STRUCTURED Shoulder Workout with Dumbbells | EPIC Endgame Day 16

Structured Shoulder Workout with Dumbbells is Day 16 in Caroline Girvan‘s EPIC Endgame program. This was a very tough shoulder workout. Caroline was struggling throughout this workout, too! I still feel my shoulders burning an hour after finishing this workout. This is an excellent and thorough shoulder workout that will work your arms and upper back, too. I felt it in all those muscle groups in the course of this workout and I still feel it. Caroline used lighter weights than what she normally uses for some of the exercises and so did I. That Driving the Car exercise (#23 & 24 below), she could barely complete. She used her 17.6 pound dumbbell for both sets. I was failing too–but I was only using a 10 pound dumbbell! A one minute interval feels like a long time! I definitely needed the 30 second recovery between exercises. It is an excellent upper body burn out workout.

All of the exercises in this workout is done interval style: 60 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest. There is a timer in the upper left hand side of the screen counting down your intervals and recoveries. During the recovery Caroline previews the next exercise. There is also a little bar at the bottom of the screen that counts down the entire workout time as a percentage.

Structured Shoulder Workout with Dumbbells is 46:57 minutes; 2:20 minute intro, no warm up and 2:50 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells and a fitness mat. Caroline is using 8kg/17.6 pounds and 4kg/8.8 pound dumbbells. The weights listed below are what I used.

  1. Alternating shoulder press (arms are in goal post) (16.5# DBs)
  2. No lower Arnold press (keep elbows high in front of you at bottom of move) (15# DBs)
  3. Repeat #2
  4. Double arm shoulder press (arms are in goal post) (15# DBs)
  5. Repeat #4
  6. Arnold press (15# DBs)
  7. Repeat #6
  8. Repeat #1
  9. Bent over rear delt flys (8# DBs)
  10. Repeat #9
  11. Pike push up
  12. Repeat #11
  13. Lateral raise (8# DBs)
  14. Repeat #13
  15. Repeat #1
  16. Hammer raises (straight arm front raise with palms facing each other) (8# DBs)
  17. Repeat #16
  18. Partial lateral raises (only lift halfway) (8# DBs)
  19. Repeat #18
  20. Arc raise (start with hands/DBs at sides with palms facing each other, do a straight arm front raise, at top of raise, arc DBs toward each other so palms face the floor and ends of DBs come together) (6# DBs)
  21. Repeat #20
  22. Repeat #1
  23. Driving the car (hold one DB in both hands, extend arms straight in front of you at shoulder level, rotate DB side to side as if turning a steering wheel) (one 10# DB)
  24. Repeat #23


  1. Plank to dolphin, 50 reps (flow between forearm plank and dolphin pose
  2. Plank saw, 50 reps (in forearm plank, push body forward and back using toes)

For more info on Caroline Girvan’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


One thought on “STRUCTURED Shoulder Workout with Dumbbells | EPIC Endgame Day 16

  1. I remember driving the car in this one … I was whimpering and my shoulders were warm to the touch!

    Yesterday I saw Endgame #50 come up in my feed and immediately planned it for my workout today. I can’t believe this is the last of Endgame! It was strength and cardio. Since it was the last one, I was expecting a hard workout throughout so I was surprised when the main part of the workout was not that hard. I was using 17.5lb throughout except the staple (sumo squat followed by a body weight LB movement) I used 52.5lb. But I knew the reason for that was the full burpees she had at the end as the 100 rep finisher. There was no way I could do all in one shot so I split it up into 15 rep chunks with a 20-30s break in between. I paused playback at the start so I could go at my own pace. When I was done I switched to do one of Heather’s Daily 10 ab workouts, then I switched back to Caroline, hit play and pounded out 30 more burpees in the time she did her 100. I didn’t realize what a full body workout burpees are until I did those 30. I could feel it in my abs and thighs in addition to the chest and arms! Caroline was so cute at the end. She was really celebrating the end of the series. I just love her smile, encouragement and message. ☺️

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