Barlates: Cardio Fat Burn

Cardio Fat Burn is 32 minutes long; not sure if there is a warm up but it does build in intensity with the first few minutes being pretty easy/low intensity. It ends with a 3 minute stretch. This is a pure, steady state cardio workout so I will not break this workout down. It is not a low impact workout, but neither is it high impact. No plyometrics but there is jumping. This workout contains a lot of basic aerobic type moves–grapevines, hamstring curls, pendulum legs, skip variations but nothing complicated. There are jumping jacks, scissor jacks, some punching drills, some kick drills. I got a good cardio workout and I enjoyed it. In the future, to increase intensity, I will wear my 2 pound weighted gloves.

I did this workout for a specific reason. Though I did the free YouTube version, it is also on a Barlates DVD (Cardio Sculpt Fusion Series) that contains 4 of Linda Wooldridge‘s workouts. I have had it on my wishlist ever since I discovered Linda’s Barlates workouts. I did the YouTube Cardio Sculpt Fat Burn, which is also on that same DVD and had mixed feelings about it. I wanted to try some of the other workouts on the DVD before I purchased it. So for this workout, I had my own music playing. That definitely made a difference! If I hadn’t been playing my own music, I  don’t think I would have liked this workout as much. The music in the workout wasn’t very loud and it was also not driving cardio music–at least not the kind of music I need for cardio. So it wouldn’t have motivated me to put more effort into this workout. That’s what happened with Cardio Sculpt Fat Burn. The music didn’t drive the workout. I plan to try one more of the workouts on the DVD (also offered free on YouTube) and if I like that one, then I will buy the DVD. I will note that, when using your own music, it sometimes makes it awkward to keep in time with Linda–especially when the beat of your music makes you want to keep a different pace. Not sure how to remedy that but it didn’t cause a big problem. Sometimes I just used my music tempo and was a little off time with Linda. Other times everything synced.

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.




8 thoughts on “Barlates: Cardio Fat Burn

  1. Ok thanks, I will look for your review of the whole system. I’ve just mainly been doing Cathe and now lots of Linda workouts… and combined they can keep me busy enough! I don’t like throwing too many different trainers into the mix, but I know there are so many good ones out there. Thanks for all your reviews!


  2. I have done Linda’s sweat Series workouts and really like them! I think the only time I have seen her wear shoes are for her cycle barre fusion workouts (which I also like because they get the job done on the bike in a half hour and she mixes in some toning exercises too.) She is about to come out with a boot camp series (that she is going to sell in a 3dvd set with her sweat series and this cardio sculpt fusion series.) On a different note, how do you like Paul Katami’s 4×4 system? Is it as challenging as a Cathe workout? I bought it on sale a while ago but have had so many other workouts to keep me busy lol.


    1. I saw her bootcamp series! And watched the clips too! I want! But they aren’t offered in the US yet–at least not last time I checked.

      So far I do like the 4×4 system, but I don’t love it. I am not very far into it tho. It contains 12 workouts and I have only done the first 2 so far. I actually love the concept but the first 2 workouts are completely lacking any back work! These are total body cardio + strength workouts–with zero back work. So that kind of frustrates me. The review for 4×4 should post near the end of the month. I plan to do every workout but I cannot stray from Cathe strength workouts for 16 weeks. So I am not doing 4×4 as a program. But if I like any of the workouts enough, I will return to them. So far I do like the very first one a lot–though it needs a back add on. But since it is only 48 minutes long, Linda’s 5 Best workout is a perfect add on to round it out.


  3. I’m loving all the YouTube reviews, free is always better! You should check out Brendan Tietz page, he has a lot of good videos on nutrition and proper lifting tips, Shauna Kathleen for more free barre videos, and FitnessBlender for hiit and strength


    1. Yes! I think in only one of the Barlates workouts I’ve done so far she was wearing shoes, but I am not sure. She is always barefoot! I wish I could go barefoot sometimes. Heck, I just wish I could do yoga barefoot!


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