Barlates Fusion Flow Box Set

Barlates: Fusion Flow is a box set that collects 3 of Linda @ Barlates DVDs together. Each DVD has 4 workouts on it, so this box set contains 12 workouts. I love Linda’s box sets but this one (so far) is my absolute favorite. Linda considers all of these workouts easier than her usual offerings. And maybe they are, but most of them are not “easy” workouts. The are all flowing, fusion body weight strength, dynamic stretching workouts. You need equipment for some of the workouts–a chair, a fitness mat, a resistance band and light dumbbells. All of the workouts are available for free on YouTube and if you click on the title of the workout, it will take you to the workout review that links to the YouTube workout. But this little review is to show what you get in this wonderful box set. Even though these workouts are available for free, I prefer having them all collected together in one place. And this review gives me a quick look at what it contains and how long each workout is. So this review is for my reference as much as it is for the blog reader.

As you can see, Fusion Flow and Dynamic Flow work really well together if you are like me and your workout sessions are an hour. They are the perfect length to combine two of them together. Energy Flow is a different animal. In more than one way! It contains not only the longest workouts in the box set, but also the most advanced.

As a little side note, when Linda was creating these wonderful workouts, she created two more series that fit into this flowing, dynamic stretch/strength fusion modality. She could have easily created a 5 disk box set. So if you want more, check out her Feel Good Series and her Warm & Stretch Series. Her Feel Good Series is not available for free on YouTube so I can link directly to the review. However, her Warm & Stretch Series is, so each workout is reviewed separately (Mat, Upper, Ball and Standing).

DVD 1: Fusion Flow:

  1. Mat (29 minutes)
  2. Band (28:30 minutes)
  3. Dynamic (25 minutes)
  4. Easy Cardio (24 minutes)


DVD 2: Dynamic Flow:

  1. Active (28 minutes)
  2. Lengthen (30 minutes)
  3. Functional (33 minutes)
  4. Sculpt (24:30 minutes)


DVD 3: Energy Flow:

  1. Barre (48:30 minutes)
  2. Band (39 minutes)
  3. Functional (38:30 minutes)
  4. Sculpt (39:30 minutes)




6 thoughts on “Barlates Fusion Flow Box Set

  1. Hi Jen. I know you’ve done tons of Linda’s workouts. Off the top of your head, can you recall the workouts/series you done (whether they were free on youtube or only available on DVD) that were filmed outside?

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      1. Just curious since I know you really like Linda, but just curious why you’ve passed on her outdoor workouts? Is it just too many workouts so little time? Or was it the production value, types of exercises, or something else entirely?

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      2. I don’t really know why. I remember seeing them but they never “spoke” to me loud enough to actually do one. I do have some saved to a playlist on YouTube but I saved them so long ago that I had forgotten about them until you commented. Linda creates so many workouts that unless I purchase them on DVD I tend to forget about them.


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