Jacks Studio Online: Trampit

I discovered Mai-Britt Catrine on YouTube when she posted one of her Trampit rebounder workouts. Mia-Britt owns Jacks Studio in Denmark. At the beginning of the pandemic when everything shut down around the world, like many gym owners she streamed live workouts for her gym goers who were quarantined. I am so grateful she posted one of them on YouTube otherwise I would not have discovered her. After posting the review of that workout (Trampit 10), a blog reader suggested I try harder to find more of her workouts. So I did (thank you Beth!) and I found Mai-Britt Catrine on Facebook. I messaged her and she invited me to join the closed Jacks Studio Facebook group she created when her studio was closed to the public. On that group, she posted all kinds of workouts! Rebounder, barre, dance, pilates and more. I have not tried any of those workouts because Mia-Britt is Danish. She does not speak English in her Trampit workouts but they are still easy to follow. However, I think understanding the cuing is more important in other exercise modalities.

In this review I am going to give a brief summary of the other 9 Trampit rebounder workouts. Here is the review of Trampit 10, the only one available on YouTube. The other 9 workouts can be accessed through Jacks Studios website. They are all free. If you have an AppleTV and an iPhone like I do, you just mirror the workout onto your TV (I’m sure other smart phones and streaming devices do similar mirroring but I am not familiar with how those platforms work). You can also send Jacks Studios a request to join the Facebook group, then you will have access to the workouts on Facebook. I personally prefer using apps that are on my AppleTV. So I downloaded the Facebook video app. You save Facebook videos in your profile and you can watch them on your TV via the app. So I saved all of Mai-Britt’s Trampit workouts and that is how I stream them. Because that is how I stream them, I am including the date that each workout was posted since the Facebook app does not give the video title–only the date it was posted.

Summary: Although I have given a summary of each workout below, I want to give a brief overview of the Trampit rebounder workouts. They are, hands down, the very best rebounder workouts I have done. Now I am not a long time rebounder. I got my first rebounder in March of this year and after a month or so I loved it so much I upgraded to a Bellicon. Since March I have done 74+ rebounder workouts. I add the “+” because 1. these workouts are not added to that total and 2. I have a review in the works for the Bellicon streaming site. That review is similar to this one, giving a summary of many of the workouts Bellicon streams–and they have far more than the 10 in this review. That review will not be posting for a while. So I have done many more rebounder workouts that are not included in the 74 I just mentioned. The Trampit workouts, specifically those led by Mai-Britt, are some of the most intense, most fun, best rebounding workouts I have done to date. I adore them. She works me hard but makes me feel good and motivates me. She picks the best music then manages to choreograph basic rebounder moves perfectly to whatever song is playing. Warning–she does have a favorite song that is featured in almost every one of her rebounder workouts. A fast remix of Beyonce and Arrow Benjamin’s Runnin’–and you high knee run on the rebounder the entire time. Mai-Britt, of course, changes the tempos of your run to coincide with the tempo changes of the song. BTW–I love the remix of this song and I love it every time that song starts during one of her workouts, so this is not an issue for me, but if you don’t like that song–be warned! It makes frequent appearances.

Now, just like any rebounder workout, your ability to follow is somewhat dependent on your rebounder. Every brand of rebounder is different and bungie rebounders are different from spring rebounders. Nevertheless, if you are using proper technique, you should still be able to bounce to the tempo, even if you cannot keep Mai-Britt’s pace. If Mai-Britt ever does give proper bouncing technique instructions, you would have to speak Danish to understand them. So here is a short video explaining proper rebounding form. It is 5 minutes long but the trainer (Christine Bullock) describes proper rebounding technique in the first 1:30 minute. You need this info to get the most out these workouts. If you don’t want to watch the video–here is my description of how to jump on a rebounder for intensity and keep pace with trainers. When you jump on a trampoline for fun, the object is to push up and jump high. That is not the goal for intensity rebounding. You are pushing down with your feet (heels primarily) and keeping your knees at least slightly bent. And if you are really trying to go fast, you will lean forward slightly and bend your knees more. The object is not to hop high, so you need to exercise control with your jumps, pushing down. It takes practice, which I have had a lot of now and can do it pretty well. I am able to keep pace most of the time with Mai-Britt in these workouts. After an intense rebounder workout using this method, my glutes and hamstrings used to sing for hours afterwards. A good sign I was doing it right and engaging those muscles with every bounce. I have apparently built my hamstrings and glutes up from all of my rebounding (I rebound almost every day) because it doesn’t happen very often anymore.

