Barlates: Warm & Stretch/Standing

I was very interested when I saw that Linda Wooldridge had created a new series called Warm & Stretch. Not just because I am in recovery mode and looking for easier workouts. Warm & Stretch workouts look and sound like something I would use in conjunction with yoga on my yoga Sundays–regardless of what my fitness level is. Start with a Warm & Stretch workout then finish with some yoga. Today I did Warm & Stretch: Standing and it was more challenging than I expected. Not really beginner level but Linda does offer some modifications. You will be doing a lot of hip range of motion exercises which can be challenging for any fitness level. My hips were feeling pretty burned out by the end of this workout. But in a good way. I went for a walk with my husband about an hour after I finished this workout and I felt my hip joints with every step.

Another great workout from Linda. It reminded me a little of Classical Stretch workouts and a little of Jessica Smith‘s fusion workouts but with Linda’s own unique Barlates spin.

Warm & Stretch: Standing is 24:30 minutes. There is no warm up or cool down. Equipment: chair. The workout is made up of primarily dynamic stretching but you do hold some of the stretches near the end of the workout. The title says “Standing” but some of the moves are done on the floor (#12-15 below).

  1. Stationary toe taps while reaching arms overhead; arms change to figure 8
  2. Hamstring stretch w/ figure 8 arms
  3. Holding chair back w/ one hand, swing leg with knee bent to the front then open out to side; changes to circling leg with knee bent (to the front then rotate it out open to side then back to start–crescent knees)
  4. Face the chair and hinge at the waist, placing forearms on chair back, lift one leg out straight behind you then bend knee and rotate leg around to side then return leg to start; reverse this motion
  5. Stand beside chair with one hand on chair back and swing arm overhead and to the side while also leaning torso to side over chair back; add holding to to the side while leaning over in side bend and pulse 3x before returning to start; hold the side bend stretch
  6. Stand w/ legs wide and swing arms front and back in opposition while also twisting torso side to side
  7. Facing chair seat, place one foot on chair seat, lean forward so you are in a deep lunge then straighten leg, pushing hips back to stretch leg; hold stretch w/ leg straight, heel on chair; add flexing and pointing toes; bend knee so you are in a deep lunge w/ back leg straight and hold this stretch
  8. Still facing chair seat, place hands on chair seat and push hips back, legs straight (modified down dog), hold for a moment then flow into an up dog, continue flowing between these two poses
  9. Hold modified down dog and reach one arm across opposite foot so fingertips touch the floor outside of the foot and hold
  10. Still in modified down dog, reach one arm to ceiling and hold
  11. Stand beside chair and place one foot on seat of chair, keeping leg straight, and bend other leg, reaching hands toward floor and hold (inner thigh stretch); change foot position and continue holding stretch; lunge side to side while foot is still on chair, touching floor w/ opposite hand each time you lunge
  12. Get on knees beside chair, and do a quad stretch w/ one hand on chair seat for support (just like a standing quad stretch except you are kneeling)
  13. Child’s pose w/ hands on chair seat
  14. Lay on back, knees bent and heels on chair seat, straighten one leg and bring in toward chest using hands to pull leg down
  15. With both feet on chair seat (still on back w/ knees bent), raise hips, creating a straight line from knees to shoulders, alternate kicking leg straight up and toward head
  16. Stand facing chair back and hinge forward w/ hands on chair back and circle straight leg behind you then out to side of body; reverse this motion
  17. Start standing then hinge forward, swing arms down then stand back up, swinging arms overhead when you stand

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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