Rebounder HIIT Cardio + Strength | Trampoline Core + More | Intermediate

Rebounder HIIT Cardio + Strength | Trampoline Core + More | Intermediate is an intense cardio + strength rebounder workout from Michelle Briehler. Even though there are strength exercises, I counted this more as a cardio workout than as a strength workout. The strength exercises are all done to a brisk pace so you cannot lift heavy dumbbells. For me, it got super intense around #27 below. By that point you are doing straight cardio using 3 pound dumbbells. Once you finish that, you do more cardio to a faster tempo with no dumbbells but I was so gassed from all that came before that I had a hard time keeping pace with Michelle at that point. I had no problems keeping pace with her prior to that, but I was worn out by then! According to my FitBit I burned 452 calories and spent a total of 20 minutes in my peak heart rate zone. Because the stretch at the end is so short, I used Naomi Joy‘s wonderful 9 minute rebounder stretch. If you are looking for something shorter, AngieFitnessTV has a 6 minute rebounder stretch and a 7:30 minute rebounder stretch. Whatever you choose, you need something more than the piddly 1:15 minute stretch Michelle gives you.

The first part of this workout is done interval style. There are 12 exercises. Each exercise is done for 45 seconds followed by a 15 second rest/recovery. Then you repeat the 12 exercises. When you repeat them some of the exercises change slightly and that is noted in the breakdown below. There is a timer in the lower left hand corner of the screen counting down the intervals and recoveries. After the 24 intervals, you repeat all of the cardio exercises holding light dumbbells. However, you are no longer doing the exercises to timed intervals. The timer is off and Michelle is just counting reps. Michelle starts with 1 pound lace up dumbbells then changes to 3 pound dumbbells. Then you do some more rebounder cardio sans dumbbells, followed by some core work, and the workout ends with some easier, cool down bouncing.

Rebounder HIIT Cardio + Strength | Trampoline Core + More | Intermediate is 48:11 minutes; 40 second intro, 4 minute warm up and 1:15 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder and dumbbells. Michelle identified the weight of the dumbbells she used for all of the exercises so if just the dumbbell weight is identified, I used the same weight as Michelle. If I used something different then both of our weights are listed. Every move below is done on the rebounder or using the rebounder (plank based moves). However, you are not jumping during the strength moves–except for #12/19, you do start jumping during that exercise.

  1. Jack the legs 2x + 2 hops with legs wide + 2 double scissor runs
  2. Alternating overhead shoulder press (12# DBs)
  3. One knee raise + one front kick (same leg), repeat combo on other leg
  4. Start standing with arms at sides and a DB in each hand, squat and when you stand do a bicep curl with a knee raise, alternate legs when doing the knee raise (12# DBs)
  5. 2 hopping hip twists to one side + 2 side kicks (same leg), repeat this combo on other side of body
  6. Lay on back on rebounder and do skull crushers with bicycle legs; legs change to straight leg scissors (Michelle is using 12# DBs; I used 11# DBs)
  7. Hop forward and back 2x + one hopping knee raise each leg
  8. Stand beside rebounder facing rebounder, one foot is on rebounder and one foot is on the ground, you are holding one DB in each hand, raise back/floor leg off ground, lifting it straight behind you while also raising both arms/DBs overhead, place foot back on ground and raise front/rebounder knee while lowering the DBs; halfway through this changes to just a knee raise tapping back foot on ground between knee raises, arms do a bicep curl when raising knee (5# DBs)
  9. 4 alternating front kicks + 8 alternating insole taps
  10. Straight arm plank with one hand on rebounder and one on floor, both feet on floor, tap top of rebounder with floor hand 2x + 2 knee pulls (same leg), bringing knee under body toward rebounder (use leg farthest from rebounder)
  11. One knee raise + one side kick (same leg), repeat on same side then repeat combo 2x on other side (when knee raises bring opposite elbow to knee, when doing side kick push both arms overhead)
  12. Pulsing squats holding DBs at shoulders; changes to squat jacks (Michelle used 12# DBs; I used 15# DBs)
  13. 45 second rest
  14. Repeat #1-7 (#2 changes to alternating Arnold press)
  15. Repeat #8 on other side of body
  16. Repeat #11; changes to high knee run last 10 seconds
  17. Repeat #10 on other side of body
  18. Repeat #9
  19. Repeat #12; when there is about 15 seconds left add bicep curls
  20. 20 second rest while getting light DBs (Michelle uses one pound lace ups, I used 2 pound DBs; also–no more intervals
  21. Repeat #1 w/ light DBs
  22. Repeat #3 w/ light DBs
  23. Repeat #5 w/ light DBs
  24. Repeat #11 w/ light DBs; changes to one combo each side
  25. Alternating hopping knee raises with cross punch w/ opposite hand
  26. Hop forward and back
  27. 20 second rest while Michelle swaps out 1 pound dumbbells for 3 pound dumbbells, I also used 3# DBs
  28. Repeat #21-23
  29. Repeat #7 w/ light DBs
  30. Repeat #11 w/ light DBs
  31. Repeat #9 w/ light DBs
  32. Repeat #21-23
  33. Alternating knee raises 4x + hop forward and back 4x
  34. Repeat #29-31
  35. Jumping jacks, alternate pushing DBs overhead with pushing DBs out to sides
  36. 30 second rest (set DBs aside)
  37. Basic bounce
  38. Shift hop hips/feet side to side, alternate waving arms overhead with waving arms low
  39. Hop on one leg 4x + 2 jumping jacks, repeat combo but alternate leg when hopping on one leg
  40. 2 cross jacks + scissor runs to single-single-double pattern
  41. Repeat #38-40
  42. Hop on one leg
  43. Repeat #42 on other leg
  44. Repeat #40
  45. Repeat #38-40
  46. Repeat #42-44
  47. Repeat #39 & 40
  48. Repeat #38
  49. Repeat #40
  50. Basic bounce

Core: (4 minutes)

  1. Lay on back on rebounder, hands behind head with head/shoulders raised, legs are raised with knees bent at 90 degrees, alternate lower one leg until foot taps ground then return to start, alternate legs
  2. Still on back on rebounder, feet on floor and hands behind head, 2 basic crunches, hold at top of second crunch and reach both arms in front of you
  3. Still on back on rebounder, knees bent and feet on floor, hands behind head, crunch upper body while angling one elbow across body to opposite side, alternate sides (cross crunch); changes to 4 cross crunches to one side, repeat on other side
  4. Repeat #1-3
  5. Pilates 100
  6. Pull knees into chest then extend legs straight in line with hips while also reaching arms overhead
  7. Still on back, hands hold rebounder frame behind head, extend both legs straight to ceiling, do reverse crunches, lifting hips and pushing feet to ceiling
  8. Still on back, legs still raised straight to ceiling, scissor straight legs

Joyful Jump: (cool down bounce)

  1. Basic bounce
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Basic bounce, reach arms overhead then push straight arms down in front of you and behind you
  4. Hopping hip twists
  5. Basic bounce
  6. Health bounce (continue bouncing but feet don’t leave mat)

For more info on Michelle Brieher’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “Rebounder HIIT Cardio + Strength | Trampoline Core + More | Intermediate

  1. I remember you saying before that Michelle’s “intermediate” routines don’t tend to be very intermediate. This one looks like a good example of that. 😉

    I had limited time today so I did one of Caroline’s 30 min glute band workouts ( If you haven’t done this one, you might want to consider it as it would be a good one for when you travel. I added on a 10 min ab routine from MadFit.


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