Naomi Joy Fitness: Rebounder Mini Trampoline Extended Stretch and Relaxation

I have been hoping for a while that Naomi Joy would create an add on rebounder stretch and she finally did! Of course, it happened when my back was messed up so I couldn’t do any rebounding for nearly a week. But the past 2 days there has been improvement in my back. Yesterday I did a back friendly strength workout and this morning I decided to try some rebounding. I did two of SanFranFitness‘s beginner level cardio rebounding workouts (30 and 25 minutes) and finished with this wonderful stretch. Rebounder Mini Trampoline Extended Stretch & Relaxation is a long and thorough lower body stretch routine done on/using the rebounder. It is perfect to add onto the end of any rebounder workout that doesn’t sufficiently stretch you out. This is rarely a problem with any of Naomi’s rebounder workouts but it is a problem with many of the other rebounder workouts I do frequently (specifically from SanFran Fitness and Michelle Briehler). So I am thrilled that I now have this in my workout toolbox. I used it this morning and got a wonderful deep stretch. And since my back is still feeling off, I was more cognizant of how the stretches in this routine affected it. And they felt really good. Had I still been in severe pain, there is no way I could have done the standing stretches but since my back is improved, those standing stretches felt really awesome on my low back. Perfect add on stretch! I loved it!

Rebounder Mini Trampoline Extended Stretch & Relaxation is 9:16 minutes. This stretch starts with the rebounder on its side but if you have a stability bar or T bar like I do, you can do it standing on the rebounder. If you are unable to raise your leg high enough to rest on the rebounder, Naomi shows an easier alternative.

  1. Rebounder is on its side, face the rebounder and place the heel of one foot on top of rebounder frame, foot flexed, hinge torso forward over straight leg
  2. Heel is still on rebounder frame, turn torso to side, so leg is open to side, keep leg straight and side bend, reaching same side hand to foot and other arm overhead and to the side; keep leg and hip in same position, but rotate torso toward elevated leg and hinge torso forward over straight leg
  3. Repeat #1 & 2 on other leg
  4. Place rebounder on its feet again, step one foot back so knee is on rebounder and front foot is on floor, lower deep into the lunge position to stretch the hip flexor; raise the foot of the back leg, grab the foot with the same side hand and pull heel into glutes to stretch the quad
  5. Repeat #4 on other side of body
  6. Lay back on rebounder with legs raised and one ankle crossed over opposite knee for figure 4 stretch
  7. Repeat #6 on other side of body
  8. Still laying on rebounder, place both feet on floor and raise hips into bridge and hold
  9. Still laying on rebounder, pull knees into chest

For more info on Naomi Joy Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


16 thoughts on “Naomi Joy Fitness: Rebounder Mini Trampoline Extended Stretch and Relaxation

  1. I’m happy to hear that your back is getting better! I’m sure the extra stretching you’ve been doing is helping that. ☺️

    Today I did Heather’s H2.0 Day 32 lower body supersets as my primary workout. What another great workout! Good variety between strength and body weight and isolated vs combination moves. I finished with a 15 min HiiT routine from Caroline ( This was a fast-paced body weight tabata. I’m always amazed at Caroline’s energy. She started the workout with kneel-to-jump-stand (I don’t remember the name of it) and then finished with a whole minute of full burpees with a tuck. She had a lower section, upper section and abs section. It’s a great finisher to any strength workout.

    I hope your back is back to normal soon!!!

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    1. I’ll get to it eventually! Hoping next week I will be back on track. Tomorrow morning I plan to do the workout I had planned to do last Saturday that back sabotaged. It I can do that with no problem them I can get back on schedule. I only lost a week. Not the end of the world!


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