Barlates: Energy Flow/Barre

Energy Flow: Barre is a tough workout from Linda Wooldridge! It was tough for me it least–it completely fried my legs. I hit lower body burn out multiple times. But I loved it! Linda worked me hard. I got cardio and barre strength work in this workout. There is some hopping in this workout but not a lot. Linda doesn’t offer any modifications for the impact, so if you need a modification (I didn’t) you will have to think up your own. This one might be the most intense of her Fusion Flow workouts that I have done so far. I still have 4 more to try.

This and all of the Energy Flow workouts are free on YouTube. You can also purchase the Energy Flow Series DVD which contains 4 workouts or purchase it via download from Linda’s website. And finally, you can buy it as part of a collection called Fusion Flow, which contains 3 DVDs/12 workouts (Dynamic Flow, Fusion Flowand Energy Flow)–which is what I did. Excellent collection and, once I complete them all, I will post a review of the Fusion Flow DVD that collects all of the workouts together–just for reference.

Energy Flow: Barre is 48:30 minutes; 45 second intro and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: a chair and light dumbbells (Linda is using 1kg or 2 pounds). I used 2 pound hand weights. 30 reps seems to be the theme of this workout.

  1. Holding DBs, do wide plie squats raising arms/DBs to the sides of body and overhead then down in front of thighs (floating arms like wings); changes to squat taps, leaning body side to side (same arms); remain on one side, do a plie squat and when you raise out of it, lift one leg out to side (same arms); stand with all your weight on one leg and continue lifting other leg out to side (no squat now) while raising and lowering opposite arm to side and overhead (other arm remains stationary overhead)
  2. Lateral skater taps, reaching one arm/DB overhead and to the side
  3. Lower in and out of a stationary side lunge on one side of body (she calls it a single leg squat) while raising and lowering arms/DBs in opposition
  4. Wide plie squats, at top of squat, lean torso do side, reaching one arm overhead and to the side; hold partial plie squat and pulse torso in side bend
  5. (get chair and set one DB aside) Stand beside chair back, one hand on chair back, other hand holding DB, step out into wide plie squat and when raise out of the squat, bring toe in to inside of stationary leg, circle arm with DB out to side and overhead; raise heel of stationary leg at top of squat
  6. Wide pulsing plie squats, arm holding DBs extended straight out to side w/ palm facing down, as you pulse, bend at the elbow, bringing DB in toward armpit (working the triceps)
  7. Raise up onto toe of stationary leg, bend other knee bringing toe to inside of stationary knee, from this starting position, extend bent leg straight then bringing toe back to start, the entire time your arm holding the DBs stationary overhead; add lowering and raising arm w/ DB in time with leg extensions
  8. Repeat #5-7 on other side of body
  9. (set other DB aside) Stand facing chair back, heels together and toes turned out, hands on chair back for balance, start jumping; changes to alternating foot position as you jump–one foot in front of the other; continue this jump but instead of alternating foot placement, bringing one foot behind then kick it out to side
  10. (grab one DB) Standing beside chair back, hold onto chair back with one hand, DB in other hand, do a curtsy lunge, tapping DB to floor then as you stand, arc back bent leg out to front of body, bringing knee up higher than waist height while also raising DB overhead (curtsy lunge + knee pull); keep leg raised with knee bent–in this position, bend and straighten leg (leg/knee is raised and held higher than the chair back); pulsing stationary curtsy lunge reaching DB to ground
  11. (set chair and DBs aside) Ballet style burpees (start in plank with toes turned out, jump feet in to wide plie, stand and bend one knee, bringing toe in to inside of opposite knee while raising both arms overhead, jump feet back out into plank, alternate legs at top of burpee (rise onto toe of stationary leg if you are able)
  12. (grab DBs again) Wide plie squats while doing alternating side bends, reaching one arm overhead and to the side
  13. Wide plie squat pulses reaching DBs toward floor; raise one heel off floor and extend arms/DBs straight in front of you and continue pulsing while holding your arms isometrically; raise other heel and extend both arms out to sides in a T with palms facing back of the room and continue pulsing in plie squat while holding arms isometrically; raise both heels off ground and continue pulsing in plie squat with both arms/DBs held isometically overhead (you can use the chair for any of these moves)
  14. (set DBs aside and get chair) Stand facing chair back, both hands resting on chair back, torso hinged forward slightly, point one toe behind you, raise leg straight behind you then rotate it out to side of body, rotate straight leg back behind you and lower leg back to starting position; changes to only lifting straight leg out to side of body; keep leg raised out to side of body, knee bent so knee/hip/ankle are all in alignment and rotate leg to the front of body (tap knee to elbow) then behind you, never lowering leg and keeping knee/ankle on same plane
  15. (set chair aside and grab DBs) Do stationary alternating side lunges, when you are in lunge position, place opposite hand/DB on floor near foot and extend other arm/DB up to ceiling; remain in side lunge on one side of body with opposite hand on floor and other arm/DB extended to ceiling, while holding this position isometrically, do small circles with arm that is raised to ceiling; place both hands on the floor and deepen stretch, bending knee so glute is close to heel and other leg is extended straight to side, point and flex toe
  16. In wide/deep plie squat, place one end of DBs on floor in front of you and hold the other end of DBs, shift side to side in this position, straightening and bending knees as you shift
  17. (set DBs aside) Lay on back and extend straight legs toward ceiling, place hands behind head and raise head/shoulders, do small scissors with legs; raise and lower legs while continuing to scissor them; legs extended straight to ceiling again, open and close legs out wide to sides while also pointing and flexing feet; changes to wide scissors (alternate raising and lowering legs from ceiling to a few inches from floor); raise torso and put hands on floor behind you so torso is leaned back and continue doing the wide scissors in this position; roll onto one hip and elbow and continue scissoring legs; raise up onto hand (still on hip) and continue scissoring legs
  18. Sit on bottom, torso leaned back and hands on floor behind you to support torso, twist hips to one side, bending top knee and trying to touch it to floor on outside of bottom leg, alternate sides–when you change sides, you will straight both legs and raise them off the ground; this move changes–instead of knee tapping floor, place foot on floor, push up into a down dog/pike (but only on one leg) and raise the other leg to the ceiling, alternate sides (she gives you the option of raising into side plank instead of the pike leg raise)
  19. Sit on bottom, legs straight and open in a wide V, alternate reaching opposite arm toward foot; changes to reaching arms in front of you while hinging forward (still alternating arms); bend one knee, bringing sole of foot against opposite knee and do alternating side bends, reaching arm overhead and to side when bending

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


10 thoughts on “Barlates: Energy Flow/Barre

    1. Yes, it’s called Back Pain Relief and Prevention. I previewed it and it looks pretty gentle but effective. Since I have occasional back pain attacks I bought a copy to have on hand. In the past, when my back goes out, I can’t do anything. I try to do gentle yoga but even that is too intense. This is perfect.


  1. I just got the 12-workout series and can’t wait to dive in. But I injured my lower back being stupid with weights so I have to wait until it has resolved. I canceled Cathe Live because I can’t keep up with all the weight changes and getting into the correct position before starting. I really need that pause and rewind to stay safe. I guess I’m just used to Cathe’s DVD’s where she gives you time and you know what weights to grab.

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