Trampit Workouts:

Trampit 1 (March 23, 2020) 27:30 minutes. Though intense, this one wasn’t as intense as some of the other Trampit workouts I’ve done. Still an awesome rebounder cardio workout with great music and Mai-Britt’s awesome energy. Though there is a warm up period, this workout gets cut short. In the comment section Mai-Britt says the connection got cut off. But that is fine! That makes it the perfect length to combine with one of her other Trampit workouts. You start with this one and finish with one of the others (they are all 30-40 minutes) that includes a cool down/stretch for an hour long rebounder cardio workout. The first time I did this workout I finished it off with Trampit 4. Between the two workouts I burned 508 calories, spent a total of 26 minutes in my peak heart rate zone and 30 minutes in my cardio heart rate zone. I “walked” 5791 steps.

Trampit 2 (March 24, 2020) 28 minutes. This workout is led but a different trainer, Camilla Ottesen. She did a great job but I still prefer Mai-Britt. This workout had no actual warm up and no cool down or stretch so it is a good one to start your workout with and finish it with one of the workouts that has a cool down/stretch. At the end there is 3 minutes of core work. There is actually a brief period at the beginning (one minute) where you can warm yourself up while Camilla is setting the music up and waiting for people to log on (or so I assume–I don’t speak Danish, but that is what appears to be happening). There is also a bit of confusion (for a non-Danish speaker at least) about 20 minutes into the workout that lasts for about 2 minutes. Nothing really seems to be going on so you can use it as a water break/recovery. But otherwise it is an intense workout. I did this as a morning workout. I started with this workout and ended with Trampit 8. Between the two I burned 480 calories, I was in my cardio heart rate zone 58% of the workout, spent a total of 17 minutes in my peak heart rate and I “walked” 5630 steps.

Trampit 3 (March 25, 2020) 36:30 minutes. Another excellent rebounder cardio workout. This one was all cardio–no core work or any other type of strength work. It has a long warm up. Mai-Britt leads this workout but there are two other exercisers present. The first song is a free-style warm up while Mai-Britt waits for people to log on. Then the tempo speeds up for the actual warm up song where Mai-Britt starts choreographing things. This workout had some very intense intervals as well as some easier intervals. The last “working” song (before the stretch song), you do freestyle intervals. You do sprinters during the fast part of the song then during the slower part you freestyle hop. I didn’t understand anything else she said, but I did understand the word “freestyle” and then when the song started it was obvious what was going on. There is a short stretch at the end. I burned 296 calories, I was in my cardio heart rate zone 70% of the workout, I was in my peak zone a total of 8 minutes and I “walked” 3,443 steps.

Trampit 4 (March 26, 2020) 33 minutes. Another excellent and intense cardio rebounder workout. This has a very short ab segment at the very end followed by a short stretch. Great music! Great trainer! This morning I did Trampit 1 followed by this workout. I burned 508 calories, spent a total of 26 minutes in my peak heart rate zone and 30 minutes in my cardio heart rate zone. I “walked” 5791 steps.

