Barlates: 5 Best Inner Thigh Exercises

***5 Best Inner Thigh Exercises is part of Linda Wooldridge‘s 5 Best Exercise Series. This review will eventually be double posted. It is available for free on YouTube (this review) but it is also part of Linda’s 5 Best Exercise Series DVD which contains 11 mini workouts. I am using the DVD version but I am also posting individual reviews of the workouts so others can also enjoy them on YouTube. The DVD review will post eventually, tho. However, Linda has also created a 5 Best Exercises playlist on YouTube that includes every one of the workouts on the DVD.***

Inner Thighs is 9:30 minutes long. Equipment needed: Exercise mat and nothing else. 5 exercises; each exercise is done for one minute. If the exercise is done on one leg then each leg gets a full minute. As usual, I did this as an add on after another workout–a Katami 4×4 workout that was exhausting. So I was worn out when I came to this workout. And this workout continued to fry my legs. I do feel like part of the reason my legs were giving out on the first and 3rd exercises was because I was so worn out from the previous workout but I’m sure on their own they are very challenging. I know in exercise #3 my second leg handled it better than my first leg, which does make me think it had something to do with the “wear out” factor since it generally works the opposite–the second leg wears out quicker. But either way–another excellent 5 Best workout that worked my inner things well and definitely finished off my workout.

  1. Elevated mini plies (lay back on elbows, raise legs and press heels together–bend knees and extend, pushing heels to ceiling)
  2. Wide inner thigh sweeps (still on elbows, legs straight and wide, feet flexed–sweep straight out wide to sides, then in, scissoring them across each other)
  3. Inner thigh raises (lay on side, top leg bent and foot on floor either in front or behind bottom leg–raise and lower bottom leg)
  4. Forward and back raises (same starting position as #3, except bottom leg sweeps to the front, then raise, then sweep to back)
  5. Inner thigh tucks (get onto knees, thighs together and straight and tuck hips back, lowering bottom toward heels)

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