Barlates: Energy Flow/Sculpt

Another excellent workout in Linda Wooldridge‘s Flow series. This one is part of the Energy Flow collection. The title of this one is Sculpt and I feel that is a pretty accurate title. Though she only uses one 5 pound dumbbell, she still works your muscles hard. Unfortunately, I am still limited to lifting no more than 3 pound dumbbells, but since many of the moves have you holding a single dumbbell in both hands, I decided that counts as only 2.5 pounds per hand, right? So I used one 5 pound dumbbell for all of the moves you held the dumbbell with both hands and swapped to a 3 pound dumbbell when the move was on one arm. I still got a great workout but it definitely would have been better if I could have used the 5 pound dumbbell for everything.

This is a flowing fusion endurance workout. I think she hit every muscle in my body in some fashion. I was working hard! There is a cardio factor to it, too. Since it is only about 40 minutes, I followed it up with Dynamic Flow: Sculpt, which is 25 minutes. That just continued the burn. I am pretty sure I will be sore tomorrow from these two workout! BTW–I absolutely love Linda’s new flowing fusion workouts.

Although this and all of the Energy Flow workouts are free on YouTube, you can also purchase the Energy Flow Series DVD which contains 4 workouts or purchase it via download from Linda’s website. And finally, you can buy it as part of a collection called Fusion Flow, which contains 3 DVDs/12 workouts (Dynamic Flow, Fusion Flowand Energy Flow)–which is what I did.

Energy Flow: Sculpt is 39:30 minutes; 1:30 minute intro, 4 minute warm up (the warm up is made up of very active and dynamic stretching) and 3:30 minute stretch. Equipment: one dumbbell; Linda is using a 2.5kg or 5.5 pounds.

  1. Stand with feet a bit wider than hip width apart holding one DB in both hands, twist DB side to side w/ elbows bent; add lateral skaters (still twisting DB side to side); arm/DB movement changes to figure 8 and skaters change to curtsy lunges
  2. Remain in stationary curtsy lunge and do stationary pulsing lunges while doing figure 8 with the DB
  3. Hold DB in one hand hanging down at side, reach other arm out to side then overhead to other side with a side bend; add lifting one leg out to side as you side bend; balance on one leg in side bend with leg lifted and pulse DB downward
  4. Sit back into an “attitude” stretch with one hip push out to side, same side knee bent and other leg straight, holding DB in both hands again, shift forward onto front straight leg w/ DB hanging in front of you then lean back into attitude while also raising other straight leg and lifting DB w/ straight arms; stop shifting forward, push back into attitude then lift up on back toe while raising front straight leg and DB; when she repeats this exercise on the other side she doesn’t lift the front straight leg off the floor during the first part
  5. Stationary side lunge side to side
  6. Lunge with back leg straight, hinge forward with straight back with elbow braced on bent thigh and holding DB in other hand, do a one arm rear delt fly then bring hand that is on thigh down to floor beside foot, bring DB to shoulder and continue raising it straight to ceiling, rotating torso so you can look up at DB; remain hinged over with elbow on thigh and do one arm rear delt flys only; place hand on floor beside front foot and bring DB to shoulder and continue raising it straight to ceiling, rotating torso so you can look up at DB then lower to floor beside hand (do this move only)
  7. Do stationary lunges with front knee bent and back leg straight (warrior lunges), holding DB in both hands, twist it hip to hip as you lunge
  8. Repeat 6 & 7 on other side of body
  9. Holding DB in both hands, curtsy lunge forward then curtsy lunge back (you keep one foot stationary the entire time); add a figure 8 motion with the DB; do stationary curtsy lunges while chopping DB across body (from over shoulder then down to opposite hip); changes to low pulsing curtsy lunge while chopping DB from side to side (you are hinged forward and leaning to one side)
  10. Lower into kneeling lunge (back knee on floor behind you), still holding DB in both hands, extend arms straight in front of you then chop DB down toward back foot
  11. Repeat #9 & 10 on other side of body
  12. Stand with feet about hip width apart and holding DB on both hands, halo DB around head, alternating sides
  13. Lower into wide plie squat and continue haloing DB around head but in a single direction; add leaning torso to the side in the direction you are haloing; still in wide plie squat, hold DB overhead and do a pulsing side bend
  14. Set DB aside and alternate swinging arms in a dynamic stretch; changes to broad figure 8 arms while raising and lowering out of a wide squat
  15. Shift side to side in stationary side lunges while also flowing arms side to side
  16. In a wide squat, hinge forward while lowering hands to floor, alternate raising one arm toward ceiling while keeping other hand on floor (straight legs while reaching for ceiling and bend knees when bringing hand back to floor)

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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