Moderate Impact & Heavy Weights

Moderate Impact & Heavy Weights is another excellent workout from Yvette Bachman. This is a circuit based cardio + strength workout. Each circuit contains 1 minute cardio followed by 8-12 reps of strength training followed by 30 seconds of core. You keep repeating that circuit the entire workout until the very end in which you do 2 strength exercises back to back. The muscles worked are biceps, upper back and shoulders. Yvette never does a ton of plyometrics in her workouts (though she does do some), but the cardio in her workouts is generally high impact. This workout has less jumping–tho there is some impact as the title suggests, just not as much as in her other workouts that I’ve done. Also, on the higher impact moves Yvette shows a lower impact modification. That’s for the workout itself. Her warm ups are always high impact and this one is, too–no modifications either.

I really enjoyed this workout. The more moderate impact made it seem not as hard as her other workouts that I’ve done but I still burned a lot of calories and got a great workout. Plus, as always, it was lots of fun and the time went by very quickly.

Moderate Impact & Heavy Weights is 62 minutes long; 10:30 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: a step with 2 risers (8 inches) set up vertically, dumbbells, 5 pound dumbbells for the cardio, 8 pound dumbbells for core work, sliding devices and a mat. Yvette is wearing weighted gloves and I wore weighted gloves also. The dumbbell weights listed below for the strength exercises are what I used. I used the same weight as Yvette for the cardio and core work.

  1. Cardio: 4 alternating punches to side while also stepping to side then step back while circling arms
  2. Strength: seated supination curls (18# DBs)
  3. Core: bicycle crunches
  4. Cardio: repeat #1 on other side
  5. Strength: repeat #2 punching in other direction
  6. Core: in straight arm plank w/ sliders under feet, slide feet in and out, bringing knees to chest under body
  7. Cardio: straddle, straddle, knee w/ hop on step
  8. Strength: repeat #2
  9. Core: sit up w/ pullover at bottom of move and cross punches at top of move (8# DBs)
  10. Cardio: Shuffle to side w/ one cross punch, alternate sides (5# DBs)
  11. Strength: starting on top of step, reverse lunge off step and at top of lunge do a one arm hammer curl to overhead press; ends w/ 4 overhead presses only (one 14# DB)
  12. Core: Russian twists (one 12# DB)
  13. Cardio: burpee w/ hands on step, jump feet in to a wide squat and step forward and back, straddling step (and never coming out of squat); ends w/ plank hold
  14. Strength: repeat #11 on other side of body
  15. Core: sit ups w/ pullovers at bottom of move and overhead press at top of move (8# DBs)
  16. Cardio: straddle step on/off step fast
  17. Strength: bicep curls (7 half curls, 7 three quarter curls, 7 full curls) (12# DBs)
  18. Core: butterfly sit ups, reaching straight arms overhead at top of move
  19. Cardio: repeat #16 starting w/ other foot
  20. Strength: lat pullover (one 35# DB)
  21. Core: slow sit ups w/ cross punches (it takes 4 punches to get to the top), speed bag arms as you lower
  22. Cardio: straddle, straddle, front kick on step
  23. Strength: one arm delt fly kneeling on step (one 12# DB)
  24. Core: sit on step, hands gripping sides and push feet in and out, extending legs straight then bringing knees in to chest (also raising and lowering torso)
  25. Cardio: 2 jacks, up and over step
  26. Strength: repeat #23 on other arm
  27. Core: sliding burpees
  28. Cardio: step together upper cuts, alternate sides (5# DBs)
  29. Strength: open/wide bent over row (palms forward) (20# DBs)
  30. Core: slider mountain climbers
  31. Cardio: straddle jump squat off step, jump back on step and jump rope 4x
  32. Strength: repeat #20
  33. Core: bridge walkovers (in crab, bring one arm across body and tap floor, alternate sides and keep hips lifted)
  34. Cardio: alternating side lunges, punching hands down 2x then overhead 2x, keep alternating hand movements
  35. Strength: repeat #23
  36. Core: place mat on step and get into straight arm plank w/ hands on step, lower to elbows, do two plank jacks, raise to hands
  37. Cardio: shuffle 2x to side and squat, tapping fingers to ground, alternate sides (raise arms overhead while shuffling)
  38. Strength: repeat #23 on other arm
  39. Core: bend, placing hands on floor and walk out to plank, 2 plank jacks, walk hands back to feet, keep repeating this sequence, never standing
  40. Cardio: step on step while other leg steps out to side, repeat on other leg, one knee smash each leg; ends w/ all knee smashes
  41. Strength: Repeat #29
  42. Core: 1 crunch + one full sit up, slapping hands on floor beside feet; ends w/ 8 full sit ups
  43. Strength: V squat press (when doing overhead press, push arms up in a V, lower DBs between thighs when squatting) (13# DBs)
  44. Strength: seated straight arm side raises (8# DBs)

For more info on Yvette Bachman and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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