35 MIN Trampoline Cardio with Lower Body Blast | Light Weights | Rebounder Workout

This was a tough workout! 35 Min Trampoline Cardio Workout with Lower Body Blast | Light Weights | Rebounder workout is a cardio rebounder workout using light hand and ankle weights to increase the intensity. And man, did it get intense–for me at least. And not just me. Once you put on the ankle weights, Michelle’s background exercisers could not do most of the workout at her level and/or speed either. They seemed to be struggling several times in the course of the workout. When we get to #43 below (returning to jumping on the rebounder after doing mat based lower body exercises with ankle weights on) my legs felt so weak and fatigued I couldn’t get my knees up very high at first for jogging in place!

Michelle and crew are using something called Lace Up Wearable Weights. They weigh one pound each and they wrap around your wrists and/or ankles. But you do not need Lace Ups to do this workout. I used 2 pound hand weights when they held the Lace Ups in their hands and I used 2 pound ankle weights when they had them wrapped around their ankles. In the future, I will probably drop to one pound ankle weights because that is when the workout really started to kick my a$$–once you put on the ankle weights. This was an intense rebounder workout. Michelle puts together little combos that are set to a single song. Once the song is over you move to another combo or something different (lower body work, core work). Most of the combos are not complex or difficult but one of them required a lot of focus for me to follow every time we returned to it (#12 below). My husband started trying to talk to me during that combo and I had to pause the workout. I simply could not answer him and do that particular combo! But as long as he wasn’t talking to me and I could focus, I was able to do the combo. I burned 271 calories and spent a total of 10 minutes in my peak heart rate zone. Not bad for a 32 minute workout in which 2 full songs are lower body mat work and core work. You get a very short stretch. Then Michelle and her crew do some dancing on the floor not the rebounder. I did some extra stretching (figure 4 glute stretch and happy baby) then turned it off. I’m only there for the rebounding.

35 Min Trampoline Cardio Workout with Lower Body Blast | Light Weights | Rebounder workout is 35:55 minutes; 3:15 minute warm up and 1:30 minute stretch. The last 2:30 of the workout is Michelle and crew doing hip shakes and dancing on the floor–which I completely skipped. Equipment: Lace Up Weights or ankle weights/light dumbbells.

  1. (hold lace up weights or light DBs) Jumping jacks; changes to double jacks
  2. Alternating heel digs, reaching arms/DBs overhead; changes to double heel digs
  3. Lateral ski hops, one arm reaches overhead, alternate arms in time with hops; changes to double ski hops
  4. Rocking horse (low front kick with one leg + hamstring curl w/ other leg)
  5. Repeat #1-4
  6. (set DBs aside) Sprint
  7. 4 alternating wide leg hopping knee raises + 8 alternating insole taps
  8. 2 knee raises, twist toward knee when it raises (same leg) + 2 side kicks, reach both arms overhead when kicking (same leg), alternate legs
  9. Repeat #7 & 8 several more times
  10. Sprint
  11. Repeat #7
  12. 2 knee raises (same leg) + low front kick with one leg + hamstring curl into a front kick with other leg + one double jack + 4 alternating heel digs
  13. 4 jumping jacks + 3 side kicks, push arms out to sides when kicking (same leg), alternate legs
  14. One tuck jump + 3 side kicks, push arms out to sides when kicking (same leg), alternate legs
  15. Repeat #12 & 14
  16. Squat jacks; add quarter turn jumps
  17. Repeat #12 & 14
  18. One jumping jack + one tuck jump; changes to fast tuck jumps
  19. Water break
  20. (put on ankle weights) Stand behind rebounder, step onto rebounder with one foot and do a front kick with other foot, step off rebounder, hinge forward (fingers to rebounder mat) and do one back kick (Charlestons)
  21. Repeater knees with one foot on rebounder
  22. Single leg hop on rebounder
  23. Repeat #20 & 21 on same side of body
  24. Shift hop side to side on rebounder
  25. Repeat #20-23 on other side of body
  26. Basic bounce
  27. Squat jack out-in-out + jump up
  28. Alternating front kicks
  29. Repeat #27 & 28
  30. Hamstring curls
  31. Repeat #27
  32. Repeat #30
  33. Squat jacks
  34. Repeat #28
  35. Water break
  36. Place one hand on rebounder frame and same side knee on rebounder, torso is facing forward (modified side plank), top leg is straight, lift and lower top straight leg
  37. Place other hand on rebounder frame so chest is facing down, bend knee and pulse sole of foot back 3x
  38. Raise other hand off rebounder again, swing top straight leg forward then behind you; changes to circling top straight leg; pull top knee into chest then push foot out, straightening leg
  39. Get on all 4s on rebounder, do cat/cows and circle torso
  40. Repeat #36-38 on other side of body
  41. Repeat #39
  42. Water break
  43. (still wearing ankle weights) Run, legs alternate wide to narrow
  44. With legs wide, do a fast basic bounce (push down hard and fast, feet barely leave mat)
  45. Repeat #23 & 24 several more times
  46. Sit on rebounder, lean torso back and lean on elbows, raise bent legs, open and close legs
  47. Lay back on rebounder, hands behind head and shoulders raised, scissor straight legs
  48. Repeat #46 & 47 two more times
  49. Laying back on rebounder, pulling knees into chest then push legs out straight while reaching arms overhead (shoulders still raised)
  50. Still on back, head on mat, arms are holding rebounder frame overhead, do a reverse crunch, lifting hips and pushing feet to ceiling
  51. (remove ankle weights) Joyful jump (basic high bounce)
  52. Jumping jacks
  53. Double heel digs w/ speed bag arms; changes to single heel digs w/ speed bag arms
  54. Jumping jacks
  55. Basic squats (no jumping)

For more info on Michelle Brieher’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


3 thoughts on “35 MIN Trampoline Cardio with Lower Body Blast | Light Weights | Rebounder Workout

  1. I started laughing when you mentioned your hubby was trying to talk to you and you had to pause. I told my hubs “you’d better be dying or the house is on fire if you interrupt.” I’m (half) joking of course but I know what you mean about having to concentrate. I was doing a Cathe workout once where I had to jump on and off the step, I got interrupted and missed the step and ended up tripping and hurting my hip pretty bad.

    Today I did Caroline’s Endgame Day 8 back/bi/core and finished with Heather’s Daily 10 Day 11 low impact HiiT. I’ve noticed that Caroline isn’t following a set pattern this time around in terms of using circuits or supersets or certain work/rest times. She really mixes it up. Like today she did some stuff superset and others standard 45/15 twice through. The staple was renegade rows and the 100 rep finisher was bicep curls. The abs section was short, maybe 6 min, but you’re doing one exercise for a minute and move on to the next without rest so it was a burner.

    I’m looking forward to straight cardio on Saturday. 😁 I looked at my schedule and I had Caroline but I’m thinking of switching that out with a rebounder workout. I want something challenging but won’t make me keel over. Do you have a recommendation? I have that 80s electro workout from Naomi in my head. Is that too hard?


    1. You can try it. The 1980s workout and the Electro Swing workout are 2 different workouts. They are not her most intense but do have some of the most complicated footwork. So if you do them and are confused or cannot get the foot work, do not think that is an example of what her workouts are normally like. I suggest Mini Trampoline Workout HIIT // Low-Impact Rebounder Workout / All Cardio It is one of her easier interval workouts but not her easiest. Another 2 really fun ones that I enjoy and are great for beginners but will still give you intense workouts are 30 Min Mini Trampoline HIIT Cardio Workout and 30 Min HIIT Low Impact Rebounder Workout


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