SanFran Fitness: Series 21, Day 17 Bounce Arms with Resistance Bands

Claire Francis of San Fran Fitness has created a series of 21 workouts. Each workout contains 21 moves. Some of the workouts are done on the rebounder and some of them are not. I am only doing the workouts that are done on the rebounder. I am not doing them in the order they were created. This morning I did Day 10, Bounce Fit Arms and Day 14, Weighted Arms. I am not sure what I expected from Day 17 Arms with Resistance Bands but it was not the complete muscle burn out that this workout delivered! Wow! This was much more challenging than I expected. Just like Day 15 Toning Legs with Stability Bar, there is no jumping/no cardio in this workout. It is all upper body strength. Claire loops a resistance band around the front leg of her rebounder and goes to work frying your upper body. All of the Series 21 workouts are made up of one circuit of 7 moves that is done 3 times, so 21 moves. Each exercise is done for one minute. There is a timer in the lower left hand side of the screen counting down each minute. You get a 10 second recovery between exercises. One minute is a very long time for all of these moves. And if you observe #1 & 2 below–they are the same exercise! So 2 minutes of tricep burn out! I used my lightest resistance band for everything except #5 which is the only back exercise in this workout. For that I also had a medium band looped around the leg of my rebounder with the handles resting on the rebounder mat, just in case I needed it. For #5, I used the light and the medium resistance band combined. But for every other exercise in this workout, my light band was plenty. This was a surprisingly tough and effective upper body strength workout. It would be perfect paired with either Day 10, Bounce Fit Arms or Day 14, Weighted Arms.

Day 17 Bounce Arms with Resistance Bands is 26:10 minutes; 50 second intro, no warm up or stretch. Equipment: a resistance band with handles looped around one of your rebounder legs. Claire says she is using light-medium resistance band. I used a light resistance band for everything except #5; for that exercise I combined my light with a medium band. I used this 2 minute rebounder warm up by Lisa Raliegh and finished with a 6 minute stretch done on the rebounder by AngieFitnessTV.

  1. Stand behind rebounder with one foot on floor and the other on rebounder so you are in a lunge, you are holding a resistance band handle in each hand, with straight arms at your sides, pilse-press band behind you, keeping arms straight
  2. Swap legs and repeat #1
  3. Stand on rebounder facing the side, hold both resistance band handles in both hands, pull band up over opposite shoulder
  4. Repeat #3 on other side of body
  5. Stand behind rebounder with one foot on floor and the other on rebounder so you are in a lunge, elbows are bent at sides, alternate pulling band handles behind you (alternating back rows)
  6. Swap legs and open slightly bend arms up and out to sides
  7. Stand on rebounder and do double straight arm front raises
  8. Repeat #1-7 two more times

For more info on SanFran Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


4 thoughts on “SanFran Fitness: Series 21, Day 17 Bounce Arms with Resistance Bands

  1. Hi 🙋‍♀️ I have just been notified that you have been viewing and blogging our content. I want to say a huge thank you for taking the time to participate in these workouts. As a small family run business we appreciate you watching.

    Warm gratitude coming all the way from sunny Mexico and thank you once again.

    Claire from SanFran Fitnes

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