Barlates: Dynamic Flow/Functional

Dynamic Flow: Functional is another of Linda Wooldridge‘s flowing bodyweight strength workouts. This one starts with a light cardio warm up before the real work starts. And this workout builds! It worked me well! I was pushing through by #11–which was a challenging combo move but doable. I credit my ability to get through #11 without pausing or modifying to Mark Lauren‘s 90 Challenge–which I am currently in week 4 of. His warm up has a similar (but not as complex or challenging) move that I have been doing 3 times a week. I think it made #11 easier for me than it would have been otherwise. Another excellent workout from Linda! I adore her flow workouts. I love the length of these, too. Since I already had the Dynamic Flow DVD in my DVD player, I just finished this workout off with Dynamic Flow: Sculpt, which is only 24:30 minutes, for a 57:30 minute workout. **The next day my hips were mildly sore.

Although this and all of the Dynamic Flow workouts are free on YouTube, you can also purchase the Dynamic Flow Series DVD which contains 4 workouts or purchase it via download from Linda’s website. And finally, you can buy it as part of a collection called Fusion Flow, which contains 3 DVDs/12 workouts (Dynamic Flow, Fusion Flowand Energy Flow)–which is what I did.

Dynamic Flow: Functional is 33 minutes; 4 minute stretch. Equipment: chair. This workout contains some very complex combo moves but I was able to manage them.

  1. Partial squats with alternating hamstring curls; changes to alternating insole taps; changes to side to side steps
  2. Double side steps + V step
  3. Bounce/shuffle side to side shifting hips side to side; changes to a single, single, double pattern
  4. Alternating front toe taps while pushing hips forward when tapping; changes step tapping side to side with lots of hip movement
  5. Alternating step backs
  6. Do 3 stationary lunges, hinge forward placing hands on ground, raise back foot straight into the air, lower back into lunge and do one jump lunge to switch lead legs, continue this combo, alternating sides (the jump lunge changes the lead so you automatically alternate); continue the same combo but instead of doing 3 stationary lunges you only do 1
  7. Stand with feet wide, step back into cross-back position with back leg straight, hinge forward placing hands on floor in front of you, bend back knee until it taps the floor, straighten leg again then stand and return to wide stance; instead of returning to wide stance, lower into a deep side lunge, placing opposite hand on floor near foot and raising other hand to ceiling
  8. In wide plié squat, shift side to side; extend arms out to side in a T with hands flexed and push hands/arms out to sides as you shift side to side
  9. In wide and deep plié squat, lower hands to floor, keeping hands on floor, pulse glutes down 3x then stand, straightening legs and raising up onto toes (also raising arms overhead)
  10. Turn chair around so that the chair seat is beside you, one hand is on the chair seat for balance, swing your leg in a straight leg crescent kick with foot ending in a cross-back position behind other leg, lower into a deep lunge, placing other hand on floor then bring the leg back in a crescent kick but in the opposite direction and when your leg is in front of you, place both hands on the chair seat and swing leg straight behind you while also hopping on other foot
  11. Start in down dog, raise back leg to ceiling then twist, kicking leg under body and reaching opposite hand toward toe, then continue rotating into crab/reverse tabletop (both feet and both hands on the floor now), extend front leg straight and kick it up to the ceiling 2x, extend both legs straight and raise hips into a reverse plank 2x, bend back leg, kick front leg straight to the ceiling again, weave the leg that just kicked back under body while also twisting so you are back in down dog with the (now) back leg raised to the ceiling (she does show modifications to this very challenging combo); ends holding 3 leg dog isometrically
  12. Sit on hips with knees bent to side and do some dynamic side stretches

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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