Yay! Another new TRAMPIT workout from Mia-Britt! It is titled TRAMPIT 12. [Correction–I don’t know if I got this wrong or if Mia-Britt corrected it, but originally I thought this was titled Trampit 1. Today I looked at it again and it is titled Trampit 12, so I am correcting this post.] In this workout Mia-Britt has a class behind her. This was a short but super fun rebounder cardio workout. It was not as intense as some of her others but the entire workout (like all of the other excellent Trampit workouts) is choreographed to the beat of the music. There are no complicated or hard to do moves. Just lots of fun! Due to the length, I used it as a finisher workout. I did a tough lower body workout that was only 35 minutes (Cathe Live Burn Sets Express Legs Heavy Weight) so I used this to get in some cardio and round out my hour. It is an excellent finisher. There is no stretch at the end so I had to stretch myself out. This workout is music only. You can tell sometimes Mia-Britt is talking to her class, but you can not hear anything she says. I hope Mia-Britt keeps creating Trampit workouts for everyone to enjoy on YouTube. Between her and Naomi Joy, they are keeping me busy with the best and most fun rebounder workouts out there.

TRAMPIT 12 is 22:49 minutes; there doesn’t appear to be a designated warm up in this workout though #1 is lower intensity so it does the job. There are arm movements with most of the moves but Mia-Britt is sometimes doing her own thing and other times it seems part of the choreography.

  1. Shift hop side to side; changes to doubles each side; changes to single-single-double pattern
  2. Wide high knee run to single-single-double pattern
  3. Repeat #1 & 2
  4. Shift hop side to side
  5. Hopping heel digs (lots of different arm movements with this one)
  6. Step touch hop side to side
  7. Repeat #5
  8. High knee jog
  9. Step forward and back with one foot, alternate sides; same move but step on an angle
  10. Repeat #6
  11. High knee bounce with legs wide
  12. Double bounce forward and back with legs/feet together; changes to double hop side to side
  13. Repeat #11 & 12
  14. Repeat #9-13
  15. Stand on rebounder with legs wide and do large hip circles; changes to smaller faster hip circles while heels tap in time to music
  16. Step forward and back with one foot but more aggressively than #9 so that you are bouncing back, alternate sides; same move but on an angle
  17. Repeat #6
  18. Repeat #11 & 12
  19. Repeat #15-18
  20. Monkey (wide high knee run, arms are held to sides in goal post and same side elbow touches thighs as thigh raises)
  21. Sprint
  22. Shift hop side to side
  23. Repeat #20
  24. Repeat #22
  25. While standing on the rebounder you do a sort of upper body dance move in time with the music that I am not going to even try to describe
  26. Repeat #21
  27. V steps forward and back; add a hop to it so it turns into a V jog
  28. Alternating step insole taps with a small hop; changes to fast alternating insole tap hops
  29. Repeat #27 & 28
  30. Scissor runs; changes to a single-single-double pattern
  31. 180 turn hops to single-single-double pattern
  32. Cross jack legs
  33. Bounce with legs/feet together; double hop forward and back
  34. Scissors in a single-single-double pattern
  35. Repeat #31-34
  36. Shift hop side to side

For more info on other (free) Trampit workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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