DEPLETED Lower Body Workout / Leg Day | EPIC Heat – Day 3

Depleted Lower Body Workout is Day 3 in Caroline Girvan‘s EPIC Heat program. The title to this workout is no exaggeration. My legs were completely depleted by the end. Sooner than the end to be honest. This is a no repeat workout with lots of weighted and body weight exercises and even a bit of jumping. I was working so hard! My upper body is sore from Caroline’s workout that I did yesterday Charged 30 Minute Chest & Triceps. That workout was full of “deadstop” exercises. This workout had deadstop lunges. So hard. This workout kicked my a$$! There is no warm up in this workout. Since it is a Saturday, I wanted to add a finisher onto the end of this workout but I knew after previewing it that my lower body would be fried by the end. So rather than using a finisher, I started the workout with my finisher. First I did Heather Robertson‘s Leg Day Warm Up, followed by Caroline’s 15 Min Leg Workout with Dumbbells (which I would normally use as a finisher). Then I did Depleted Lower Body and since my lower body was truly “depleted” at the end of this line up, I finished with a longer, more thorough stretch I found on YouTube and really like: Stretch After Leg Day. My lower body was well worked this morning!

This workout is done interval style: 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of recovery. There is a timer in the upper left hand corner of the screen counting down your intervals and recoveries. During the recoveries Caroline previews your next exercise. There is also a little bar at the bottom of the screen that counts down the entire workout time as a percentage. There is some jumping in this workout but during the previews Caroline shows a low impact alternative.

Depleted Lower Body Workout is 37:34 minutes; 2 minute intro, no warm up and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells, a yoga block and fitness mat. Caroline is using 15kg/33 pound dumbbells. The weights listed below are what I used. I used 8 pound dumbbells to elevate my heels rather than the yoga block. I also used my 4 inch square step topper rather than a yoga block for the exercises where my front foot is elevated.

  1. Alternating forward lunges (no DBs)
  2. 1.5 elevated front squats (heels elevated on yoga block, DBs held in front of you at chest level, squat, raise halfway, lower back to bottom of squat then raise all of the way) (20# DBs)
  3. Bodyweight 1/2 rep elevated squat (heels still elevated, lower into squat and only raise halfway)
  4. Uneven squat (hold one DB at shoulder when squatting) (one 25# DB)
  5. Repeat #4 with DB in other hand
  6. One squat + alternating rear lunges, one each leg (20# DBs)
  7. 10 static lunges (done at a brisk pace) then jump to switch
  8. Elevated kneel to knee tap (kneel with front foot on yoga block and back knee on mat, raise up into single leg squat, bringing back knee forward and tapping hand to knee) (no DBs)
  9. Repeat #8 on other leg
  10. Forward lean elevated lunge (start in wide split stance with front foot on yoga block, torso is hinged forward, lower back knee and tap the floor) (no DBs)
  11. Repeat #10 on other side of body
  12. Deadstop elevate lunges (start in wide split stance with front foot on yoga block, lower into kneeling lunge with back knee on mat and pause briefly at rest before raising back into split stance) (15# DBs)
  13. Repeat #12 on other side of body
  14. 3 way squat hops (start in narrow squat, hop feet out to shoulder width then hop feet out wide, hop them back into shoulder width then hop them back into narrow stance, never raising out of squat) (no DBs)
  15. 1.5 rep RDL (lower into deadlift, raise halfway, lower back into deadlift then raise all of the way) (30# DBs)
  16. RDL to close squat (alternate narrow squat with deadlift) (25# DBs)
  17. Staggered RDL to rear lunge (alternate single leg deadlift with reverse lunge) (one 20# DB)
  18. Repeat #17 on other side of body
  19. Squat thruster (stand with legs wide and DBs between legs, squat and place DBs on the floor, jump feet back to plank, jump feet back into squat and stand) (20# DBs)
  20. Sumo squat (20# DBs)
  21. Narrow to wide squat hand tap (start in narrow squat, while remaining in squat, step feet out to wide squat, hinge forward and tap hands to floor, step feet back into narrow squat, hinge forward and tap hands to floor) (no DBs)
  22. Knee to squat jump (start kneeling, jump into squat then jump again, step legs back one at a time into kneeling) (no DBs)
  23. Lateral lunges (stationary side lunges, alternate sides, holding one DB in both hands) (one 25# DB)
  24. 3 point rear foot lunge (remain in stationary lunge, tap back foot to one side then back to start then tap foot to other side and back to start) (no DBs)
  25. Repeat #24 on other side of body
  26. Lunge on toes hold (hold isometrically at bottom of lunge with front heel raised the entire time) (15# DBs)
  27. Repeat #26 on other side of body
  28. Elevated curtsy lunge (with front foot on yoga block, do curtsy lunges) (no DBs)
  29. Repeat #28 on other side of body
  30. Burpee with 2 squat jumps (burpee with no push up + 2 squat jumps)


  1. Front squats with 2 DBs (30 seconds) (20# DBs)
  2. Front squats with 1 DB (30 seconds) (one 20# DB)
  3. Body weight squats (30 seconds)
  4. Pulse at bottom of squat (15 seconds)

For more info on Caroline Girvan’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


5 thoughts on “DEPLETED Lower Body Workout / Leg Day | EPIC Heat – Day 3

  1. Caroline killed my legs again with this workout. When I got to the knee to squat jumps I had to modify. I just LOVE how she challenges me with her workouts! I followed this with her 10 minute poised abs which was a mistake. All of the exercises in that workout are variants on V-sits. My quads and hip flexors were shot from the depleted legs workout which meant I had to pause a lot in the abs segment to give my flexors a rest (vs having to do it for abs rest) which made it not very effective. So note to self: use that one with an upper body strength workout. 😉


    1. I have not tried any of Caroline’s core workouts yet. I am afraid of them! I have previewed a few of her 1 hour/non-EPIC total body workouts I am considering doing. The thing that scares me is that are all longer than an hour (about 65 minutes) and a third of them (I timed it) is core work–and it is all the end of the workouts.


  2. This is on my “to do next”!! I just completed her TORCHED lower body? HOLY MOLY!!! Leg day is my favorite and this one did not disappoint!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Caroline’s lower body workouts–they are brutal. I have Torched Lower Body scheduled for July. She has so many workouts that I have filled my rotation calendar almost to the end of July with primarily her workouts. And of course she continues to release new ones–no boredom in sight!


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