SanFran Fitness: Series 21 Day 8, Bounce Fit Legs

Claire Francis of San Fran Fitness has created a series of 21 workouts. Each workout contains 21 moves. Some of the workouts are done on the rebounder and some of them are not. I am only doing the workouts that are done on the rebounder. I am not doing them in the order they were created. Since they are all around 25 minutes, I decided to combine them to create longer workouts and use them as morning workouts. This morning I combined her two leg workouts; this workout, Day 8, Bounce Fit Legs, and Day 12, Weighted Legs. The combination of two of these Series 21 cardio rebounder workouts is brutal, for me at least. But I will say that these two combined were easier than what I did on Tuesday (Day 9, Bounce Fit Abs + Day 13, Weighted Abs). However, it still kicked my butt. According to my FitBit, this morning I burned 546 calories and spent 27 minutes in my peak heart rate zone.

All of the Series 21 workouts are made up of one circuit of 7 moves that is done 3 times, so 21 moves. Each exercise is done for one minute. There is a timer in the lower left hand side of the screen counting down each minute. You get a 10 second recovery between exercises. I was nervous because this workout has squat jumps (#3 basketball jumps). Naomi Joy always has squat jumps in her rebounder workouts and they always burn my legs out. A solid minute, done 3 times, sounded scary (btw–there are squat jumps in Day 12, Weighted Legs, too!) Thankfully, Claire does them slower, so it is not as brutal but nevertheless, by the time you hit the 3rd set, there is some burnout starting. One thing I really liked about this workout is that some of the exercises serve as recovery moves, even though doing any of these moves for a solid minute isn’t truly recovery. What I mean however, is that after doing a burn out move such as basketball jumps, the next exercise is hamstring curl hops, which also serves as a dynamic stretch. #7 works the same way–alternating front kicks serves as a dynamic stretch after doing a fast sprint.

Finally, I prefer to do my rebounder workouts in yoga socks. But when a rebounder workout also has a good deal of floor work, I wear shoes. #1 below has you on the floor for part of the move. But it is the only move in both of the workouts that I did this morning that has any floor work and I didn’t want to wear shoes for a move that only takes up a total of 3 minutes of my morning workout. So I put down thick yoga mats on either side of my rebounder to protect my feet and that solved the problem.

Day 8 Bounce Fit Legs is 25:54 minutes; no warm up or stretch. I used Ripped with Ripkins‘ Best Rebounder Warm Up & Stretch before the workout and at the end I used Naomi Joy‘s Standing Cool Down Stretch. Most of that stretch can be done on your rebounder if you have a balance bar/T bar.

  1. Cross-overs (start beside rebounder with one foot on rebounder and one on the floor, hop onto rebounder then off to other side so leg position is swapped)
  2. 2 high knee jogs + 3 sprints
  3. Basketball jumps (squat jumps, tap rebounder with fingertips when in squat, reach arms overhead as if throwing a ball when you jump)
  4. Hamstring hop curls (reach arms forward and pull elbows back behind you)
  5. Cross jacks legs, arms are held in genie
  6. Sprint
  7. Alternating front kicks (reach arms forward and pull elbows back behind you)
  8. Repeat #1-7 two more times

For more info on SanFran Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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