SanFran Fitness: Series 21 Day 12, Bounce Fit Weighted Legs

Claire Francis of San Fran Fitness has created a series of 21 workouts. Each workout contains 21 moves. Some of the workouts are done on the rebounder and some of them are not. I am only doing the workouts that are done on the rebounder. I am not doing them in the order they were created. Since they are all around 25 minutes, I decided to combine them to create longer workouts and use them as morning workouts. This morning I combined her two leg workouts; this workout, Day 12, Weighted Legs, and Day 8, Bounce Fit Legs. The combination of two of these Series 21 cardio rebounder workouts is brutal, for me at least. But I will say that these two combined were easier than what I did on Tuesday (Day 9, Bounce Fit Abs + Day 13, Weighted Abs). However, it still kicked my butt. According to my FitBit, this morning I burned 546 calories and spent 27 minutes in my peak heart rate zone.

All of the Series 21 workouts are made up of one circuit of 7 moves that is done 3 times, so 21 moves. Each exercise is done for one minute. There is a timer in the lower left hand side of the screen counting down each minute. You get a 10 second recovery between exercises. As I mentioned in the review of Day 8, Bounce Fit Legs, I was nervous because of all of the squat jumps in both of these workouts. They are not as bad as I feared. Claire does them slower than Naomi Joy does in her rebounder workouts, so they did not burn as bad as I expected them to. However, #6 below–the squat jacks, that is the move that started really burning. It was a relief she did them interval style (4 squat jacks alternate with 8 marches). For that move it was probably the culmination of all I had been doing up to that point (I did Day 8, Bounce Fit Legs before I did this workout) that caused my legs to start burning so quickly during that move, but those squat jacks burned! Finally, when I did Day 13, Weighted Abs, I started with 2 pound hand weights but had to drop to 1 pounders because of arm burn out. That wasn’t an issue in this workout. I had my one pounders nearby just in case, but I was able to use my 2 pound weights for this entire workout.

Day 12 Bounce Fit Weighted Legs is 25:48 minutes; no warm up or stretch. Equipment: light hand weights. Claire is using 1kg or 2 pound hand weights. I also used 2 pound hand weights. You are holding the hand weights for the entire workout. I used Ripped with Ripkins‘ Best Rebounder Warm Up & Stretch before the workout and at the end I used Naomi Joy‘s Standing Cool Down Stretch. Most of that stretch can be done on your rebounder if you have a balance bar/T bar.

  1. Squat jump then tap one hand to rebounder, alternate hands
  2. Scissor runs with alternating hammer curls
  3. Alternate a hopping knee raise with a hopping front kick, push arms/DBs overhead and pull them down when raising knee/kicking (entire interval is on one leg)
  4. Repeat #3 on other leg
  5. 180 double hops (hop 2x in each direction, hammer curl arms)
  6. 4 squat jacks (arms held in guard) + 8 marches
  7. 2 bounces + one lunge, alternate legs (lunge the width of your rebounder)
  8. Repeat #1-7 two more times

For more info on SanFran Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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