20 MIN Fat Burning Cardio Trampoline | Intermediate Rebounder Workout

20 Min Fat Burning Cardio Trampoline | Intermediate Rebounder Workout is a short but intense rebounder workout from Michelle Briehler. And by her standards, it is intermediate level. Near the end though, the tempo increases and if, like me, you are trying to keep pace with Michelle, your heart rate will definitely spike. I was able to keep pace with her so it got intense for me. This is a cardio workout. Michelle puts together combos of moves and sets the combos to songs. So when the song ends, you get a few quick seconds to wipe away some sweat and get a quick drink. Then the next song starts and she builds a new combo. The stretch is super short but surprisingly good. Had I done this workout alone, I still would have added on a longer stretch, such as Naomi Joy‘s wonderful 9 minute rebounder stretch. If you are looking for something shorter, AngieFitnessTV has a 6 minute rebounder stretch and a 7:30 minute rebounder stretch.

However, I used this as a morning workout and combined it with one of Michelle’s other newer rebounder workouts: 20 Min HIIT Rebounder | Intermediate No repeat. Together the two workouts gave me an excellent and intense cardio workout. And I did finish them both off with Naomi‘s 9 minute rebounder stretch. During this workout I burned 193 calories and spent a total of 8 minutes in my peak heart rate zone. Looking at the graph on my FitBit, those peak minutes were definitely near the end of the workout.

20 Min Fat Burning Cardio Trampoline | Intermediate Rebounder Workout is 22:58 minutes; 35 second intro, 3 minute warm up and 1:30 stretch. There is some form of arm movement with every move, even if it isn’t mentioned in the breakdown.

  1. Alternating knee raises, reach arms overhead and pull them down when knee raises
  2. 2 hopping hip twists to one side + 2 front kicks (same leg), repeat this combo on other side of body
  3. 4 narrow basic bounces + one knee raise each leg
  4. Alternating side kicks to single-single-double pattern (one kick each side + 2 kicks same side), extend arms out to sides in a T when kicking
  5. Repeat #1-4
  6. Basic bounce reaching arms overhead and pulling them down
  7. One insole tap + one knee raise (same leg, bring opposite elbow to knee when it raises) + 2 jacks, repeat this combo on other side of body
  8. Alternating side kicks, push arms out to sides in a T when kicking
  9. 4 knee raises on same leg, repeat on other leg
  10. 4 alternating knee raises
  11. 4 alternating front kicks
  12. Repeat #10 & 11
  13. Repeat #7-8
  14. 2 side kicks, repeat on other leg, push arms out to sides in a T when kicking
  15. Repeat #10 & 11
  16. Monkey (wide leg high knee run–legs are wide, knees are turned out to sides, arms are open to sides in goal post, bringing elbow to thigh when it is raises while other arm pushes overhead)
  17. High knee front kick runs
  18. Repeat #16 & 17
  19. Repeat #6
  20. Hop forward then back + one knee raise + 2 side kicks (same leg), repeat combo on other side of body
  21. Rocking horse (one knee raise + one leg lift behind you (other leg))
  22. Repeat #21 on other side of body
  23. Repeat #20-22
  24. High knee run
  25. Hopping hip twists
  26. Scissor runs
  27. Repeat #1
  28. 2 cross jacks + 2 alternating knee raises (one knee raise each leg)
  29. Repeat #25
  30. 4 single scissor runs + 2 double scissor runs
  31. Repeat #24
  32. Fast feet
  33. Repeat #28
  34. 16 fast front kicks (same leg)
  35. 3 lateral hops + one knee raise
  36. Repeat #34 & 35
  37. 8 knee raises (same leg)
  38. 8 jumping jacks
  39. Repeat #35
  40. High knee run
  41. Repeat #1
  42. Repeat #34-36 on other side of body
  43. Repeat #1
  44. High knee run
  45. Fast feet
  46. Jumping jacks
  47. 4 jumping jacks + 4 basic bounces
  48. Knee raise hops while rotating to side (raise knee while facing one direction, other leg does a quarter turn hop, lower leg while facing other direction, reverse this back to start), alternate sides
  49. Basic bounce
  50. Jack the legs while circling the arms
  51. Hopping hip twists
  52. Pendulum legs (low side to side kicks) with jumping jack arms
  53. Basic bounce

For more info on Michelle Brieher’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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