Naomi Joy Fitness: Mini Trampoline Rebounder HIIT Workout

Yay! A new rebounder workout from Naomi Joy! They are few and far between now, so I was very excited when this posted. Mini Trampoline Rebounder HIIT Workout is a short but intense cardio rebounder workout. It is set outdoors on a path with lots of pretty greenery. Naomi has structured this workout circuit fashion. There are 9 mini circuits, and each is 2 minutes in length. For each circuit you do one move twice but it sandwiches a sprint interval. This workout is done interval fashion: 30 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. There is a timer in the upper left hand side of the screen, counting down the total workout time (not including the stretch at the end). There is another timer in the lower left hand side of the screen counting down your intervals and recoveries. During the recovery Naomi previews the next move. This workout is set to motivating music, no talking until the stretch at the end and that is done voice over. Though Naomi gives us a good stretch per usual, it seemed a bit more rushed. She did not hold the stretches as long as she normally does.

As usual I thoroughly enjoyed this workout. I cannot give calorie counts or heart rate zones anymore as I no longer wear a fitness tracker, but it felt intense! I was sweating and working hard. Naomi gets the hardest exercise out of the way at the very beginning–squat jumps. I would rate this as intermediate level. And tons of fun! I know Naomi has moved on from YouTube but I am so grateful she still pops on occasionally to gift her fans with her awesome rebounder workouts.

**11/04/22 Update: i returned to this workout today and I now have an Apple Watch, so I thought I’d add my calorie burn: 158 calories and I spent 5 minutes in my peak heart rate zone.**

Mini Trampoline Rebounder HIIT Workout is 23:58 minutes; 2 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch.

  1. Squat jump
  2. High knee sprint
  3. Repeat #1
  4. Double hopping hip twist, arms are raised to shoulder level and elbows bend in opposition to hips
  5. High knee sprint
  6. Repeat #4
  7. Lateral hop, raise straight arms overhead and, keeping them straight, push them down in front of you
  8. High knee sprint
  9. Repeat #7
  10. Alternating hopping knee raises, hands are behind head, bring opposite elbow to knee when it raises
  11. High knee sprint
  12. Repeat #10
  13. Alternating hopping insole taps
  14. High knee sprint
  15. Repeat #13
  16. Jack the legs, alternate punching arms overhead with punching arms in front of you
  17. High knee sprint
  18. Repeat #16
  19. Alternating high knee front kicks, arms are extended overhead in a V and held there entire interval
  20. High knee sprint
  21. Repeat #19
  22. Double hopping knee raises, alternate sides, opposite arm cross punches 2x when knee raises
  23. High knee sprint
  24. Repeat #22
  25. Squat + one single leg front kick, alternate legs when kicking with a squat between each kick
  26. High knee sprint
  27. Repeat #25

For more info on Naomi Joy and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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