THE FLOW Full Body Workout with Dumbbells | EPIC Endgame Day 44

The Flow Full Body Workout is Day 44 in Caroline Girvan‘s EPIC Endgame program. Wow. I know I say this a lot lately but this workout was so intense! Caroline really kicked my butt. It is a thorough metabolic total body strength workout. By the time we get to the 2 minute complexes near the end of the workout, I was wasted. And that wasn’t even the finisher! In her other (non-Endgame) workouts, the 2 minute complexes probably would have been the finisher but this is Endgame. And Caroline’s Endgame is 100 reps of something. In this workout it was core work. She seemed pretty gassed, too, because she took lots of breaks in the course of the finisher–which I was grateful for since I was following along with her pace and I needed the breaks, too. I felt like I need more of a stretch after such an intense workout so I added on Daniela Suarez’s 7 minute total body stretch.

This workout has 2 circuits that are each done 3 times. Most of the exercises in this workout are done interval style: 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest. Before you get to the finisher (which is not timed), you will do one 2 minute complex. There is a timer in the upper left hand side of the screen counting down your intervals and recoveries. During the recovery Caroline previews the next exercise. There is also a little bar at the bottom of the screen that counts down the entire workout time as a percentage.

The Flow Full Body Workout is 46:50 minutes; 2:30 minute intro, no warm up and 2:30 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells and fitness mat. Caroline is using 10kg/22 pound dumbbells. The weights listed below are what I used.

Circuit 1:

  1. RDL (Romanian deadlift) (35# DBs)
  2. Deep squats (with DBs at shoulders, squat so deep your glutes are close to heels and elbows touch thighs) (25# DBs)
  3. Shoulder press (arms are in goalpost) (16.5# DBs)
  4. Double arm bent over row (30# DBs)
  5. RDL + deep squat + shoulder press + bent over row (one rep of each, rotate through this combo entire interval) (20# DBs)
  6. Repeat #1-5 two more times

Circuit 2:

  1. 1.5 rep squats (with DBs at shoulders, lower to squat, raise halfway, lower back to squat then raise all the way) (25# DBs)
  2. Squat to press (squat w/ DBs at shoulders and when you stand, do an overhead press) (18# DBs)
  3. Renegade row (alternate arms) (25# DBs)
  4. Plank to deadlift (holding one DB in each hand, hinge forward while also bending knees, place DBs on floor, jump feet back to plank, jump feet back into DBs so you are in squat then raise back to start) (25# DBs)
  5. Push ups (with hands on DBs–tricep push ups)
  6. Maker (start in plank, do one renegade row each arm, jump feet into DBs so you are in squat, do a double arm bicep curl, stand w/ DBs at shoulders, do one overhead press, squat and place DBs on the floor, jump feet back to plank and do one push up) (18# DBs)
  7. Repeat #1-6 two more times

Flow Complex: (18# DBs for entire complex)

  1. Maker (see Circuit 2 #6)
  2. RDL + deep squat + shoulder press + bent over row (one rep of each; see Circuit 1)
  3. Repeat #1 & 2 as many times as possible within 2 minutes


  1. Hip lift to leg lower, 25 reps (lay on back holding one DB in both hands, arms/DB are extended to ceiling and held there isometrically, lift straight legs to ceiling and raise hips in a reverse crunch then lower straight legs until they are a few inches off the floor) (one 18# DB)
  2. Toe reaches, 25 reps (set DB aside, lay on back on mat, straight legs are extended to ceiling, crunch upper body while reaching hands to toes at bottom of crunch lower arms overhead)
  3. Repeat #1 & 2

For more info on Caroline Girvan’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


One thought on “THE FLOW Full Body Workout with Dumbbells | EPIC Endgame Day 44

  1. Oh yeah, I remember this one because of that complex. Makers kill me every time!

    Today I did epic Day 6 arms/abs with dumbbells. It was kind of weird watching her form. I mean, her pace was very quick relative to her latest couple of series so it was strange watching her be a little more “loose”. When the ab segment came up she continued to use her 8kg but I found it caused poor form for me and decided it wasn’t necessary to go that heavy so I picked up my 12lb for that part.

    I finished with a 12 min tabata segment from Heather which was a lot of fun!

    Speaking of Heather … I see she’s started a new series. Looks like it’s flow/Pilates based so I’ll be getting into those for sure!


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