in the core work. Very impressive, intense and enjoyable workout. I will definitely be doing more of Yvette’s excellent workouts.

Cardio Kickbox/Bootcamp is 66 minutes long; 8:30 minute warm up, 10 minutes cardio core and 2 minute stretch. Equipment: 5, 8 and 10 pound dumbbells, sliding disks and a fitness mat. Yvette also looks like she is wearing weighted gloves. I also wore weighted gloves and used the same weights as Yvette for most of the exercises. Below, the weight I am listing is the weight Yvette used for the exercises but when she grabs 10 pound dumbbells she almost always said, “8 or 10 pound dumbbells” and for a few of them I used 8s instead of 10s.

  1. Punch/shuffle drill
  2. Burpee w/ 4 punches when standing; hold straight arm plank at the end (10# DBs)
  3. 2 sumo squat jumps + 4 front kicks on same leg, alternate legs after sumo squat jumps
  4. Burpee + 2 straight arm side raises when standing (10# DBs)
  5. Cardio/punch drill
  6. Shuffle/scissor run w/ alternating hammer curls (5# DBs)
  7. Shuffle to side w/ an upper cut (5# DBs)
  8. In plank using sliders, slide one leg out straight to side, slide other leg out straight to other side then pull/slide both legs in underneath body 2x
  9. 3 squat pulses + 1 squat jump holding DBs at shoulders and push DBs overhead when jumping (5# DBs)
  10. Plank T stands (alternate sides) (10# DBs)
  11. 4 ice breakers + one side jump/fist slam
  12. Burpee stand and jump (10# DBs)
  13. Punch/shuffle drill (5# DBs)
  14. Slider burpees
  15. Overhead punches (5# DBs)
  16. Shuffle 4x to side + 2 jumping jacks
  17. In straight arm plank, punch forward w/ each arm then bring each knee in under body
  18. Front kick + lunge back touching floor w/ hand
  19. Burpee + 1 squat + 1 squat jump (10# DBs)
  20. Repeat #18 on other side of body
  21. In straight arm plank, alternate tapping hand to opposite shoulder 6 times, jump feet in, stand and do 2 jacks
  22. Jab/cross 2x to side + 2 knees back
  23. In deep stationary squat, do fast alternating hammer curls (5# DBs)
  24. Repeat #22 on other side of body
  25. Alternating front punches (5# DBs)
  26. Jump kicks
  27. Plank jacks
  28. Jump kicks other side
  29. 30 second water break
  30. Punching drill
  31. In deep plie squat, start holding DBs between thighs then raise them out to sides, arcing them overhead then back down to start (5# DBs)
  32. Punching drill
  33. Pulse squat 3x then do one front kick, alternate legs; ends w/ just pulse squats (5# DBs)
  34. Side kick drill
  35. Burpee w/ one plank jack and two full jacks at top of burpee
  36. Punch/kick drill combo
  37. In straight arm plank, alternate raising arm in front of you
  38. Punch/kick drill combo
  39. Plie squat jacks w/ hammer curls (5# DBs)
  40. Front kick drill
  41. In straight arm plank step feet out and back in
  42. Punch/shuffle drill
  43. High-high low punches w/ squat when doing low punch portion; add a hop
  44. High knee skips
  45. Repeat #43 on other side of body
  46. 4 front punches, 4 upper cuts
  47. Run forward and back sweep arms overhead then behind you
  48. 15 second water break
  49. Slow squat w/ straight arm front raise; hold at bottom of squat w/ DBs held straight in front of you (5# DBs)
  50. Punch/shuffle drill
  51. Alternating squat kicks
  52. Punching cardio drill
  53. Squat thrust + 2 straight arm front raises (10# DBs)
  54. Cardio punch drill
  55. Iron cross (8# DBs)
  56. Cardio punch drill
  57. Knee pulls
  58. Jack drill

Get your mats (30 seconds)

Core work: (10 minutes)

  1.  Full sit ups w/ legs in butterfly
  2. Walking plank (walk 4 steps to each side while in straight arm plank)
  3. High knee run
  4. Sit ups w/ cross punch at top of sit up and pull over at bottom (5# DBs)
  5. In straight arm plank, lower to elbows then back up to straight arm plank and do 2 plank jacks
  6. Squat jumps
  7. Holding one DB in both hands, laying on back w/ legs extended straight on floor, crunch up, pulling one knee into chest and bringing DB to ankle, alternate legs (one 8# DB)
  8. Walking plank (place one DB on mat and plank walk side to side over the DB)
  9. Holing one DB in both hands, shuffle 3x to side and do a wide squat, swinging DB between legs) (one 8# DB)
  10. Bicycle crunches
  11. Start standing, walk out to plank, do 2 push ups, walk hands back in to feet and stand
  12. Run in place while punching arms overhead
  13. Lay on back w/ straight legs together and raised to ceiling, crunch up while opening thighs into a V and punching hands between thighs
  14. In elbow plank, shift hips side to side
  15. Shuffle, wide squat (hand touches floor), shuffle other way, wide squat

For more info on Yvette Bachman and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


15 thoughts on “Cardio Kickbox/Bootcamp

  1. Hey everyone! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments. I record Wednesdays and Saturdays because all of my early morning 5:15 am classes Monday-Friday are completely full! I don’t have the space for that many people in one video. All of my classes during the week are 55 minutes to one hour. The recordings you are viewing on YouTube are on Wednesdays from 8:15am to 9:15am CST and then Saturdays are an hour to one hour and fifteen minutes long because like you said in your last comment, people have more time. Plus its the weekend and people need the extra burn right??? LOL

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  2. Thanks for turning me on to this amazing instructor!! I did this workout today. Holy good grief!! Incredible. I’m hooked and will definitely be doing more of her stuff. But like you, I only have an hour. Maybe I’ll wake up a little earlier? Excellent! Thanks again for your reviews!


    1. Is she not awesome? Her workouts aren’t so super long (like Fit Body by Julia’s workouts) that I can’t fit them in–but not the first time through. I hate being pressed for time the first time I do a workout. Once I know what to expect I don’t mind. I’ll have try several of her workouts on weekends/days off then I can start working them into weekdays. If they are all as good as this one (and I have pre-viewed quite a few–they all look awesome) then they are worth it!


    1. I wish her workouts were shorter or I would definitely be doing them more frequently. I only have an hour in the morning (M-F) so most of her full length workouts I have to reserve for weekends or days I am off work. But I am doing one of her newer ones this week–Leg Day! I was so pleased when she posted it and it was just under an hour!


      1. I did that leg workout, and it was a killer one! Also loved her Muscle Building Class and two workouts for biceps/back and triceps/chest. Her leg workouts are always a good choice. I also do them during the weekend or on Tuesdays when I work from home. What I love about her is that even though her workouts are long, they are never boring – usually I am pretty surprised that the workout time is already over.


      2. Yes! I noticed that! That is what I love about Linda Wooldridge/Barlates workouts. Something about way they structure the intervals that makes the time fly.


    1. I noticed that and I am really glad! I have been subscribed to her so I get an alert every time she posts a workout. She has been posting some great ones! I am doing her Leg Day workout this week.


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