SaraBethYoga: Yin Yoga for Tight Hips (30 minute) Flexibility & Low Back Pain Relief

Yin Yoga for Tight Hips | Flexibility & Low Back Pain Relief is one of Sara Beth‘s slow paced yoga workouts where you hold the poses for a long time (the Yin aspect). I always expect these practices to be easy, and though they are not advanced, they are not easy. Holding some of these poses for so long really starts to get uncomfortable. The pose starts out feeling very good then as the time passes discomfort sets in. But my hips definitely got some very deep stretches! And they needed it. The Caroline Girvan rotation I am currently doing is working my lower body hard.

Yin Yoga for Tight Hips | Flexibility & Low Back Pain Relief is 30:29 minutes; it is actually 29 minutes. The last 1:30 minutes is Sara talking about another program. Equipment: bolster and fitness mat.

  1. Reclining butterfly (lay on back, knees bent, soles of feet together and knees open to sides), hold for 4:30 minutes
  2. Still on back, pull knees into chest
  3. Supine spinal twist for 2:45 minutes
  4. Repeat #2
  5. Repeat #3 on other side of body for 3 minutes
  6. Sit cross leg with one knee stacked on top of the other, place bolster in front of knees and hinge torso forward over legs, resting forhead on bolster for 2:45 minutes
  7. Lay on back with knees bent and pressed together, feet on floor for 40 seconds
  8. Repeat #6 with other leg on top for 3:30 minutes
  9. Repeat #7 for 30 seconds
  10. Pull knees into chest for 30 seconds
  11. Corpse pose for 4:30 minutes
  12. Fetal position for
  13. Sit cross leg with eyes closed for one minute

For more info on SaraBethYoga and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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