Barlates: Bounce Series/Cardio Sculpt Lower

Bounce Series: Cardio Sculpt Lower is another workout In Linda @ Barlates collection of rebounder workouts. This is the second lower body focused workout in her Bounce Series. This one does hit the lower body more intensely than Cardio Sculpt did. This is a cardio + strength circuit workout. You do 3 cardio circuits and 3 bodyweight strength circuits. I really enjoyed this workout. It was fun and worked my lower body nicely. The final circuit is mat work done on top of the rebounder and it really burned my lower body out. Being on top of the rebounder while doing mat work increases your range of motion, working your lower body even better than if you were doing it on the floor.

There are several ways you can do Bounce Series: Cardio Sculpt Lower. It is available on DVD along with 3 other Bounce Series workouts, you can buy a Bounce Series Box Set which contains 3 DVDs/12 rebounder workouts (which is what I did) and it is also available for free on YouTube. On her website Linda sells the entire series together as a download as well. She normally allows you to purchase each workout individually but I don’t see that option for this series on her website. But I’m sure if you emailed her she would sell it to you that way if that is what you want. The other two workouts in this series that have already been reviewed here are Cardio Sculpt and Total Body.

Bounce Series: Cardio Sculpt Lower is 37:30 minutes; 45 second intro, 1:45 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch

  1. Run, run, hold (2 high knee runs then balance hold with one knee raised); changes to just holds (knee raise with a small hop then change legs); high knee runs; alternate between these 3 versions
  2. Do one squat on the rebounder, step one foot off rebounder (one foot on floor, other foot still on rebounder) and squat, step back on the rebounder and squat, repeat step off squat on other side, continue alternating sides with a squat with both feet on the rebounder between each side; continue changing sides but do 8 uneven squats on each side (just one squat on rebounder when changing sides), then 4 uneven squats each side, then 2 uneven squats each side; back to singles (the way this segment began); ends with 8 squats with both feet on rebounder
  3. Jumping jacks with star arms; changes to regular jack arms
  4. Scissor jacks (double jump on each foot) raising arms overhead then lower; changes to single scissor jacks
  5. Alternate #3 & 4 doing 4 reps of each version of the exercises
  6. Start standing on the rebounder and do alternating reverse lunges, stepping one foot off rebounder onto floor behind you and tapping fingertips to top of rebounder while in lunge; add 3 pulses to each lunge; changes to reverse lunge + knee raise + reverse lunge then change legs; remain in stationary lunge with back foot on floor, fingertips reaching toward top of rebounder and do 20 low end pulses
  7. Cross knee raises with a hop, tap knee when it’s raised with opposite hand; changes to singles (high knee runs crossing knees to other side of body)
  8. Insole taps with a hop; changes to single insole taps (same move done faster)
  9. Alternate #7 & 8 doing 4 reps of each version of the exercises
  10. Get onto hands and knees on rebounder, extend one leg straight behind you and raise and lower leg, tapping toe to the floor at bottom of the move
  11. Bend knee, keeping leg behind you, raise and lower bent leg so that ankles cross at bottom of move; keep bent leg raised behind you isometrically while straightening and bending knee; keep leg straight but leg is turned on an angle, raise and lower straight leg, tapping toe to floor at the the bottom of the move
  12. Come into pike position with hands on edge of rebounder and feet on rebounder with legs wide, jump feet together and bend knees so they are close to the top of the rebounder but not touching (bear or beast pose), alternate between these two positions, jumping feet in and out
  13. Repeat #10 & 11 on other leg
  14. Come into pike position on rebounder again (same starting position as #12) and cross jack legs (hands remain on edge of rebounder) (Linda also gives you the option of doing standing cross jacks if this position is too awkward for you)

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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