Trampoline Cardio Workout | At Home Rebounder | Core + More

Trampoline Cardio Workout | At Home Rebounder | Core + More is a fun and intense rebounder workout from Michelle Briehler. This is primarily a cardio workout but it does include some intense core work at the end. The workout starts with a short warm up then you move into some fun cardio combos. Next is 10 minutes of interval training followed by more cardio combos. The intervals do increase the intensity a bit but I did not find them as intense or challenging as some of Michelle’s other workouts. Then you move into some core work. The core work actually started to burn my core out! This has been a core intensive week for me–every single workout I’ve done this week has included core work. You’d think my core would be sore but it isn’t. Still, it was burning this morning! The workout ends with some easier, cool down bounce combos and a very short stretch.

This workout was filmed in a different location than where Michelle normally films her workouts. She was visiting her family in North Dakota. She is in a glassed in patio with lots of snow behind her. She said she was freezing through most of the workout.

Since I workout for an hour in the mornings, I used a short beginner level cardio rebounder workout to warm myself up and, since Michelle’s stretch is so short, I used Naomi’s Joy‘s wonderful 9 minute rebounder stretch to finish this workout. I burned 341 calories; that includes the 9 minute stretch I added on at the end, though I doubt that burned many calories.

Trampoline Cardio Workout | At Home Rebounder | Core + More is 38:09 minutes; 40 second intro, 2:30 minute warm up, 7 minutes of core work and 1:30 minute stretch. During the intervals and the core work you will be partially on the floor so I wore shoes for this workout. Actually, I wore my Bellicon rebounding socks then right before the intervals began, I paused the workout and put my shoes on for the remainder of the workout.


  1. 2 kicks to the side (same leg) + 2 kicks to other side + alternating front kicks
  2. 2 single jacks + one double jack
  3. Alternating insole taps
  4. Repeat #1-3 several more times
  5. High knee run
  6. Sprint
  7. Repeat #1-3 several more times
  8. Sprint
  9. Basic bounce
  10. 2 hopping hip twists to one side + 2 single leg front kicks (same leg), repeat on other side of the body
  11. Hamstring curls to single-single-double pattern
  12. 6 single knee repeaters + 2 jumping jacks + 6 single knee repeaters on other leg
  13. Repeat #10 & 11
  14. Repeat #12 but instead of 2 jumping jacks do one jumping jack + one tuck jump
  15. Repeat #10-12
  16. Basic bounce

Intervals (30 seconds of work followed by 8 second rest):

  1. High knee run
  2. Squat jumps; changes to 180 turn squat jumps
  3. Jumping jacks
  4. Stand behind rebounder, one foot on rebounder and one on floor, step other foot onto rebounder while doing a front kick with other leg (hitch kick)
  5. Repeat #4 on other side of body
  6. Sprint
  7. Lateral skiers to single-single-double pattern; changes to single lateral skiers only
  8. Fast tuck jumps
  9. Repeat #1-8 (for #2 just do squat jumps–no 180 turns)


  1. Double jacks
  2. Cross jacks
  3. One knee raise + one diagonal kick (same leg), keep repeating on same leg
  4. Repeat #3 on other leg
  5. Repeat #1 & 2
  6. Repeat 3 & 4 but one set each leg
  7. Alternating diagonal kicks
  8. Repeat #5-7
  9. Lateral skiers to single-single-double pattern
  10. Repeat #1 & 2
  11. Alternating wide knee raises
  12. Alternating diagonal kicks
  13. Repeat #6
  14. Shift hip hop side to side
  15. Basic bounce

Core: (7 minutes)

  1. Lay on back on rebounder, feet on floor and hands behind head, do a basic crunch; keep head/shoulders elevated and pulse crunch
  2. Still on back on rebounder, hands behind head, shoulders elevated, raise straight legs to ceiling and scissor legs; continue scissoring legs but lower head/shoulders and hold rebounder frame behind head
  3. Still on back, hands hold rebounder frame behind head, extend both legs straight to ceiling, do reverse crunches, lifting hips and pushing feet to ceiling
  4. Repeat #1-3 three more times
  5. In straight arm plank with hands on rebounder mat and feet on floor, walk feet in so you are in beast/bear pose then walk feet back out to plank
  6. Still in straight arm plank, bring one knee into same side elbow outside of body then lift leg behind you 4x; repeat on other leg
  7. Alternate straight arm plank with elbow plank
  8. In forearm plank (forearms on rebounder mat and feet on floor), tap feet out to sides (once each leg), then alternate pulling knees under body 4x
  9. Repeat #5-8
  10. Repeat #5
  11. In forearm plank, alternate bending knees toward floor to a pattern: 2 singles then hold the 3rd rep briefly
  12. Repeat #5
  13. Do one rep of #7
  14. Repeat #5
  15. Do one rep of #7

More Cardio (Michelle calls it “Joyful Jump” because it is lower intensity):

  1. Basic bounce; add reaching arms overhead then pulling them down
  2. Pendulum to legs (lift/hop legs side to side) while doing jumping jack arms
  3. Hop on one foot
  4. Repeat #1-3
  5. Jog
  6. Repeat 1 & 2
  7. Hop 2x on each foot, alternate feet
  8. Repeat #5
  9. Health bounce (heels do not leave mat)

For more info on Michelle Brieher’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “Trampoline Cardio Workout | At Home Rebounder | Core + More

  1. Happy Saturday to you!

    This looks like another winner workout that is on the easier side for rebounding newbies like me so I am adding it to my to-do list. ☺️

    Today my back is better but I’m very cautious about pushing it so instead of the back/bi workout I had planned, I subbed a 30 min yoga/mobility routine from nobadaddiction. I still prefer sarabeth for such workouts because she talks you through everything but this one was still quite good and gentle on my back.

    I hope you have a great day!


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