Barlates: Fusion Flow/Band

Fusion Flow: Band is part of Linda Wooldridge’s collection of flow workouts. She has 3 collections in this series that are all available for free on YouTube or you can buy each series individually on DVD (Dynamic Flow, Fusion Flow and Energy Flow), or you can get all 3 series (12 workouts) together in a box set called Fusion Flow. These workouts are meant to be active/dynamic fusion type workouts–flexibility, cardio and bodyweight strength all in one. Sometimes equipment is used–bands, light dumbbells or a chair. This workout used a band. It is a very flowing workout. The band is always held extended and taut in your hands. You don’t use it as true resistance for many moves, but it still works your arms and shoulders if you always keep tension on the band. I suggest using a short band if you have one for this workout. I used a 6 foot band and had to fold it in half for most of the workout, otherwise the ends were flapping around. Linda keeps her ends balled up in her fists but she must be using a different, thinner kind of band that I am, because mine is too thick for that. You hold the band the same for every move so consider the strength of your band. I used a medium resistance band and with it folded in half, it was pretty tough to pull on the few moves that you are actually using it for resistance (not just holding it taut) and I really felt it in my arms/shoulders. Not a bad thing, just something to consider.

This was a more intermediate level workout. I enjoyed it. It worked my whole body and I felt it, too, but it didn’t wear me out. There were a few moves that challenged my balance but nothing that I needed to use a chair for. I managed! Another one of Linda’s “feel good” workouts. Her cactus shelf and parrot picture are back in this workout.

Fusion Flow: Band is 28:30 minutes; 1 minute intro and 30 second stretch. Equipment: pilates band. If you need to modify the last move of #2, Linda suggests placing your hands on a chair seat.

  1. Stand with legs wide, holding one end of band in each end with about 2 feet of band between your hands, shallow squat tap the legs while doing a wide figure 8 with the band (keeping tension on the band the entire time); tap changes to side leg lift (nothing else changes)
  2. Still holding band the same as #1, do alternating reverse lunges, raising band overhead with straight arms each time you lunge; remain in lunge with arms/band overhead and hinge forward, straightening legs and bringing band down near ground then return to lunge, raising band/arms overhead; when hinging forward, place fingertips on ground (still holding band in both hands) and pull back knee into chest, then return to lunge, raising band overhead
  3. Stand with legs wide, still holding band the same as #1, and alternate stationary side lunges while doing figure 8 with band; remain on one side doing pulsing side lunges while doing the wide figure 8 to one side
  4. Still holding band the same as #1, do alternating curtsy lunges, chopping band to side when lunging and circling it overhead between lunges; stay on one side–curtsy lunge then stand and tap foot to side, still chopping band when lunging and raising overhead/to side when tapping foot to side
  5. Still holding band the same as #1, do hamstring curls with bicep curls; do single leg hamstring curls while continuing to do bicep curls
  6. Still holding band the same as #1, do alternating heel digs while pulling band open on a diagonal and rotating band each time you do a heel dig; continue the same arm movement but heel dig changes to a pressing heel out at an angle across other foot; stay on one side, tapping foot out to side then tapping heel across other foot (no change in arm movement)
  7. Still holding band the same as #1, do alternating knee lifts while doing figure 8 arms, chopping band past hip when raising knee; continue same movement but do single knee lift
  8. Still holding band the same as #1, alternate toe taps while swinging band side to side
  9. Still holding band the same as #1, kneel on mat with knees together, lower bottom to heels touching hands/band to ground in front of you then raise glutes off knees so you are straight from torso to shoulders and raise band overhead; continue this movement but each time you raise band overhead, extend one leg out straight to side, alternate legs; at top of move, kneeling on one knee with other leg extended out straight to side and arms/band raised overhead, lean torso side to side in this position,
  10. Still holding band the same as #1, sit on bottom with legs extended straight in front of you, lean torso back slightly in C-curve, hold this position while doing a figure 8 with band; add alternating leg lifts (continue the same figure 8 motion with band)
  11. Still holding the band the same as #1, still leaned back in C-curve but knees are bent and feet on floor, chop band to one side of body and each time you chop band down, you kick up same side leg
  12. Still holding band the same as #1, sit on bottom with legs extended straight in front of you, hinge forward, bring band to feet then raise band overhead and lean back so spine is in C-curve, bring band down to push it toward feet again as you hinge forward
  13. Still holding the band the same as #1, sit on bottom with legs straight and open wide in a V, hinge torso forward and sweep torso/arms/band side to side, past feet in either direction; as you sweep to each side, place one hand on ground and extend other arm overhead, pulling the band (continue sweeping side to side)
  14. Still holding the band the same as #1, sit on bottom with legs straight and open wide in a V, hinge forward over one leg and alternate punching hands/band toward foot

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page


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