Trampit 5: Funky Friday (March 27, 2020) 39 minutes. This was a great workout. It has a longer warm up and a longer stretch than the other Trampit workouts I’ve done. I suppose it wasn’t actually a long warm up but the first 9 or so minutes is lower intensity then Mai-Britt kicks it up. It was still good cardio–just lower intensity when compared to the high intensity these workouts usually deliver. It was a lot of fun, it had great music and Mai-Britt’s great, motivating energy. There was an ab work song about 2/3 of the way into the workout, so about 3 minutes of ab work. I burned 304 calories, I was in my cardio heart rate zone for 58% of the workout and spent a total of 10 minutes in my peak heart rate zone. I “walked” 3624 steps.

Trampit 6 (March 30, 2020) 30 minutes. This is another workout led by Camilla Ottesen. Another great Trampit workout with great music. But as mentioned in Trampit 2, I prefer Mai-Britt. This one has no actual warm up or cool down/stretch but Camilla deceives you at the end! Near the end of the workout you do a core song then at the end of the song she starts stretching. Since there was still a few minutes left in the workout, I thought Camilla was giving us a long stretch but no. She stretches you out for maybe a minute (probably less) then the last approx. 2 minutes of class is intense rebounding. This morning I did this workout + Trampit 7 back to back for an intense 66 minute workout. Between the two workouts I burned 508 calories, I was in my cardio heart rate zone 58% of the workout, spent a total of 17 minutes in my peak heart rate zone and “walked” 5989 steps.

Trampit 7 (March 31, 2020) 36 minutes. I loved this workout! Almost as much as Trampit 10 (which remains my favorite). Mai-Britt warms you up nicely and also gives you a cool down and stretch. There is an ab song in the middle of the workout and at the end she does some unique strength moves using the T bar–modified pull ups, a seated core move and glute/hip bridges. I loved it! The music was awesome and Mai-Britt does such a great job choreographing the rebounder moves to the different music tempos. This morning I did this workout + Trampit 6 back to back for an intense 66 minute workout. Between the two workouts I burned 508 calories, I was in my cardio heart rate zone 58% of the workout, spent a total of 17 minutes in my peak heart rate zone and “walked” 5989 steps.

Trampit 8 (April 1, 2020) 31 minutes. This was a fun rebounder workout from Mai-Britt. It was interval-like with low intensity periods and high intensity periods. My legs were already burned out from Trampit 2 which I had just finished, so this was a nice reprieve. Mai-Britt warms you up and stretches you out. You have an ab song near the end of the workout. She also has a fun but lower intensity (think recovery) song in which you are doing low impact floor aerobics but on the rebounder–and you add little hops to everything of course. Mai-Britt does such a great job choreographing basic rebounder moves to individual songs. Very motivating to push harder. I really enjoyed this workout. Between Trampit 2 and this workout I burned 480 calories, I was in my cardio heart rate zone 58% of the workout, spent a total of 17 minutes in my peak heart rate and I “walked” 5630 steps.

Trampit 9 (April 2, 2020) 35:35 minutes. I didn’t do this one because the sound cuts out repeatedly. It wasn’t on my end either. Luckily Facebook has a translate function and there were comments about the sound cutting out. Too bad because it looks like another great workout from Mai-Britt. At the end she is using the T bar for some strength moves, similar to how she does in Trampit 7. And when the music is playing, she picked some good tunes. If it just cut out once or twice I might have done it anyway, but it cuts out 4+ times and for long periods of time.

Trampit 10 (April 15) 42 minutes on Facebook but only 37 minutes on YouTube. There are 4:30 extra minutes at the beginning that you can use as additional warm up time. Mai-Britt and the other exercisers are freestyle jumping and she is on and off her rebounder, talking to the camera. I don’t speak Danish so I don’t know what she is saying but I assume she is waiting for home exercisers to log on and talking to the ones that are. I prefer the YouTube version that gets straight into the meat of the workout. But if you need a little extra warm up time, this is a good one, too, because you still get the great music. Trampit 10 is my favorite of the Trampit workouts.


