SanFran Fitness: Series 21 Day 14, Bounce Fit Weighted Arms

Claire Francis of San Fran Fitness has created a series of 21 workouts. Each workout contains 21 moves. Some of the workouts are done on the rebounder and some of them are not. I am only doing the workouts that are done on the rebounder. I am not doing them in the order they were created. Since they are all around 25 minutes, I decided to combine some of them to create longer workouts and use them as morning workouts. This morning I combined her two rebounder cardio arm workouts; this workout, Day 14, Weighted Arms, and Day 10, Bounce Fit Arms. I did the same thing last week with Day 9, Bounce Fit Abs + Day 13, Weighted Abs then on another day I combined Day 12, Weighted Legs + Day 8, Bounce Fit Legs. Those combinations kicked my butt. This combination was much more doable. It still gave me a very intense cardio workout but nothing like the abs and legs combos. According to my FitBit, between the 2 workouts I burned 510 calories and spent 22 minutes in my peak heart rate zone.

For this workout you use light dumbbells. Claire is using 1kg/2 pound hand weights and so did I. It is a cardio workout so you don’t want to lift heavy. I did feel the exercises in my arms though I never had any muscle burn out. The exercise I felt the most was the second exercise (goal post chest fly). This workout was a lot of fun and lower intensity than some of the other cardio based Series 21 rebounder workouts. It is a great workout to combine with one of her higher intensity workouts, or even the workout I am doing this afternoon as my doubles workout: Day 17, Bounce Resistance Band Arms for a more thorough upper body workout. That workout has no bouncing, just upper body strength work done on the rebounder. So it would combine nicely with this workout as well.

All of the Series 21 workouts are made up of one circuit of 7 moves that is done 3 times, so 21 moves. Each exercise is done for one minute. There is a timer in the lower left hand side of the screen counting down each minute. You get a 10 second recovery between exercises.

Day 14 Weighted Weighted Arms is 26:15 minutes; no warm up or stretch. Claire is using 1kg or 2 pound hand weights. I also used 2 pound hand weights. I used Ripped with Ripkins‘ Best Rebounder Warm Up & Stretch before the workout and at the end I used Naomi Joy‘s Standing Cool Down Stretch. Most of that stretch can be done on your rebounder if you have a balance bar/T bar.

  1. Wide leg basic bounce with a hammer curl into an overhead press (3rd time through this circuit she does jack legs)
  2. Jack the legs, hold arms in front of you at shoulder level with elbows bent, alternate opening arms to sides (alternating single arm goal post chest fly)
  3. Alternating hopping hamstring curls with double arm tricep kickbacks
  4. Lawnmower row with wide leg basic bounce (hold one arm straight and pull up and back with other arm as if trying to pull-start a lawnmower–Claire calls it starting a chainsaw)
  5. Repeat #4 on other arm
  6. Wide leg basic bounce with alternating straight arm front raise (3rd time through this circuit she does jack legs)
  7. Elbows are held close to sides, arms/DBs extended in front of you on a diagonal, twist wrists/DBs up and down (while continuing wide leg basic bounce)
  8. Repeat #1-7 two more times

For more info on SanFran Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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