Barlates: Bounce Series/Total Body

Bounce Series: Total Body is another tough workout from Linda @ Barlates but this one is done on the rebounder. This workout really wore my lower body out. First Linda fried my hamstrings then she fried my quads and hip flexors. This workout is totally metabolic. Linda manages to keep your heart rate elevated throughout the workout until the core work at the very end but even the beginning of the core work is cardio core bouncing on the rebounder. But you do sit/lay on the rebounder for the remainder of the core work–and my hip flexors and quads were protesting! Now, I have been working my lower body hard every single day in other ways. So maybe my quads and hip flexors just wanted a break. But they did not get it today.

Here is the basic structure of this workout. You use light hand weights to increase intensity. It starts with cardio with lots of weighted arm movements to work the arms. Then you do plank and push up variations. Next you work the legs with lots of hopping kicks and knee raises on the rebounder (heart rate starts spiking again) then you do lots of lunges and deadlifts. Then it’s back on the rebounder for cardio core and the work ends with lying core work on the rebounder. Overall it is an excellent and intense workout. Not really total body because my back wasn’t worked at all but the rest of your muscle groups get hit in some manner.

There are several ways you can do Bounce Series: Total Body. It is available on DVD along with 3 other Bounce Series workouts, you can buy a Bounce Series Box Set which contains 3 DVDs/12 rebounder workouts (which is what I did) and it is also available for free on YouTube. On her website Linda sells the entire series together as a download as well. She normally allows you to purchase each workout individually but I don’t see that option for this series. But I’m sure if you emailed her she would sell it to you that way if that is what you want.

Bounce Series: Total Body is 55 minutes; no warm up and 4 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder and light hand weights (Linda is using 1kg or 2 pound hand weights). You start the workout on the rebounder holding the light dumbbells.

  1. While bouncing on the rebounder, do alternating front punches; start hopping to the side with each punch (180 jumps as you alternate punching); changes to double hops and punches before 180 hop
  2. With legs closer together, do hip twist hops with alternating hammer curls; continue doing hip twists but double hop each side
  3. Jack legs while pushing DBs forward then pulling them back; turn palms so they face the ceiling and scoop DBs up then pull them down/back; changes to doubles–double jacks while alternating arm movements with a double pulse
  4. High knee runs with alternating punches; changes to alternating overhead punches
  5. Scissor runs with alternating hammer curls; continue this move but change it to double hops in each position
  6. Cross jacks while also crossing arms/DBs in front of you with palms facing floor; arms change to chest fly arms with palms facing each other; continue this move but it changes to double hops in each position
  7. (set DBs aside) Get into straight arm plank with hands on rebounder and feet on floor, do 8 mountain climbers + 2 push ups
  8. In straight arm plank with hands on floor and feet on rebounder, alternate tapping hand to opposite shoulder; changes to pushing hips back while tapping one hand to edge of rebounder, alternate hands when tapping and return to plank between taps; push hips back into down dog and hold; lift one leg toward the ceiling (3 leg down dog) and hold, alternate legs
  9. (pick up DBs) Hop side to side on rebounder while doing alternating hammer curls; add front kicks with one leg; changes to knee raise with leg opened out to one side; changes to alternating one front kick + one knee raise to side (all on one leg and hopping throughout)
  10. Repeat #9 on other leg
  11. Alternating insole taps (one each leg) + alternating knee raises tapping hand/DB to opposite knee (one each leg)
  12. Butt kick runs with hammer curls; angle feet out to sides while continuing to run in place (also tap hands/DBs to same side heels)
  13. Hop tap one foot behind other foot then kick foot out to side
  14. Elevated lunge (in stationary lunge with back foot on rebounder behind you, hinge torso forward and do single leg squats, remaining hinged forward the entire time and touching floor with fingertips at bottom of squat/lunge)
  15. Single leg deadlift (with both legs straight–one on the floor and one on the rebounder behind you, hinge forward, tapping fingertips on floor); add lifting back leg off rebounder when fingertips tap the floor; keep fingertips on floor, front leg on floor partially bent, raise and lower straight back leg
  16. Repeat #13 & 14 on other leg
  17. (grab DBs) On rebounder, do straight leg pendulum leg hops, arms/DBs are in goal post and alternate bringing elbows to hips as you pendulum the legs; changes to doubles (still pendulum legs but hop 2x on each foot before changing sides while also double pumping elbow into hip)
  18. Hold arms in goal post, do alternating cross knee raises, bringing DB to opposite knee when you raise it
  19. High knee run while cross punching arms/DBs in front of you (knees also cross when running)
  20. (set DBs aside) Stand on rebounder with all of your weight on one leg, other toe rests on rebounder behind you, raise both arms overhead, raise back leg’s knee in front of you while bringing hands down to knee (this move is done slow, no bouncing, more of a balance move); changes to floating the leg (same move but do not tap the rebounder behind you)
  21. Repeat #19 on other leg
  22. Stand on rebounder with all of your weight on one leg, other leg is extended straight beside you with toe resting on rebounder, arms are raised to shoulder height, fingertips touching in front of chest and elbows extended out to side, raise knee of extended leg while twisting torso/arms toward knee when it raises (another slow balance move)
  23. Repeat #21
  24. Sit on edge of rebounder, lean torso back with hands or elbows on rebounder behind you, legs are bent and toes on floor, alternate raising knees then tapping floor with toes
  25. Still sitting on edge of rebounder, hands holding the edges of rebounder at sides, bring bent knees into chest then push legs out straight, bring knees back into chest then lower toes to floor
  26. Lay on back on rebounder with hands behind head, knees bent and toes on floor, alternate raising one knee and tap elbow to opposite knee; changes to bicycle maneuver (toes no longer tap floor)
  27. Still laying on rebounder, do reverse bicycle legs (hands are still behind head, head/shoulders raised, but held stationary); extend hands along sides and hold the edge of the rebounder on either side of hips, slowly raise torso while continuing reverse bicycle leg motion and slowly lower torso

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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