Barlates: Bounce Series/Cardio Sculpt

Bounce Series: Cardio Sculpt is another fun rebounder workout from Linda @ Barlates. This one is not as intense as some of Linda’s other rebounder workouts that I’ve done but it is still a solid and effective workout. Today is my yoga/flexibility/mobility day and I always like to do a short workout beforehand to warm myself up. Cardio Sculpt worked perfectly for that purpose. This is a lower body, bodyweight strength and cardio workout. The only equipment needed is your rebounder. It’s also short. It is made up of 3 basic moves that you progress through interval style. First you do the basic non-bouncing version of the move (but on the rebounder), then you add full range bounces to it then you do faster bounces of the move. So if you are really trying to lower your body into the fullest range of motion possible during every iteration of the move, then you have the possibility of some muscle burn out. Between each move she does some basic cardio bursts as well. Not her most intense rebounder workout but still fast, fun and effective.

There are several ways you can do Bounce Series: Cardio Sculpt. It is available on DVD along with 3 other Bounce Series workouts, you can buy a Bounce Series Box Set which contains 3 DVDs/12 rebounder workouts (which is what I did) and it is also available for free on YouTube. On her website Linda sells the entire series together as a download as well. She normally allows you to purchase each workout individually but I don’t see that option for this series on her website. But I’m sure if you emailed her she would sell it to you that way if that is what you want.

As mentioned above, the DVD has 4 rebounder workouts on it. One of those workouts that will be reviewed soon called Cardio Sculpt Lower. Because that one is included in the series on the same DVD as this workout, I came to this one expecting some upper body work. But apparently, there are two lower body focused workouts in this collection. The other Bounce Series workout that I have already done and reviewed is Total Body.

Bounce Series: Cardio Sculpt is 28:30 minutes; 4:30 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. There are some type of arm movements with each movement. The only equipment needed for this workout is a rebounder.

  1. Basic squats while standing on rebounder
  2. Squat jumps; changes to faster squat hops while staying low in squat
  3. Plie squats (feet in 4th position) while standing on rebounder
  4. Plie squat hops (feet still in 4th position); changes to faster plie squat hops
  5. Squat jacks, reaching one hand down toward rebounder when in wide squat
  6. Fast squat jacks
  7. Repeat #3 & 4 with feet swapped
  8. Hopping knee pulls, 4 on each leg before alternating; changes to 2 on each leg; changes to singles
  9. Narrow lunges with both feet on the rebounder
  10. Stationary lunge jumps; changes to faster stationary lunge jumps
  11. Cross jacks; changes to double cross jacks
  12. Repeat #9 & 10 on other leg
  13. Wide leg fast feet on rebounder; changes to wide leg high knee run; changes back to wide fast feet but even faster; changes back to wide leg high knee run

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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