AngieFitnessTV: Rebounder Steady State Cardio, LIIT and Kickboxing

Rebounder Steady State Cardio, LIIT and Kickboxing is another one of AngieFitnessTV‘s “premixes”, meaning she took segments from a longer workout and put them together into a shorter, more focused workout. This came from one of her Live workouts: Bootcamp Your Way #9, in which she alternated cardio segments with strength training segments. For this little premix she just put together the 3 cardio segments into a 40 minute cardio workout. The workout this came from is 1 hour and 40 minutes but at the end of this workout she says it actually clocked in at 70 minutes. So, like her other live workouts I’ve done, what that means is at the beginning she is waiting for viewers/home exercisers to log in and at the end she sits and chats with her viewers. In her live ones I’ve done (not live with her, but I’ve done the live recording at a later date), she does not waste time during the workout. So if you are ever interested in her live workouts, just preview and find out how far you need to scrub forward to get to the start of the warm up and where the stretch ends. Then you will know exactly how long the workout really is.

But I digress. Since this is an edited “timesaver premix” it truly is 40 minutes. Since it is only 40 minutes I combined this workout with one of Angie’s 15 Minutes to Fit rebounder workouts to round out my hour: Rebounder Cardio + Balance and got a great and fun cardio workout. Rebounder Steady State Cardio, LIIT and Kickboxing starts with a circuit of steady state cardio on the rebounder. Next you kick up the intensity with a circuit of LIIT or Low Impact Interval Training on the rebounder. The LIIT exercises are each 40 seconds of intense work followed by 20 seconds of active recovery. The workout ends with a kickboxing circuit on the floor (no rebounder). I got an excellent workout. I will say that, just from viewing it, Angie didn’t do much different to make her LIIT intervals more intense than her steady state cardio. However, I used the techniques I learned when streaming with Bellicon and also from a few other rebounder trainers to increase the intensity of the moves during the LIIT circuits. It’s all about how you are jumping. The fun, less intense way to rebound is to push off the rebounder and jump. It feels good and it is good cardio, just not intense cardio. But for intensity, you bend you knees and push your feet down into the rebounder when jumping. You will not jump as high but when doing that you jump much faster and with more power. You also feel it a lot more through your legs. When you go to the kickboxing portion, I added my 8 pound weighted vest and my one pound gloves. Overall, I got an excellent cardio workout. I left my vest on when going on to the finisher workout I did (15 Minutes to Fit Rebounder Cardio + Balance). In 59 minutes I burned 428 calorie, “walked” 4714 steps. I was in my cardio zone for 44 of those minutes and my heart rate spiked into my peak zone for 6 minutes. You can tell by looking at the graph on my FitBit app that the peak part was during the LIIT training.

Rebounder Steady State Cardio, LIIT and Kickboxing is 39:54 minutes; 5 minute warm up and 6 minute cool down/stretch. The warm up is done in the floor, not the rebounder. At the end of the warm up, you get on the rebounder. Each exercise is done for one minute.

  1. Jump on rebounder
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Scissor runs
  4. Jump forward and back
  5. Jump side to side
  6. Once scissor run + one jumping jack
  7. Twist jumps
  8. Quarter turn jack feet (turning in one complete circle) alternated with high knee run
  9. Heel dig runs
  10. Air jack jumps (no arms)

LIIT (Low Impact Interval Training): 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of active recovery. Remember, to make this a true LIIT, you need to work harder than you did during the first rebounding segment. On a rebounder that means pushing down through your feet to jump faster and with more power.

  1. Air jacks
  2. Scissor runs
  3. Side to side tuck jumps (Angie is holding her T bar)
  4. Jump forward and back
  5. Air jack jumps (no arms) (Angie calls them star jacks)
  6. High knee run
  7. Air jacks

Angie jogs on the rebounder for another minute to cool down before the scene changes. Her rebounder is gone and she starts kickboxing. I paused the video and put on my 8 pound vest and weighted gloves.

  1. Jab, cross, hook, upper
  2. Repeat #1 with other lead
  3. Front kick, back kick, jab-cross-jab
  4. Repeat #3 on other side of body
  5. Alternating front jabs
  6. Alternating wide knee raises, pull hands down to knees
  7. Repeat #5 & 6
  8. Alternating upper cuts
  9. Alternating knee pulls
  10. Repeat #8
  11. Speed bag with boxers shuffle
  12. High-low side punches with squats
  13. Repeat #11 & 12
  14. Repeat #11-13 on other side of body
  15. Agitate (with elbows bent and close to waist, hands raised in guard, rotate torso side to side); add alternating knee raises after every 3rd agitation
  16. Single arm punches to the ground (you are in split stance and hinged forward slightly) (ground and pound)
  17. Repeat #16 on other side of body

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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