9 thoughts on “Jacks Studio Online: Trampit

  1. Similar to you I also got a rebounder in March of 2021 and shortly after I discovered some of Mai-Britt’s videos on YouTube (she has a few of them on her channel). I recently found her Vimeo channel which has more videos (I think some of them are the same ones you reviewed here) but you have to pay to rent them. The Jack’s Studio link does not work for me, I wonder if it got taken down.

    TRAMPIT is by far the most fun I’ve ever had working out! I’m surprised that almost a year later I’m still doing it. It’s great to meet fellow TRAMPIT fans! I hope Mai-Britt will make more of these videos. I don’t have a Facebook but maybe I will make one just to join her Facebook group.


    1. TRAMPIT workouts are awesome but there aren’t very many and I did them so often back in 2020 that I haven’t returned to them in nearly a year. I wish she would make more. However, I have discovered an even better rebounding training instructor–Naomi Joy. You should check her out. I do one of her rebounding workouts nearly every day.

      That sucks that she took the site down. It must have been just for the pandemic in 2020. However, I just checked and all of the videos are still on Facebook.


  2. Hi. I want to thank you so much for the effort you put into your blog. I am always so impressed by the level of detail and thought that goes into your postings. I cannot tell you how helpful it has been to me over the years. I am also inspired by your commitment to fitness despite the obstacles and challenges you have faced.

    I have a large exercise DVD collection. Some of them have been used so many times that they have gotten damaged (and I still don’t understand how the damage happens as I am so careful with them). Do you have any tips for restoring/fixing DVDs? (I was duplicating the damaged ones, but it seems excessive given I have some DVDs I haven’t even opened and tried.)

    At one point you were trying out yoga classes and I think you liked my Tamal Dodge suggestion a couple of years ago. His current yoga studio has been posting free classes on youtube (google “youtube Bodhi Yoga”). Strangely his studio is called Yoga Salt so I have no idea why they are identifying themselves as Bodhi Yoga. In the first few months of the pandemic, they were posting multiple classes a day. They’ve slowed down the posting schedule (but are still posting as I write this), and there must be a couple of hundred classes posted (or at least it looks like there are). They have some wonderful instructors posting classes. It can be tricky finding a good yoga fit in terms of the style of instructor and the level of difficulty, especially as you become more experienced in yoga (but they have lots of variety in the posted classes). I have really been enjoying the “Yin and Yang” classes from his sister Sesa O’Connor. (Some of the earlier classes had some audio issues, so if you run into a class with audio issues – just try another one.) I don’t know how it works with Youtube, but a lot of the content on Youtube has very disruptive ads which is so annoying in the middle of a yoga class. The Yoga Salt/ Bodhi Yoga classes have no ads which I really appreciate (especially since I suspect they are foregoing ad revenue by having no ads). I’ve been adding in more yoga as I age. (I’m in my 50’s now.) I could write essays on various online yoga options (free and streaming), and my favourite instructors, but I will stop here. (But if you have any questions, please let me know, and I would be happy to respond)

    Again, thank you.


    1. Wow–thanks for all of the info. I went to Bodhi yoga YouTube site and I am overwhelmed. They look like very long practices. I don’t do hour long yoga anymore. But I do see some shorter sessions.

      I wish I knew how to restore DVDs. I’ve had some that skip or lock and I cannot seem to clean them enough to make them work properly.


      1. Many of the Bodhi Yoga (Yoga Salt) classes posted on Youtube are over an hour, but there tends to be 5 minute or at the beginning where they have a “class will begin soon” countdown screen timer that you can just fast forward over. (I think most of the classes originated as live streams). There’s also usually a nice long shavasana at the end too (maybe 5 minutes), bringing the active content down to less than 50 minutes for most of the hour long classes. (But that may still be longer than you want.)

        Liked by 1 person

  3. So glad you were able to do the other Mai-Britt rebounder workouts and have fun, fun, fun. I’ll have to click over the Jacks Studio website sometime tomorrow and preview some bits of the workouts.


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