GymRa: 30 Min Cardio Rebounder Workout

30 Min Cardio Rebounder Workout is a rebounder workout led by trainer Jen Brown of GymRa. This is the second rebounder workout I’ve done by Jen. I really enjoyed the other one, too (30 Min Cardio Rebounder Routine). Jen has a great, encouraging presence. This is a cardio workout but Jen sneaks in some core and lower body work. This workout contains 24 different exercises and each exercise is done for one minute. You get no breaks or rests. There is lots of variety but no complicated or difficult to perform exercises. During some of the exercises, Jen decided to speed things up the last 20 seconds. According to my FitBit I burned 293 calories and spent a total of 12 minutes in my peak heart rate zone. So I definitely got a great cardio workout! You will need shoes for this workout. Though the majority of the workout is done on the rebounder, two moves are done partially on the floor.

This workout is set on a cliff with ocean or sea water behind Jen. Sometimes the camera pans around so you can see the rocky beach at the bottom of the cliff. Very beautiful. There is timer in the upper left hand corner of the screen counting down total workout time.

30 Min Cardio Rebounder Workout is 31:22 minutes; 2:40 minute warm up and 3:30 minute cool down/stretch.

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Stand with legs wide, side bend reaching one arm down along calf, repeat on other side of body then bounce 4x
  3. Alternating front kicks
  4. Butt kick runs w/ speed bag arms
  5. Single knee repeaters, reach arms overhead and pull them down to leg when knee raises
  6. Scissor runs
  7. Repeat #5 on other leg
  8. Basic bounce with alternating cross punches
  9. Jack the legs w/ jump rope arms
  10. One single leg side kick + jump forward and back
  11. Fast feet football runs (wide to narrow)
  12. Repeat #10 kicking with other leg
  13. Monkey (wide leg high knee run–legs are wide, knees are turned out to sides, arms are open to sides in goal post, bringing elbow to knee when it is raises while other arm pushes overhead)
  14. Plank jacks (hands or elbows on rebounder, feet on floor)
  15. Jack the legs with goalpost chest fly arms
  16. One squat (no jump) + one tuck jump
  17. Alternating insole taps
  18. One front kick + one jumping jack, alternate legs when kicking
  19. High knee run
  20. Repeat #18
  21. Stand with one leg on the rebounder and one on the floor, squat and when you stand, lift straight floor leg to the side
  22. Jack the legs, reach arms overhead and when you lower the arms, push them behind you
  23. Repeat #21 on other side of body
  24. Sprint

For more info on GymRa and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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